Why do thugs wear hoodies?

Hoodies are age long outfits that has come to stay and are being accepted by almost every one, be it teenagers, adults and other people. Though it is being perceived to be worn mostly by thugs and criminals. This is certainly not the whole truth. Hoodies are for everyone not for street criminals or thugs.

In one of the articles in this site titled ” Why do schools ban hoods and hats”, we are able to discuss issues raised by school authorities about why they can allow their students to wear hoods in school. One thing also to take note is that there have been numerous questions about wearing hoods. 

What does wearing hoods signify? Are hoods for thugs? Are black guys on hoods thugs? These and more questions about hoods and thugs or criminals will be discussed in this article.

So why do thugs wear hoodies with hoods up?

Hoodies are often worn by street criminals and thugs because it effectively covers their face and body shape and as such conceals their identity. When a person that wears hoodies steals or bullies someone, it will be difficult for police or any other law enforcement agency to identify them since no one can describe them. 

Apart from seeing eye witnesses to identify them, security cameras will not also be used since their hoods are up and cover their face. This is one of the reasons why most thugs wear hoodies and why most organizations and schools ban the use of hoods or hats.

So the reason why thugs wear hoodies is that it covers their face, conceals their appearance and as such conceals their identity and this will let them get away with crimes in most cases.


Are hoodies for thugs?

Hoodies were formal wear for monks back in medieval Europe and later became widely accepted for youths and teenagers in the United States and other countries.

Many people do see hoods as thug gear but it is not actually so. Hoodies are not manufactured with the intention to be used by criminals to perpetuate evil but as an outfit for all. People of every age and background can wear hoods in all seasons and look good.

Though hoodies are worn by most thugs to carry out bad things, it is not their sole cloth. Hoodies are not for thugs but all. It was formerly designed to be worn during cold weather but has been accepted as street style and is used by almost everyone during all weathers.

What does wearing a hoodie symbolize?

In most places, monks, nuns, and priests may wear hoodies with the hoods raised to show humility, modesty, and inward focus, but the rest of the world may not perceive their intentions as such.

In the traditional setting, supernatural beings wearing hoodies with hoods up signify death, specters and executioners and they do this to disguise, to be ambiguous and to conceal intention and identity. But this is not all we should know and believe.

Hoodies do not symbolize evil or crime but comfort. When you wear hoodies, you will feel comfortable because of its flexibility.

One of the reasons why people wear hoodies withs it hoods up is to serve as protection. Protection from the weather. When it is very cold, hoodies symbolize warmth. You will feel protected from the cold weather when your hood is up. Also some people who wear hoodies during hot weather do so to protect them from the harsh weather.

Also hoodies symbolize safety for those getting bullied by bigger boys in the street or in school. Some skinny students in High School who can stand some big boys will like to wear hoodies because it will be hard to identify them by the bullies.

Hoodies also serve as shields to those who are depressed. Young people who are suffering from depression normally wear hoods . It makes them feel isolated from the public and they feel comfortable. 

Finally, they cover insecurities for at least ladies. If you have small boobs? Wear a hoodie. Small butt? Hoodie is there. No the flattest belly? Hoodie

When is it acceptable to wear a hoodie?

Many people who have hoodies in their closets see them as warm shirt’s. It is very acceptable to wear hoodies during the cold weather. Hoodies made from High percentage of cotton are best worn during cold weather and it helps keep you warm.

You can also wear hoods when visiting friends in their place. You can hangout with friends with hoodies and you will be ok.

You might want to relax after getting back from work and hoodies will be perfect. You can wear them to the parks or walk around the street and receive fresh air.

Are hoodies out of style?

Hoodies have been in existence for decades and won’t be going out of style soon. Hoodies will not be out of style because it is used by many people for different reasons and events. They are a variety of colors and styles, this makes it widely acceptable and in use.

Can you wear hoods in college?

Yes, you can wear hoods in college if the school allows it. Some colleges do not policies that banned students from wearing hoods but some teachers might have or feel disrespected by them so they don’t accept students who wear them into their class.

You might be stopped from entering into your class if the teacher is not a fan of hoods.

Some schools also banned their students from wearing hoods became of security reasons.