Top music production schools in Florida

With the music production schools in Florida, anyone who is interested in being a musician or an artist will reach there dreams. This is because these schools where how to produce music is thought has the human and equipment capacity.

This is so because the production of music requires more expertise than just passion. You need to get the right skills to become a masterpiece music producer.

Having a career in music production can be very interesting, but having an understanding of the job positions and description will make you be more effective and efficient.

This is where finding the best schools like Best Music Production schools in Florida comes to play.

Music Production is the process of creating a recorded music project. Hence, A record producer usually handles music production, managing every aspect.

However, they can include being a critical part of the creative process, such as deciding what instruments are used and contributing to song arrangements.

There are many carriers in music production which you can specify on one. There are

  • Record Producer,
  • Audio Technician,
  • Radio Broadcast Engineer, or
  • An audio mixer.

Let us understand some terms before we go into music producing schools in full.


What do you mean by music producer?

Let say a music producer is a person who is able to make split-second decisions and convey their vision of the final song to all those involved—the audio engineer, the musicians, the singer—in a manner that gets the best performance possible from each of them.

Furheremore, a music producer is a hack behind the success of your music production. That means he is the guy that is in charge of making your song sound the way he thinks your song should sound to be competitive in the market that your song will be in.

For a successful music production, a producer needs to be able to focus on what’s going on in real-time as each track is laid down, as well as plan in advance by booking necessary studio time and session players or backup singers for the additional recording sessions as needed.

What is Music Producer job description ?

After graduating as a music producer, you can do a lot. Music producers are like a helm that steers a ship. Though in most cases, the music producer handles the duties of other producers in the studio. They can engineer and mix sounds as they are writing the songs and even choose co-writers.

Also, the producer has to look for talented artists and spend time with them so as to harness the potential in them. Becoming successful as a music producer is no joke.

However, in the music world, a music producer has a wide range of responsibilities, but primarily he oversees the creation of music.

Futher responsibilities are:

  • Creating a guide & direct the process of making a record.
  • Helping to provide an overall vision for the album and help to find a seamless way to interrelate the music in an album.
  • Note, he is more than a one-trick pony. In most cases, they bring other talents to a project, acting as a music arranger, composer, musician or songwriter.
  • In addition to that, you will be fully involved in the gathering of ideas, selection of cover songs, hiring and signing of musicians to help in improving artist’s lyrics and songs.

Carriers in music production

1. sound mixer

A sound mixer is responsible for the managing of the volume and sound quality of the audio being played or recorded, especially when more than one microphone is being used.

Also, a sound mixer is especially useful for live music productions, once there’s no probability of constructing sound changes before the audio is fed to a live audience.

2. Lebal Manager

A Lebal manager or studio manager as often called is responsible for overseeing and managing of every day operations in the recording studio.

He or she must not be an artist or don’t necessarily need to have advanced knowledge in the technical and artistic aspects of music before you can become a studio manager.

3. Digital Audio Editor

Digital audio editor in a recording firm does digital audio edits such as cutting, copying, splicing, mixing, cleaning, and adding effects to the recording session output.

Sometimes, a mastering engineer handles the same job description especially when there is a shortage of staff.

On some occasions, music producing companies in order to achieve excellent still hire dedicated digital audio editors who can focus on the post-production while their sound engineer focuses on doing their job during the recording process.

4. Sound designer

A sound designer, responsibility is to find and create recorded or live audio effects that will be used for a wide range of productions and multimedia performances.

Sound designers work early on with the director, for script reading and the creation of the cue list based on their desired sound design for a particular production, as well as with other sound editors before filming begins or after the final picture edit has been approved.

Top Music Producing Schools in Florida

The list of best music production schools here in Florida is well selected based on the 2021 school ranking in the US and other criteria.

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#1. University of Florida

University of Florida offers 3 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a large public university in a mid sized city. In 2015, 50 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 29 Bachelor’s degrees, 17 Master’s degrees, and 4 Doctoral degrees.

The University of Florida in Gainesville offers both the B.A. and the B.M. Also, Several areas of study are available, including music history and literature, theory and composition and instrumental music education.

Basic facts

However, UF is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges and its acceptance rate is 42%.

Tuition fee

Out-of-State Resident pays $25,694 per year while resident students fee differs yearly

Contact details

  • Address: 201 Criser Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611, FL 32306
  • Phone:  (352) 392-3261

To learn more about the school, please Visit Visit School official Website

Official website

#2. Florida State University

Florida State University offers 15 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a large public university in a mid sized city. In 2015, 205 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 104 Bachelor’s degrees, 62 Master’s degrees, and 39 Doctoral degrees.

Florida State University aspires to become a top twenty-five public research university with at least one-third of its PhD programs ranked in the top 15 nationally

Furthermore, Graduate students can choose from Master of Arts in Music, Master of Music and Master of Music Education programs with both thesis and non-thesis options.

Also, the M.M. degree can be taken in opera production, jazz studies, piano, strings or voice, to name a few areas. Specialized studies at the graduate level, such as piano pedagogy and early music, are also available.

Basic facts

It offers 15 Music Production Degree programs and ranked in the top 15 nationally

Tuition fees

It cost about $18,799 as tuition fee but it is subject to change every year upto 15%.

Contact details

To learn more about the school, please Visit Visit School official Website.

  • Address: Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306

Official website

#3. University of Maimi

University of Miami offers 24 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a large private university in a large suburb.

Miami program offers both an undergraduate Bachelor of Science and graduates Master of Science degree. The program’s main facility is the newly renovated Weeks Recording Studio.

The National Association of Schools of Music, Commission on Accreditation has fully accredited this music producing school in Miami

Here are some degree programs offered

For Undergraduate

  • B.M. in Media Writing and Production
  • B.M. in Musicianship, Artistry Development, & Entrepreneurship (MADE)
  • B.S. in Music Engineering Technology
  • B.M. in Professional Studies

For Masters degree in Music

  • M.M. in Media Writing and Production
  • M.M. in Studio Jazz Writing
  • M.S. in Music Engineering Technology

Basic facts

In 2015, 143 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 76 Bachelor’s degrees, 44 Master’s degrees, 17 Doctoral degrees, and 6 Certificates degrees.

Tuition fees

It costs $52,080 to attend music producing school in university of Miami.

Contact details

  • Address: Messinger Music Executive Building, 5501 San Amaro Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146
  • Phone: 305-284-2241

#4. University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida offers 2 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a large public university in a large suburb

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is a metropolitan research university built to make a better future for our students and society. It solve tomorrow’s greatest challenges through a commitment to academic, inclusive and operational excellence.

Leveraging innovative learning, discovery and partnerships, UCF foster social mobility while developing the skilled talent needed to advance industry for our region, state and beyond

Basic facts

In 2015, 41 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 35 Bachelor’s degrees, and 6 Master’s degrees.

  • Graduation rate: 75%
  • Acceptance rate: 44%

Tuition fees

$13,000 After financial aid. (Average)

Contact details

  • Address: University of Central Florida, 4000 Central Florida Blvd. Orlando, FL 32816
  • Mailing address: University of Central Florida, P.O. Box 160000, Orlando, FL 32816
  • Phone:(407) 823-2000

Official website

#5. Florida Collage

Florida College is a Christian college in Temple Terrace, Florida. It offers bachelors and associate degrees. Since its founding as a junior college in 1946, Florida College has drawn its staff, faculty, and the majority of its students from non-institutional churches of Christ. 

First, Florida College provides higher education with a biblical perspective by employing a qualified, caring faculty of Christians who integrate the Bible as the inspired word of God into the total college education and teach students to think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems individually and collectively. 

The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is one of the best and top 10 music production schools in Florida.

Basic facts

Florida College offers 17 Bachelor’s degrees in the fields of biblical studies, business, communication, education, music, English, history, and liberal studies, as well as an Associate of Arts degree.

  • Graduation rate: over 80%
  • Acceptance rate: 100%

Tuition fees


Contact details

  • Address: 119 N Glen Arven Ave, Temple Terrace, FL 33617, United States
  • Phone: +18139885131

Official website

#6. Palm Atlantic Beach

Palm Beach Atlantic University offers 8 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a medium sized private university in a small city.

Palm Beach Atlantic University is a private Christian university in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States. The university’s nine colleges focus on the liberal arts with a select collection of professional studies.

Also, Palm Beach Atlantic University’s ranking in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities. it is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Interestingly, this university as an interdenominational Christian institution encourages students to strengthen their faith through courses and mission trips.

Basic facts

In 2015, 7 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 7 Bachelor’s degrees.

  • Graduation rate: 50%
  • Acceptance rate: 95%

Tuition fee

It costs $32,500 to attend Palm Atlantic Beach music producing school in Florida

Contact details

  • Address: 901 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

official Website

#7. Southeastern University

Southeastern University offers 8 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a medium sized private university in a small city.

Southeastern University is organized into six colleges. The College of Arts & Media houses the Department of Communication, Department of Humanities, and Department of Music.

Also, this top music production school in Florida offers 55 majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees. In addition to these, the university also offers 16 master’s degrees and two doctoral degrees.

Basic facts

In 2015, 11 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 11 Bachelor’s degrees.

  • Graduation rate: 38%
  • Acceptance rate: 48%

Tuition fee


Contact details

  • Address: 1000 Longfellow Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33801-6034

Official website

#8. Setson University

Stetson University offers 14 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a medium sized private university in a mid sized suburb.

This School of Music combines a music conservatory education with being part of a university grounded in the liberal arts tradition.

Furthermore, The curriculum includes degree options in performance, education, theory, and composition. Music students may combine music study with business, pre-law, and many other fields.j

Interesting, this School of Music has been an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music

Basic facts

In 2015, 28 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 28 Bachelor’s degrees.

  • Graduation rate: 64%
  • Acceptance rate: 72%

Tuition fee

It costs $42,000 to study music production in Stetson university

Contact details

  • Address: 421 N Woodland Blvd, DeLand, FL 32723, United States
  • Phone: 3868227000

Official website

#9. The University of Tampa – Top music production schools in Florida

The University of Tampa offers 3 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a medium sized private university in a large city.

A medium-sized private university, UT offers more than 200 academic programs taught by a faculty as passionate about students’ success as they are about their areas of expertise.

Championship sports, student activities, community service, honors, leadership and study abroad programs complete an extraordinary academic experience that prepares students for anywhere a world-class education can take you.

Basic facts

In 2015, 21 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 21 Bachelor’s degrees.

  • Graduation rate: 58%
  • Acceptance rate: 45%

Tuition fee


Contact details

  • Address: 401 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33606-1490
  • Phone: (813) 253-3333

Official website

#10. St. Petersburg University

St. Petersburg College was founded in 1927 as St. Petersburg Junior College by Captain George M. Lynch, Pinellas County’s city superintendent of schools for the city of St. Petersburg, as a private, non-profit institution.

Hence, It was created in part because of the economic downturn preceding the Great Depression as a way for local students to receive a post-secondary education without having to relocate or pay high tuition.

However, this college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.

Basic facts

Programs Offered

  •  Music Composition
  •  Music Industry
  •  Music Production
  •  Recording Arts
  •  Audio Technology

Tuition fee

it costs about $19,058 to study music production in st. Petersburg collage.

Contact details

  • Address: 6605 5th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710, United States

Other information on music producing schools in Florida

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Degrees needed to becomea music Producer

For those will to become a music producer in the future, there are some degrees you must acquire by going to any of the 10 top music producing schools in Florida above. These degrees are

  • Associate Degree

1. Associate’s Degree

A music production degree at this level is usually offered as a major within a greater 2-year music program. These programs are built around the use of a campus’ music studio, and students likely spend more time in the studio than in the classroom.

2. Bachelor’s degree

With this degree, you can focus on the creation and production of recordings of music. And also how to successfully complete recording projects that are typical of those found in contemporary professional recording and production environments

Master’s Degree

There are degrees in music production offered at this level. However, the student is instructed in advanced recording and audio mixing concepts, critical listening, audio engineering for CD recordings, and electro-music composition.

Is music production schools affordable?

YES!. Schools for music production in Florida is very affordable. You can see from the tuition fees of top 10 music production schools in Florida above, it ranges from as low as $20k to $50k which anyone who is really interested in this well paying job of music production can pay.

What is music producer salary in Florida?

Same as other big cities in the United States, Music producers are paid well. Though the salary of a music producer varies from one recording lebal to another. According to Ziprecruiter, as at macrh 2021, average salary of a music producer in Florida is $59,491 while in United States (national ) its $70,321.


The profession of producing music as a music producer is a well valued one and for you to be well knowledgeable in this field, you must be well thought and with best practical music’s. So you ned to choose from the top 10 music production schools in Florida above.