What colleges will pay me to attend?

What colleges will pay me to attend? What are the schools with financial aids? These questions might seem not to be true since most colleges are established for profit purposes, so why pay Students again. But it is actually true. There are Colleges that pay you to attend.

College ranking is a difficult and subjective process, but one thing that all colleges have in common is that they want to get as many students enrolled as possible. That’s why some universities offer financial incentives for those who enroll. Below we’ve compiled a list of colleges which will either use need-based grants or merit-based scholarships to cover the full cost of attendance.

The vast majority of colleges in the United States do not offer financial aid to a student—they only give it to those who demonstrate financial need. However, there are still some schools that will pay you to attend. These “merit-based” scholarships are given out by colleges looking for students they believe can make a large contribution through academic achievement or other desirable qualities.


Online colleges that pay you to attend

Some colleges and universities provide student financial aid programs that pay up to 100% of tuition. Financial help is available for online programs at colleges such as Southern New Hampshire University, Ashford University, and Purdue University Global. We’ll go through them in further detail here.

These colleges almost pay you to attend their online programs. Even after graduation, you will not have to suffer the various debts associated with tuition.

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1. Berea College — Berea, Ky.

Berea College is a private college located in Berea.Berea College was created by reformers and abolitionists with the goal of spreading Jesus Christ’s teachings and ideals. It is situated in the southern part of the United States.

This free Christian institution provides programs based on fairness, peace, love, and equality, and students are only asked to pay an average of $1,000 for meals, accommodation, and tuition. Otherwise, an individual’s entire education is entirely free! Students obtain an education worth about $100,000 over the course of a four-year degree.

Berea, Kentucky, USA is the location.

If you’re interested in the university’s online program, here’s a link to its website: http://catalog.berea.edu

2. Columbia University

Columbia University is a private university in New York City. It is also in our list of colleges that pay people who are studying there.

Columbia University’s online learning options have grown to include a variety of certificates, degree programs, and non-degree programs.

Students can now enroll in a wide range of online programs, including technical, social work, health technologies, environmental sustainability, and leadership, as well as a number of additional professional development programs.

Geographical location: New York City, New York, USA.

The following is a link to the College’s website: For further information about online programs and financial assistance, go to https://online.columbia.edu/online-programs/.

3. The University of Athabasca

The University of Athabasca is one of the Colleges that will pay you to attend.

Athabasca University (AU) is a Canadian university that specializes in online distance education and is one of Alberta’s four comprehensive academic and research institutions. It was the first Canadian institution to specialize in remote education when it was founded in 1970.

Athabasca University, CANADA’S OPEN UNIVERSITY, is a world pioneer in online and remote learning.

With over 70 online undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs, as well as over 850 courses to select from, Athabasca University provides learning options tailored to your goals.

Athabasca, Alberta, Canada is the location.

The following is a link to the College’s website: https://go.athabascau.ca/online-university

4. Cambridge University 

The University of Cambridge provides free online courses through iTunes U. Apple provides free downloaded course materials from a wide range of institutions across the world, allowing you to learn what you choose on your own time.

More than 300 music and video files are now accessible for free download through the program, which can be accessed on a Mac or Windows computer as well as an Apple or Android mobile device.

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom is the location.

The following is a link to the College’s website: https://www.ice.cam.ac.uk/courses/online-courses

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5. Lipscomb University 

Lipscomb University is a private university in Nashville, Tennessee. It is one of the Colleges that pays you to attend.

Lipscomb University, a private Christian liberal arts university in the center of Nashville, is passionately devoted to creating students whose academic achievement, religion, and practice embody our values of global citizenship.

Lipscomb Online offers online undergraduate and graduate programs that are suited to your professional goals and busy lifestyle. Our academically rigorous online degree programs assist you in identifying and developing the abilities you’ll need for your profession now and in the future.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

The following is a link to the College’s website: https://www.lipscomb.edu/online

6. edX is a free online education platform.

edX provides a total of 2,270 online courses in around 30 different academic areas. All of the courses are free to audit and originate from Harvard, the Rochester Institute of Technology, MIT, the University of California, and many more colleges across the world. Over a thousand of them are self-paced, but there are also lots of instructor-led choices for those of you who prefer that.

Classes may be sorted by level (introductory, intermediate, or advanced), browsed by subject, and selected from 16 different languages.

Some of the classes are credit-bearing.

The cost of credit-eligible courses ranges from $49 to $600, with the vast majority costing the bare minimum. Micro Masters, Professional Certificate, and XSeries programs are also available on edX. All of them will cost money; nevertheless, every for-credit program provided by edX offers a lower cost-per-course than traditional education.

Location: 141 Portland Street, 9th Floor, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (main office).

https://www.edx.org/ is a link to the college’s website.