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Is high school the same as secondary school?

Is High School the same as Secondary School?

High School technically can be said to be the same as secondary School in many countries but the term secondary School cannot be used in the United States of America. Let us see reasons why it is so. Every country of the world wants a…

Are tattoos allowed in high school?

Are Tattoos Allowed in High School?

Students getting into junior and high school are very much aware of what is happening in the community and are willing to make their own decisions. Tattooing is on the increase today and it is fashionable if it shows creativity. Some will want to know…

Can You Repeat High School Grade?

Can You Repeat High School Grade?

You might be worried about the possibility of you repeating a grade in high school and want to know how to avoid it. Sure, you can repeat high school grades but it is not just as easy as it sounds. The truth is that it…

Do high school exams matter?

Do High School Exams Matter?

Every academic activity that is aimed at evaluating students and seeing their performance always matters. Be it in elementary, middle or high school. You should not be overly worried about what your child did in elementary school or middle school as this might not really…

Bad Grades in College

Can you still be Successful with Bad Grades in College?

Many people entering college always have in mind to study hard and come out among the best during graduation year but that is not always the case. Few people will be getting bad grades and will Wonder what the future holds for them. Can I…

What to study in college

How do I know what to Study in College?

One of the choices that every senior high School student has is how to determine what they will study in college. There are many majors and careers out there that anyone can choose from but it needs to be taken seriously. As a teenager, we…

Why thugs wear hoodies

Why do thugs wear hoodies?

Hoodies are age long outfits that has come to stay and are being accepted by almost every one, be it teenagers, adults and other people. Though it is being perceived to be worn mostly by thugs and criminals. This is certainly not the whole truth….

Trade school or college

Trade school or college: which is better?

Many students who are in their last year in high school normally have problems choosing which form of higher education to get. They have heard many things about trade Schools and colleges. Some have to ask questions like which is better, trade school or college?…


Is Gunsmithing a Good Trade

There are many skills today that you can choose to study in any of the trade Schools but gunsmithing is less in people’s minds. Many people who you recommend getting certified as a gunsmith will Wonder if gunsmithing is a good trade. To think of…

Learn JavaScript

Can I Learn JavaScript Before HTML And CSS

In this article we will be taking about how to learn JavaScript for your best interest and how and when we can learn it. Is it to be taken as a single languages or only programming language we need or are there other things to…

Learn python

Can I Learn Python on My Phone

This is a matter of using smartphone to learn python, which is also a programming language. The python language is an open source that has been used in the development of apps and software for some time now by many big companies including Google and…

Blockchain developer

Can I become a blockchain developer without a Degree?

In this article we will be discussing how to become a blockchain developer without having a college degree. Also you will be understanding the basic programming languages you need to have a good knowledge of to be able to be successful as a blockchain developer….

Web development

Is web development a fun job?

In this article, we will be discussing in detail many things you need to know about web development. To know if web development is a fun job, whether it is a boring and stressful job, you need to read this page to the last word….

Coding without a Laptop

Can I learn Coding without a Laptop?

In this article we will be discussing one of the best digital skills – Coding. Many people are confused on how they will go about coding. So people have asked many questions about programming and we will give the best answer to most of these…

Front end developer

Can You Become a Front End Developer without a Degree?

You might already have a nice paying job as a graduate but you might see it as very stressful and not worth your time and you need something that you can do that pays well and yet you are free to determine your time. Getting…

Live in the dorm while pregnant

Can I live in a dorm while pregnant?

Getting pregnant as a student is not part of the plan of many students. When you are admitted into the university, you have many plans of making sure you study your books and be well knowledgeable in your course. Also you plan on how to…

Live in the dorm as a freshman

Must I live in the dorm as a freshman?

Getting into college is one of the happiest moments of every student and as such they want to make good use of it. There are many things that will be new to them and one of them is accommodation. While there are people who live…

Live in a dorm with oposite gender

Can you live in a dorm with the opposite gender?

In many college dorm, it is totally same sex dorms. This is seen in all parts of the world and it has helped many people focus on their studies. Things are changing in all aspects of life and the same goes with college dorms. Recently…

Roommate in college dorm

Must I have a Roommate in the College Dorm?

In this article we are going to see if it is necessary to have a roommate in the college dorm and reasons to choose to live in dormitories. As a fresher who just got admitted into college, there are a lot of things that are…

live in a dorm

How long can you live in a dorm?

In this article we are going to see how long you can live in a dorm. This is particularly important so as to make the right decision and plan for our future while in college. You might be an aspirant or a freshman in the…