Top 11 Women Scholarship Opportunities in 2022

Did you know that women account for two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population? In developing countries, only about one-third of girls complete primary school. So Women Scholarship is vital.

If women are not given the opportunity to be educated, they will continue to be disadvantaged both socially and economically. 

But with education, we can empower them to break the cycle of poverty and achieve greater equality in all aspects of their lives. So let’s work together to make sure that every woman has access to quality education!

As a woman from a developing country, pursuing a PhD can be an uphill battle. Limited resources and access to quality education can make it difficult to obtain the training you need to pursue a career in academia.

Luckily, there are scholarships available specifically for women from developing countries who want to pursue a PhD. Here we highlight some of the best scholarships for women in this situation, so you can get the funding you need to achieve your goals.


List of Best Women Scholarships

Women from African and developing countries can receive scholarships to study abroad. These include undergraduate, Masters or MBA programs in addition for PhDs! Some of these Women-Only Scholarships are generally targeted at international students but open Demographics also has a list on their site where you’ll find more information about eligibility requirements depending upon what type of degree they’re looking toward getting with your desired academic discipline so make sure to explore all these opportunities.

US Government TechWomen Program

The TechWomen program is designed to identify and develop the next generation of female leaders in STEM fields from Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East. Selected participants will receive a scholarship to attend an all-expenses-paid program in the United States, where they will participate in networking and mentorship opportunities with American women working in tech. If you are a woman with a passion for STEM and want to make connections that will help you thrive in your career, then this program is for you. 


United Nation’s Women in Science (WiSci) Girls STEAM Camp for Young African Girls

The United Nation’s Women in Science (WiSci) Girls STEAM Camp for Young African Girl provides an opportunity for girls to engage in hands-on learning experiences and build relationships with other young women from around the globe. With a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design, and Mathematics, this unique educational experience is the perfect opportunity for young girls to explore new interests and expand their skills. 


African-German Network of Excellence in Science (AGNES) Scholarships: 

The AGNES-PAWS Intra-Africa Mobility Grant for Junior Female Researchers is a program that aims to support junior female researchers from Africa who are interested in pursuing their doctoral studies at a German university. The grant will provide the recipient with a monthly stipend, health insurance, and travel expenses.


OWSD PhD Fellowships

Women Scientists from Science and Technology Lagging Countries can apply for OWSD PhD Fellowships at TWAS in association with OWSD. The program supports doctorate (PhD) studies in Maths science degrees. 

Known for its excellence in scientific research, TWAS is the perfect place to further your education and reach your career goals. With this fellowship program, we are proud to offer Women Scientists the opportunity to join us and receive the best training available.


L’Oréal-UNESCO Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talents Programme

The L’Oréal-UNESCO Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talents Programme offers fellowship grants to talented young African women scientists so that they can pursue promising research projects. This initiative provides an opportunity for these women to become leaders in their field and make a significant contribution to society. The programme is designed to encourage diversity and promote gender equality, and the recipients are chosen based on their scientific excellence, leadership potential, and commitment to contributing to their community. If you are a young woman scientist with a passion for research, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.


Durham University Hatfield Lioness Scholarship

The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship is a highly prestigious award that enables a female student from a developing country to undertake postgraduate study at the University of Durham. The Scholarship offers an excellent opportunity for talented and motivated young women who have the potential to make a significant contribution to their home countries on their return.


Power Africa Leadership Training Programme

The Power Africa Leadership Training Programme is a world-class training initiative that helps young women working in or involved with the African energy sector to take their careers to the next level. Offered by the Regional Leadership Center YALI, this program provides participants with access to top-tier trainers and mentors, as well as important networking opportunities. If you want to make a real difference in the African energy sector, don’t miss out on this opportunity.


Queensland University of Technology Research Scholarship for International Women

QUT awards scholarships every year to a limited number of students who demonstrate exceptional research potential. If you are pursuing, or applying to pursue, a higher degree by research, QUT could be the perfect place for you. Our research scholarships provide funding to women researchers, so you can focus on your studies and achieve great things.


Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Program for Young Women in STEM Research

The Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program is designed to help develop female leaders and support innovation in the STEM disciplines. The program will fund six women at critical points in their research careers, through a Scholar’s Award. This award will provide recipients with the funding they need to continue their important work in STEM, and help to create a new generation of female leaders in these vital fields. 


Columbia University Peace and Social Change Fellowship Program

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you have a proven track record of working on peace and security issues? If so, the Columbia University Peace and Social Change Fellowship Program is perfect for you! This unique opportunity will give you access to world-class resources and training, making you better equipped to take on challenges in your community. 


Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship for Young African Women

The Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship for Young African Women is a new initiative that will help talented young girls complete their schooling, and give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. The scholarship will provide financial assistance to girl students in Africa who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and leadership skills. So if you know an amazing young woman who deserves this scholarship, be sure to nominate her today!