Common scholarship documents

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly necessary today due to the peculiarities with education systems in different countries of the world and continent. The level of education or the standard of education in developed countries of the world is quite different from that of developing and underdeveloped countries. It is also very important to note also that education is tied to technology and development.

People today all over the world have different views of education and reasons to study abroad. Some students attach high value to the form of education and training they get more than how or the difficult and cost of such education.

There are different reasons why people today want to get education while some need it in order to have a good carrier either in education system or in the business world other just needed it for having sake or just to learn how to read and write.

The value one has for education determines the extent to which he or she will fight to get what he or she sees as standard or quality education. Some people may today decide not to school in their country because they may not see their school system as capable of giving them the type og education they desire or the standard at which they want their own education.


Why should I study abroad

There are many reasons why people may have the desire to attend a school which is another country to than that whish is in their own country. This desire varies from person to person with his or her own choice oe education. In the following paragraph we will be looking at some reasons whiy people may want to or prefer to study in another country.

Standard of Education

Also, It is a well known phenomenon today that many universities we have do not meet the standard to teach and help its students reach their peak or aquire the required knowledge to make them be experts in their different field of study.

Furthermore, Many of this universities which can be seen mostly in developing countries of the world today do not have the man power to deliver the needed job to make their institutions to meet up with the required criteria to be a standard university or higher institutions of Learning.

Cost of Education

People today might desire to look for university to study outside tgeir country due to thefact that the cost of Education or tuition fees in their country is so high that they cannot afford it. This will lead the students to another country of their choice so they can get wat they need.

Technology Driven

Indeed, Some people today are technology driven in the sence that they want a university by which their courses or activities are well advanced technology wise.

Type of university

There are different types of universities one can choose from today. Certain universities are inclined towards Engineering while some towards science or management and many more. One might not see the type of higher institution he or she want to attend in their country so the need for them to travel to other country in other to get the type of Education their needed.


Security today is virtually a world problem in that every continent and countries of the world is having its full share of the havoc being caused by insecurity either being it Terrorism, Armed bandits or other types of social vices. Be it true as it might be, there is still a huge difference from one country to another.

Some country has a high level of insecurity while others have it low, so the need for some who can cross over do to get what they need which here is quality Education. For one to study well an get to be acquainted with is field of studies or his books, that person must study with a peace of mind and not being trouble by his or her security.

One can move freely from one location to another to gain the full gist of why there are there. So today many people has left their home country to school over seas because of insecurity in their mother countries and this is quite a good reason.

Quest for luxury

There is a huge difference between developing countries of the world and the developed ones when it comes to luxury. Some persons who have high source of incomebor who are wheathy will always want people to see it and this is through the show of luxury life.

Since they can afford to spend a lot of money so they will want to study over seas to show their onlookers that they got what it takes to live or study in foreign country.

Desire to live Abroad

Some people today are desirous of living abroad an this might have them to take studying abroad as a nice start. As people grow up, their desire to live in there current country might change, some due to love they have for a particular country they might have watched in TV program or they have read or heard of. So to be able to live aand work in those countries they might whant to get to know the country better by applying to study there and later get job there.

Scholarship opportunities

There are many scholarship opportunities outside the world today especially in the developed countries. Some individuals who are not wealthy enough to school over seas on their own will apply for scholarship and this will take them outside their own country.

There are many other reasons why many people want to study Abroad but for know let stop here. So for you to study in other countries or abroad universities, there are some document you need to present or you must apply with. We are going to look into some of those documents.

You should note that applying for a university scholarship is very important as applying to a degree course in your current country so you should treat and take it with all sence of responsibility.

Remember, scholarships opportunities in any country of the world are only given to students with good academic performance, so don’t take it as business as usual but take very seriously because many people are looking for it too.

It is advisable for anyone who want to study in another country under scholarship to contact the institution or university in which they are applying to study in to get first hand information on the required documents they needed or ask those who has gone through the school.

Interestingly, some of the documents you will be required to submit while applying for scholarship in other countries are the dame to the documents you are are required to submit when you apply for your Normal Degree program in your current country.

Documents required for scholarship applications

1. A Copy of passport/ID

You are needed to present a cope of your passport which must be valid for at least six months after your departure and only a copy of the main page of the passport, containing your photo and personal information is sufficient.

2. Completed scholarship application form

You need your scholarship application form to be filled carefully by you and revisit it to make sure its error free to avoid being rejected.

3. Copies of your transcript

You also will need your transcript from your current university if you are still undergraduate or if you have done with first degree. The transcripts contains your scores and grades you had during your school period. Remember the transcript will be duly signed by the head of your school to make it valid.

4. Parents’ financial information, tax returns included

5. Proof of English language efficiency

The Proof of English language proficiency or other languages might include the following

  • for English it can be: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge
  • Spanish: DELE
  • French: DELF or DALF
  • German: DSH, TestDaF, OSD, telc

6. Statement of purpose

The statement of purpose contain only one page, which is about 400 words whereby your are required to give reasons why you applied to the degree course you cose to study and also how this chosen course of study relates to your future.

In this statement of purpose, it is advisable for you to be truthful while filling it so that you that increase the expectations of people which you can’t fill when you are called. Also make sure the qualities you add here can help you to succeed in the given field you choose.

7. Letter of recommendation

It is also advisable that your letter of recommendation should come from one of your teachers/lecturers or employer. When this happen, the letter gives the scholarship provider more information about your qualities, skills, intellectual capacity as perceived by others who has worked with you and it can also reflect your desire for the degree course and/or university you chose.

8. Essay

You are also required to write an essay which will be written toward the course you choose to study while you think its good for you.

Also in the essay, you will be required to write why you need the scholarship and reasons to be given the scholarship. Make sure you followed the guide lines of the essay as requested and make sure you don’t exceed by too much the number of words.

9. CV/Resume

It is clearly possible that you don’t have any work experience at the time you may be applying for a scholarship, but you can your study experiences, hobbies, interests, achievements and social skills at school. Also in your cv include all the languages that you know with their language certificates if available.

Add computer skills, volunteering work and any other courses that you completed (even short courses), especially if they are connected with your study field.

10. Portfolio

A portfolio is required for students who apply for art, design and other similar degrees and it include artistic work and projects.

11. A medical report/ heath evaluation form

Your medical reports showing your health situations are required and it must be duly signed by health expert in known medical facility or institution.