Top Seminary/Bible schools in Nigeria

There are many seminary schools in Nigeria and this article will focus on bringing to you attention the top and best of them.

But before looking for the bible schools in Nigeria, you must have a desire to be among those who teach the word of good in churches or as an evangelist or you have a ministerial calling.

You need to ask yourself, do i have a desire for God’s word? Have i been called by God? Do i have what it takes to be a man or woman of God? Am i a good Christian and do i have what it take to be a minister? You you have a positive response to those questions, then you can enroll into any of the top seminary schools in Nigeria.

Furthermore, there many different types of seminary or bible schools, we have

  • Denominational seminary
    • The Catholic church seminary schools
    • Assembly’sof God churche bible schools, etc
  • Non-denominational bible schools

So you need to have the one whoch suites you calling, either denominational or non-denominational.

So let us look into the main thing for this article. In Nigeria, we are blessed by God that we have many men of God who has change the country into knowing the will of God.

In Nigeria today, we have many good seminary schools and this article will focus on the best of them, so let us begin.

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Top and best Seminary/Bible Schools in Nigeria

Bible schools in Lagos State

Lagos State is Nigerians economic hub and resident of many number of people in the country. There are good number of schools for ministers of God in lagos state and the list is long.

List of seminary schools in Lagos

  • West African Theological Seminary
  • Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary
  • Epic Theological Seminary & College

1. West Africa Theological Seminary

Since the esterblishment of this bible school in Nigeria, it has trained over a thousand pastors who are whon worldwide for thie impact to the church and also trained over two thousands ministers from many African countries.

The West Africa Theological Seminary was established in 1989 as a non-Denominational seminary school and it is located in Lagos State Nigeria. This school is accredited by the Association of Christain Theological Education in Africa.

So if you are interested in going to a bible school in lagos, here is one.

Furthermore, Courses offered at West Africa Theological Seminary includes;

  • Theology and Religion
  • Christian Leadership
  • Bible Studies
  • Intercultural studies
  • WATS in Divinity

2. Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary

At Pipeline Bus Stop, Idimu, Lagos, Nigeria, you will fined one of the best and top seminary schools in Nigeria.

The Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) is a non-Denominational school that provides the needed training for people you desire and are called by God to work for him. They teach diploma, degree and ministerial courses to their students.

Also, the requirements of becoming a seminarian here is not unattainable, so feel free to inquire and apply.

3. Epic Theological Seminary & College

This Theological Seminary is an accredited theology seminarie that is focused on training young men and women in

  • Evangelism,
  • Christian theology,
  • Biblical studies and
  • General studies to serve the Lord

you can find this at 48-50, Taike Road, Off Love-All Street, Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos Nigeria

Seminary schools in Ogun state

1. Nigerian Baptist Seminary school

Nigerian Baptist Seminary school is one of the oldest bible schools in Nigeria being esterblish1ed in1898 in ogbomosho. Since its inception, it has the vision of becoming a renounced and world class seminary school.

To be enrolled into this school for ministers, You must be upto 22 years and be a good student of Gods word. You behaviour must be good to attract endorsement from your local church befor you will be admitted.

You will go through an entrance examination which after that you will be having an oral interview with official of this ministry school. If yoi scaled throug this tests, then you are free to study at Nigerian Baptist Seminary schools in ogbomosho.

2. Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary

Located in Abeokuta the ogun state capital and esterblished in 2009. This theological seminary was named after he first African bishop, Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

Since inception, it has the vision of transforming youths to be a good ministers of God amd it has trained many Pastors and evangelist since then.

Also, Graduates of Crowther theological seminary has demonstrated good leadership and knowledge of Gods word in thier different ministries.

3. Bible Life University Of Theology

Bible Life University Of Theology is offers its graduate a Bachelor’s degree in Theology on completion of their studies. It os owned and managed by the Bible Life Holiness Ministry.

At this collage of theology in Ogun state, you can be well equipped for the work of the Lord, so get involved.

This school for ministers training is situated at Holiness Bus Stop, Opposite Police Barracks, Iwo Road, Idi – Ape, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Theological Seminaries in Northern Nigeria

1. ECWA Theological Seminary

The ECWA Theological Seminary is a non-denominational bible school located in kagoro in kaduna state. Esterblished in 1931 and owned by the Evangelical Church, Winning All (ECWA).

When you are admitted into this ministry school, your training will be of two phrases

  • The development of your personal behaviour to conform with that of person professing Christ
  • And teaching you the truth about God and leadership qualities to be a good minister of Christ.

2. Theological Collage of Northern Nigeria

This theological collage offeres both undergraduates and graduate degrees in theology. In other to be admitted into this theological school in Northern Nigeria, you must have at least 5 credits in WASSCE or a Bachelor’s degree or HND for postgraduate program.

Furthermore, you need to be endorsed by your local church to be admitted into this collage for ministers.

As a place for the development and training of the ministers of the gospel, Theological Collage of Northern Nigeria is esterblished in 1959 in Bukuru, Platue State. This collage is in affliction with the African union and the Presbyterian church of God.

3. Baptist Theological Seminary Kaduna

The Baptist Theological Seminary Kaduna is an institution for christian leadership development established & managed by Nigerian Baptist Convention (NBC)

Located atNo 1 PTF Road, Hayin Banki, Kaduna State, Nigeria, the Baptist Theological Seminary kaduna jas the mandate of training ministers in ministerial and in Theology. You can visit the school in person to know mor me about their requirements on becoming a seminarian.

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Seminary schools in Southern Nigeria

1. Seminary of All Saints

Located in Ekpoma, Edo state, the Seminary of All Saints is a Catholic seminary school( denominational seminary school) established in 1994. It os focused on providing good and quality human, spiritual and intellectual formations of young men who have decided to become priests in roman Catholic church.

To be admitted into this theological seminary school, you must submit a medical fitness test result showing your status and also possess a WASC with at least 5 credits.

Furthermore, The training at seminary of all Saints lasts for 8 years with 3 phases. The phases are

  • The first phase lasts for four (4) years and is called philosophicum
  • Also the second phase lasts for one (1) year and is called the pastoral phase. This year is the practical part of the theological training at this school
  • The last phase lastsfor three (3) years and is known as the theologicum.

The Seminary of All Saints is affiliated with two universities. One is the university of Benin where the graduates are awarded a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and the second university is the Pontifical Urban University in Rome were the graduates are awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

2. International Institute of Divinity and Theological Seminary

International Institute of Divinity and Theological Seminary located at 56 Eligbolo Road, Rumuodomaya,Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria since inception has trained many ministers of God.

This collage of theology has the mission of training men and women of God to have the right spiritual and leadership qualities to enable them teach the children of God.

3. Bigard Memorial Seminary

No 1 Bigard Avenue, Uwani, Enugu State Nigeria is the place were you can find this one of the best Seminary school in Eastern Nigeria.

It is a denominational theology school and one of the Catholic church seminary schools in Nigeria.

Since it is faith based and that of Catholics, its is mainly esterblished to training young people who desires to be Catholic priests.

So if you are and aspiring Catholic priest, the requirement of becoming a seminarian in this school you can get by visiting the school.

4. Calvary College of Theology (CCT)

Established by Bible Missionary Church of Nigeria, is a theological institution which trains those called by God to work for him spiritually and good moral behaviour as men of God .

Also, You can locate this school at Kilometer 18, Rukpokwu Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, International Airport Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

5. Harvesters International Theological Seminary

Located at No. 8, Richard Aviomoh Crescent, Off Eboigbe Avenue, Off Aimuomwosa Street, Oko � Adp Junction,, G.R.A, Benin City, Edo State is Harvesters International Theological Seminary with great reputation.

As a Pentecostal seminary, it helps in bringing up qualified teachers of God world every year. In their curriculum, seminarians receive training in

  • Academics,
  • Practical ministry,
  • Leadership,
  • Spirit led living and
  • Ministering with power

Other seminary schools in Nigeria

Bible schools in Nigeria

Edem Inyang Eshiet Theological Seminary

Located at Obot Idim Nsit,, Nsit Ibom, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Faitht Christian theological seminary

Located at 1, Adetiba Road (Faith Crescent), Off Lagos-Abeokuta Express Way, Adjacent Gateway Hotel, Sango Otta, Ogun, Nigeria

Leadership Christian collage and seminary

31,Namso Street, Ang-Yelwa, Television Village, Kaduna, Kaduna State

Petros Christian collage and seminary

Located at S1 IBB Square High Level, Makurdi, Benue

Ruben George Theological Seminary

located at Gospel Town, Along Arulogun Rd., Ojoo, Ibadan, Oyo State

University of Theological and Biblical seminary

No 200 Port Harcourt Road, Aba, Abia State Nigeria