Pharmaceutical technologists | Job description

In the field of pharmacy, we come across of one of the most important aspect of the health sector which is pharmaceutical technologists with amazing salary.

To have a functional pharmaceutical company, there must be a team of pharmaceutical technologist who heads the production of the drugs. Pharmaceutical technologists salary is also one of the interesting aspect of the job.

In this article, we will be going through some important information we need to know about this well paying carrier. Some of these vital information’s about pharmaceutical technologist are:

  • Who are pharmaceutical technologists?
  • What do they do?
  • What are Pharmaceutical technologist jobs?
  • How much does a pharmaceutical technologist earn? (Pharmaceutical technologists salary)

All these and many more will be disused in this post, so I urge you to sit tight and grab a drink (I don’t mean alcohol) as we start now.

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Who are pharmaceutical technologists?

Pharmaceutical technologist is a person, either male or female, who produces, processes drugs in pharmaceutical industries. He or she also studies the different plants and chemicals used in the production of drugs in the pharmaceutical firms.

Also we can describe a pharmaceutical technologist as an expert in the preparation of drugs under the supervision of an accredited pharmacist.

What do they do?

He or she also ensures the accurate compounding, dispensing, patient education and handling of the produced drug to avoid miss-use or drug abuse. With high pharmaceutical technologists salary people today ask of their job description.

To be able to be referred as a professional pharmaceutical technologist, he or she must have a sound understanding of the biological actions of drugs and chemicals, the way this drugs work at the molecular, cellular and systems level and also their use in medicine for the treatment of diseases.

Pharmaceutical technologists

Pharmaceutical technologists jobs

At this point in time we are going to go deep into the job description of those who practice as a pharmaceutical technologist.

They are different kinds of jobs performed by pharmaceutical technologist in any pharmaceutical industry. Like the plant technicians, they work behind the scenes in our manufacturing industries.

They work with a team that has the main purpose or responsible for the continuous production, free flow of both human and material asset.

The meeting of performance goals and maintaining the highest level of quality and quantity that the consumers from the company’s product to avoid loss of sales coming from loss of customers.

Pharmaceutical technicians

This technicians are responsible for the keeping of daily records of tests preformed and results gotten. They also helps in making sure that the results are regular, reliable and predictable for future purposes.

The can also work in the production departments or helps in the maintainace and keeping the work place in other and clean also.

Basic Qualifications of a pharmaceutical technician

To work in any pharmaceutical industry as a technician, there are certain qualifications you must have or for you to be eligible to work they and to get full pharmaceutical technicians salary.

Note that the qualification of pharmaceutical technicians is note as high or very difficult as people make it to look like. Any body can have or et those requirements for working in a pharmaceutical company. So you too can be eligible.

Below are the requirements and qualifications for becoming a pharmaceutical technician:

  • You must be 18 years or above to work as a pharmaceuticaltechnician.
  • Must posses high school diploma or GED.
  • Must submit to drug test
  • Pass the background checks
  • Have experience with some product change overs. Eg I.P., flavour changes etc
  • Experience in the operation of testing instruments like the carbo QC, HPLC, Densitimeters, water testing and many more.
  • Experience in following the standard of operations eg, following the lay down procedures.
  • Have the experience in calibrating of instruments like marking adjustments to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Good experience of microbiology as a pharmaceutical technologists is very important, e.g, product sensitivity categories 3 and category4 products.
  • Experience with reverse osmosis/ water treatment systems.
  • Experience with cooling/ Ammonia systems

Packaging Technicians

Another aspect of pharmaceutical technologists is working as a packaging technician who also receive salaries like other technicians in pharmaceutical companies.

They perform a varied assignments which are involved in the continousely functioning of the firm. They work within a self-motivated team of employees having the primary work of packaging and screening of activated carbon products.

Packaging Technicians in a pharmaceutical company has the following duties and responsibilities.

  • Understanding and maintaining a dust free environment by making sure that dust prevention mechanisms are put in place and are working effectively.
  • With the guidance of the warehouse and the shipping managers and also with the assistance of the team, the packaging technicians are responsible for the packaging of finished product and by products in accordance with the esterblished manufacturing procedures in all production lines in all areas.

Qualifications of a Packaging Technician

  • A high school diploma, General Education Degree (GED), or applicable work experience is required to work as a pharmaceutical technologist.
  • Zero to two years experience working in a pharmaceutical company
  • Zero to two years experience of being a supervisor is preferred.

Parental Manufacturing Technicians

They as pharmaceutical technologists helps to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicine that is focused on helping millions of patients around the world is diseased areas such as oncology, Cardiovascular immuno science and fibrosis.

Also they perform other assigned activities in the pharmaceutical industries related to the equipment set ups, cleaning and line clearance to achieve an efficient operation in the Department.

They also perform integrity test of all filters used in the production process before and after use.

Top Pharmaceutical companies in the world

According to The Backer’s Hospital Review, these are the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, ranked by revenue: 

  • Pfizer — $51.75 billion
  • Roche — $50 billion
  • Novartis — $47.45 billion
  • Merck — $46.84 billion
  • GlaxoSmithKline — $43.54 billion
  • Johnson & Johnson — $42.1 billion
  • AbbVie — $33.27 billion
  • Sanofi — $27.77 billion
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb — $26.15 billion
  • AstraZeneca — $23.57 billion

Pharmaceutical technologists salary

Asking how much does a pharmaceutical technologists gets as a salary is normal to anyone considering going into that field.

Though it is a well paying job like other fields in the health sector, salaries of pharmaceutical technologists varies from industry to industry depending on the pharmaceutical industries capacity.

The pharmaceutical technologist salary varies also because of the level of education and experience, location and the kind of job/work performed by the pharmacist in the firm.

In developing countries like Nigeria, a person working in a pharmaceutical company typically earns about N452,000 monthly. Their salary ranges from N227,000 (low average) to N806,000 (highest average). Note that the actual amount might be bigger than this.

This is the average monthly salaries of a pharmaceutical technologists in Nigeria including housing, transportation, and other benefits.

Salaries also varies drastically between different pharmaceutical or job description. For example

Job Description Average salary (naira)

  • Assistant pharmacist 273,000
  • Assistant pharmacy doctor 550,000
  • Associate medical affairs 724, 000

From the figures above, you can see how pharmaceutical technologists salary varies depending on the pharmaceutical industries and pharmaceutical carrier.

Also according to ziprecruiter, the average monthly salaries of a pharmaceutical technologist in the United States of America is $7,555.

There are also monthly salaries as high as $10,583 and as low as $1,875, the majority of salaries within the Pharmaceutical Technology jobs category currently range between $5,625 to $9,250 across the United States.

Summary of pharmaceutical technologists

In any pharmaceutical industry, the work of pharmaceutical technologists can not be overlooked. They are like the brain box behind every drug being manufactured by the firm.

So the jobs of a pharmaceutical technologist are many in any company that drugs are being produced. Pharmaceutical technologists and technicians salary are very interesting too.

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