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Learn JavaScript

Can I Learn JavaScript Before HTML And CSS

In this article we will be taking about how to learn JavaScript for your best interest and how and when we can learn it. Is it to be taken as a single languages or only programming language we need or are there other things to…

Learn python

Can I Learn Python on My Phone

This is a matter of using smartphone to learn python, which is also a programming language. The python language is an open source that has been used in the development of apps and software for some time now by many big companies including Google and…

Blockchain developer

Can I become a blockchain developer without a Degree?

In this article we will be discussing how to become a blockchain developer without having a college degree. Also you will be understanding the basic programming languages you need to have a good knowledge of to be able to be successful as a blockchain developer….

Web development

Is web development a fun job?

In this article, we will be discussing in detail many things you need to know about web development. To know if web development is a fun job, whether it is a boring and stressful job, you need to read this page to the last word….

Front end developer

Can You Become a Front End Developer without a Degree?

You might already have a nice paying job as a graduate but you might see it as very stressful and not worth your time and you need something that you can do that pays well and yet you are free to determine your time. Getting…

Live in the dorm while pregnant

Can I live in a dorm while pregnant?

Getting pregnant as a student is not part of the plan of many students. When you are admitted into the university, you have many plans of making sure you study your books and be well knowledgeable in your course. Also you plan on how to…

Live in a dorm with oposite gender

Can you live in a dorm with the opposite gender?

In many college dorm, it is totally same sex dorms. This is seen in all parts of the world and it has helped many people focus on their studies. Things are changing in all aspects of life and the same goes with college dorms. Recently…

live in a dorm

How long can you live in a dorm?

In this article we are going to see how long you can live in a dorm. This is particularly important so as to make the right decision and plan for our future while in college. You might be an aspirant or a freshman in the…

Wear a hood

Is it disrespectful to wear a hood indoors – Bars and Restaurants

Wearing hoods and hats are common in our society today, especially the young ones. Both hats and hoods are nice clothing accessories that add to our fashion and can be worn by everyone. There have been arguments on how best to wear hoods and hats…