University of Akureyri – Courses and Jobs

The University of Akureyri has been on people’s mind for many years and we will be looking at while you need to attend the school.

The University of Akureyri (Háskólinn á Akureyri) is located in North Iceland and has served Akureyri and its rural surroundings since 1987. The University has built a reputation for academic excellence and good industrial relations.

Located in the capital of North Iceland, Akureyri, the University has been instrumental in the economic growth of the region and is central in its planning for a future as a knowledge-based society. 

The University of Akureyri prepares students for a wide range of opportunities in both the private and the public sectors. Education offered by the University aims at providing its graduates with specific skills and knowledge of scientific methods as well as theoretical skills that will enable them to improve their qualifications.

Education and research are closely linked to achieve this, first and foremost by assigning equal importance to them in the daily work of the academic and scientific staff and whenever possible course work is based on research.

The University was founded in September 1987, by establishing two Faculties, in Health Sciences and in Industrial Management. The University is at present operating in three Schools; School of Business and Science, School of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Health Sciences. The number of students is around 1,800 and members of staff are around 180.

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Arctic Issues

UNAK’s policy emphasises on being progressive in teaching and research that meets international standards. Emphasis is placed on teaching and research related to Icelandic society and economy, as well as fields related to Arctic issues.

UNAK is an international university where standards of research and teaching are international. UNAK emphasises greatly on the importance to cooperate with universities in the North and is one of the founding members of the University of the Arctic, collaborative network of universities in the North. 

The University of the Arctic links together universities and organizes student exchange program (North2North), thematic networks, joint degree etc. UNAK’s policy with the emphasis on Arctic issues has created uniqueness for the university which is now both domestically and abroad recognized for teaching and research in disciplines related to the North.

The University of Akureyri advertises a vacancy for two 100% positions of
assistant, associate or full professor in Psychology within the School of
Humanities and Social Sciences

We are looking for a specialist within any field of psychology. It is expected that the
successful candidate would enter the position on January 1st 2018. The term of office is
five years and after that the candidate can request a permanent position, according to
Regulations no. 258/2016 on the Work of the Evaluation Committee and Hiring of
Faculty at the University of Akureyri.

Should the successful candidate be considered
qualified as associate professor or full professor by the Evaluation Committee, a
promotion can be considered on employment.

The main responsibilities are teaching and research in the various fields of psychology at
the University of Akureyri. The position involves active participation in developing Ph.D.
studies in the fields of education studies, youth studies, health sciences, natural sciences
and management studies, or regional and arctic studies.

The position also involves participation in research and development projects in collaboration with the Centre of School Development at the University of Akureyri. Should the candidate be qualified for a position as a full professor, he or she is expected to lead research projects. The
immediate supervisor is the Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The job location is in
Akureyri, Iceland.

The Psychology Department offers a complete undergraduate program in psychology,
both locally and through distance learning. The Faculty also offers research-based
graduate studies.

Currently there are about 300 students in the Psychology Department.
The department is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, which counts 26
Faculty Members and over 600 students.

Required education and qualifications:

  • The applicant shall hold a doctoral degree awarded by a recognized university.
  • Teaching experience at university level and research experience is essential.
  • The applicant shall demonstrate competence to teach and research in his/her
  • Area of specialization. Knowledge of other areas in psychology is also desirable.
  • It is desirable that the candidate is able to teach in Icelandic.
  • Good social skills and organizational competences are required.
  • In evaluating applications it will be considered to what extent the candidate
  • Fulfils the teaching and research needs of the University of Akureyri.

The deadline for applications is June 30. Applications shall be sent electronically
to the Rector‘s Office, No standardized application form is used.
Documents that cannot be sent electronically should be sent to the Rector‘s office at the
University of Akureyri, Nordurslod 2, 600 Akureyri.

The application shall be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • A detailed account of the applicant‘s education and professional career, scientific. work, and teaching experience.
  • Confirmed copies of all relevant diplomas.
  • Letters of reference concerning the applicant‘s teaching and management related work, as appropriate.
  • Three reference persons shall be designated, one of whom should preferably be the applicant‘s immediate supervisor in the present or earlier employment.
  • The scientific publications considered by the applicant to be his/her best works (up to three publications). If a publication has more than one author, the applicant shall describe his/her contribution to the work.
  • The applicant shall present his/her research plans. 

University of Akureyri Jobs salary structure

Salaries are according to the collective agreement between the Union of University
Teachers in Akureyri (FHA) and the Minister of Finance.

The handling of applications, assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, and
appointment to the position are in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Public
Higher Education Institutions, no. 85/2008, the Regulations for the University of
Akureyri, no. 387/2009, with amendments, and the Regulations on the Work of the
Evaluation Committee and Hiring of Faculty at the University of Akureyri, no. 258/2016.
Incomplete applications will be rejected.

The University of Akureyri asserts its right to reject all applications. All applications will be responded to, when a decision on appointment has been taken.

Detailed information will be given by Lars Gunnar Lundsten Dean of the School of
Humanities and Social Sciences, phone +354 460-8651, e-mail

The University of Akureyri promotes gender equality and encourages applications from
women as well as men for open positions.
If you apply for this position please say you saw it on Psychoneuroxy