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It is true that sometimes, fresher who are just admitted into a university or any college do have difficulty in following up whatever is happening in school except they ask their colleague because they have no idea on the student portal, and also how to use or even the meaning of student portal.

Well, I know how frustrating that can be because it once happened to me when I had admission into college, I didn’t even have an idea base on what the student portal was, all I knew was the building inside my school called a portal. Funny right? haha, I know.

I was just a fresher like you, and it was so stressful but to avoid you having that same hard time I had during my college days, I now decided to compile this piece.

Are you feeling stressed already at school? trying to pay your school fees, register your courses, generate Remita for your payments, etc? don’t worry in this article, I will be guiding you on how to get information from your school through the student portal and I will also teach you how to navigate from one category to another without getting confused.

Stay tuned and keep reading but before we start, what does this student portal even mean?


Student portal

student portal is a platform created by the school authority for the students in other for them to stay up to date and be well informed on school daily activities.

Now that you have an idea of what the student portal is, let’s continue to the next thing on the table of contents.

Note this, all colleges have a school portal, which means that even your school has a student portal that you use.

So please if your school is not mentioned alongside these that will be listed below, don’t worry you can still use the same steps to log in to your college student portal.

Below here are the colleges I will be working with on this article

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A. Laspotech students portal

Laspotech means Lagos State Polytechnic. As a new student of Lagos state polytechnic, you can easily get access to all the info about the school, your faculty, and also on your courses and registration.
All you have to do is;

  1. 1 Login into the school website at
  2. Once you are on the school website homepage, among the menu, you will see “STUDENTS” next to academics, click on it to display the subcategories under it.


Is the page that will display on your screen once you open the school website.

Among the display categories are Post UTME, Applicant’s Login, Student’s Login, Sundry payment, Full-time admissions requirement, Part-time admissions requirement.


Here you will see all the info related to your UTME, but note, you can have access to this particular platform if you don’t have a profile or a matric number. The same goes with all other pages in this category.

Applicant’s Login

Just as the name implies, it is for aspirants who are applying to become students of the institution.

Therefore as an aspirant who just got into the school, you can get all the info in here using your jamb details.

Student’s Login: Here we are, this is the main place where students can use to have access to their dashboard and do whatever they want to do or read anything.

Dashboard” means your inner room created for you on the school site where you can stay and edit anything that you want to. an example of things you can edit from your dashboard is your school profile like the email, phone number, date of birth, etc.

You can also stand there and edit your course form, generate remita for your school fees payment, do add on, for courses you have issues with, etc.

Sundry Payment: You can find all the useful information you need about payment under this page, so if you want to pay for anything yet you need more info on any of them, just go to this page.

Note: If your school website does not have this page included on the site, then it should be on the homepage when you log in to your dashboard.

Full-time/Part-time requirement: whether you are planning to take a program in the school as a full-time student or a part-time student, this is where you will find answers to questions that are bothering you concerning the process.

If you are an aspirant but you just wanted to get more info, you can log in to the school site or contact the school.

B. Gaposa students portal:

THE GATEWAY ICT POLYTECHNIC, SAAPADE Ogun State. you might have heard about this school, or you want to get more info because it’s the school you want to do your program.

But if you are not a student yet and you are just aware of the school today, here is the gist, Gaposa is a government-owned polytechnic that is located at Saapade in Ogun State.

One of the good things about Gaposa is that if you can score from 120 and above in your jamb, you can go further to apply for National Diploma or Higher National Diploma in the institution and scoring below 120, you can still study but it will be a Part-time program.

To access the student portal of the institute, you need to ensure that you have your login details written down or off hands because you will need them.

But as an applicant who is applying to the institute without a matriculation number or a password, there is still a way out. follow this steps

1. Log in to the student portal website at

2. A page asking you for your matric number and password will display. Don’t feel frustrated immediately, just look at the boxes well, what did you see?

Yea some applicants don’t take their time to check the boxes well, right in those boxes there is an option for applicants to use and login too without a matric number and password.

So has an applicant’s when you get into the student portal site, on the matric number box use “Your application number” and on the password box, make use of “Your surname”

3. Hit on the “Sign In ” from here, the site will open thereby giving you access to any info on the site that you might be looking for.

But if you are just new on the school platform that means you don’t have any account relating to the school.

Click on the “Create Account” Then from here it will take you to where you will get the instructions on the application procedure for prospective students. Read through it and follow the procedure.

Or you can just go straight and do your online registration at

Note: this page will take you to where the procedure is given so that you won’t be confused when registering, at the left sidebar are other webpage listed, click on any of them and proceed.

please ensure that you follow the procedure step by step and you will come out a success. Good Luck

C. Unilag students portal

To login to the Unilag student portal go to your browser and type

Just like other school student portals, that you have to log in to have complete access to the site, the same goes with the Unilag student portal.

But one thing that differs Unilag student portal platform when you are trying to log in is that, if you forget your password which you generated on the school portal during registration, you can still log in with the default password which is written down below the password box.

This means that they make it easy for you to login without having to look for someone who will charge you even a thousand naira just to help you sign in without a password all in the name of “Password bypassing”.

You can do this by using “your surname” in lowercase as a default password. to login to the site.
“Lowercase” Example OKORIE is your surname, to use it as a password, you change it to lowercase like this “okorie” with this format, it will be accepted as a password.

If you want to be a student of Unilag, you have to make sure that you score from 180 and above in your UTME.

D. Mtu students portal

Mountain Top University is a private institution located in Makogi Oba Ogun state, Nigeria.

They also took it upon themselves to make it easy for a student to be able to perform some transactions with the school without having to go to the school portal to pile up waiting to be attended to one after the other.

Therefore, just as other schools, they have created a student portal which will help the student to stay at the comfort of their home to pay their fees, course registration, check their results, and also print them.
You can also get your course materials through your student portal dashboard.

To sign in to the portal go to the website on your browser:
Or if you want to visit the main school site then visit the school site here

E. Yabatech Students portal

To visit the main school portal, visit the website at
and the student portal at

You can get any info relating to the school on any of these links or you contact the school through:
Contact: 234-7037431055

Address: Yaba College of Technology, Herbert Macaulay Road, Opposite WAEC office, Yaba Lagos.

Note: As an applicant, you can also login into the portal using this page which will redirect you to the student portal, or you can log inside direct by using the student portal link at once.
Success in your studies.