What is merit scholarship and How can i get one

It is a know fact that the cost of going to higher institutions is very higher which makes it difficult for those who cant afford the to source for financial aids like scholarships.

The economic difficulties been face by many families makes the search for eithwr the need-based or merit scholarship to apply for. Some organisations and collages in other to help those in need of money to fund their education provide loans or financial aids to help out.

While the need based scholarships are made for those families or student who came from a humble background with low level of income, merit scholarship is for those who reached the requirements whether they are rich or poor.

Now let us get to see what we can get from this merit aid and how we can benefit from them.

Merit based scholarships


What is a merit scholarship

Before one apply for a scholarship there is a need to find out what is required or what must one do to be able to win.

A Merit scholarships are financial aids awarded to help students pay for tuitionfees and other related expenses involved in schooling. They’re one of the best forms of financial support given to collage students because this award is given to the winners without expecting them to pay back.

Mainly merit based scholarship is usually open to students who are very promising n their inborn talents and show a high level of achievement in specific areas, such as academics, athletics, or the arts.

We cab also say here that merit scholarship is a financial aid that are given to some students because of their academic success hile at high school.

Remember also that the criteria or eligibility for the merit award is not only based on rhe students academic record (grades) but other nice talents or qualities ike leadership potential, good judgment, performance on SAT and other activities done out side the school walls.

The financial support gotten from this merit aid is very useful in the sence thant sometime the merit scholarship covers the full tuition expenses.

Another aspect of merit based scholarships that is attractive is that you can get it renewed. It is renewable in the sence that it might be given to you multiple times all throughout your stay in collage.

If students on merit scholarship kept the criteria or the requirements needed for the award of the financial aids for students, they might continue to receive the merit aid until they are done with their collage degree.

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Merit based scholarships for high school graduate

What is merit scholarships os a question that high school leavers often search for and it is very import to find the best answer you can get, even going to longer ends.

Merit scholarship is been sponsored are provided by many people or group of persons. Universities and collages, industries and companies and different are always proud sponsors of this financial aids for students.

Since merit based scholarships are mainly targeted on high performing and promising local and international students but it doesn’t mean that those with financial need can’t qualify for merit scholarships as well.

Although not all, most scholarship programs are merit-based which means scholars are chosen based on academic merit or in others forms such as leadership, athletic, or artistic merits.

However, Merit-based scholarships are referred to as excellence scholarships since it seeks out the most bright and most talented students.

Who provide merit based scholarships

As we have stated before, these merit aids are provided by some certain individuals or organisations. Below is some scholarships sponsors.

There are basically two major gropus providing these scholarships programs; The private entities and the collages/Universities.

Merit based scholarships offered by private organisations

Many business organisations offer to students merit scholarship which majors on disciplines that is related to their business line. Most times rhis serves as an enticement for recruiting bright minds to their firm after graduation.

Providing financial aids to students on some occasions servers in improving the image of the company to the host country or community.

Merit aids provided by University And Colleges

Mainly the provision of financial aids for students by collages and universities is to help them achieve their goal of becoming graduate and becoming somebody in life.

Interestingly, the provision of financial support has move from supporting the needy to recruiting high performing and bright minds to carry out some research which the world needs.

So to bring in scholars and talented people to their side, many collages is providing merit based scholarships.

In some cases, scholarships are offered to help promote diversity or improve enrollment in underrepresented disciplines.

Merit aids

How can i get merit scholarship

Apply for the financial aids that you meet all the minimum requirements. Don’t waste your time applying for scholarships that require a higher GPA than you have, especially if it’s already a competitive scholarship.

Usually, the biger the scholarship reward, the more competitive the applicant pool will be. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t apply at all. If you do meet the requirements, it is definitely worth a shot to try.

In a search for excellence, there is need for hard work. To help you get a merit based scholarships, Naijanewsnow team has a category on this website that scholarship awards are listed.

So you are advised to take you time and go through this need based and merit based scholarships and choose the one that suits you.

So visit scholarship category to see them.

What can i do to win this scholarship

For you to win this money, you need to follow some certain process so that you will be seen worthy. Every scholarship opportunity have requirements, so it is necessary to know them.

The truth is that is not easy and also not hard. What is important for becoming a scholarship winner is knowing the secret of winning any scholarship.

Every scholarship sponsor has what they need or require from any applicants, so need to know or have those things.

Also when you go through this article written on this website on the 10 secrets of winning any scholarship and also the documents needed for scholarship applications, you will be well equipped for any merit aid.