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It’s quite an undoubtedly a fact that schooling in one of the best and top Entomology schools to get into in the world or any country of choice will for sure add to your success after graduating from the school of choice. This is beckoned on numerous reasons ranging from quality and experienced lecturers to standard facilities and conducive environment required for undeniable learning for the sake of the struggle for achieving desire results.

In a bid to help prospective students make a best and wise decision when comes choosing top Entomology schools to attend and attain good results; so schools with scholarships team has worn this crown upon themselves to do proper research behind you and get you the top schools with best Entomology degrees that has both master’s and bachelor’s degrees all in a single package.

Be reminded that this field of Entomology is a nice place for prospective students who are in love with nature and wants to really help in preserving nature and also deeply in love with help other people in understanding nature.

So, there are indeed numerous things prospective students must understand about Entomology schools before you venture into the schools or the course at large, however this article will really guide you while at the Entomology schools and after you graduate successfully with amazing grades.

So we will look into things like the actual meaning of Entomology, what Entomology is really all about? The actual job description in real meaning and numerous other facts about the course for the huge benefit of it all. Let us get to look into some of the terms we should understand.

Then we will go on with the top and best Entomology schools in the world for prospective students. So what is entomology?


What is Entomology

Entomology is a branch of zoology that deals with the scientific study of insects. In the Greek word; it is called “entomon” which means “notched” which refers to the segmented body plan of the insect. So, these zoological categories of genetics, taxonomy, morphology, physiology, behaviour, and ecology are included in this field of study called entomology.

In our article we included the applied aspects of economic entomology that encompasses the dangerous and beneficial impact of insects on humans and their environmental activities. Entomology also plays a huge role in studies of biodiversity and assessment of environmental quality in the recent years.

So, Entomology is also the study of insects and their close relationship to humans, their environment, and other organisms. However entomologists are continually contributing to these remarkable and diverse fields of human endeavour as chemistry, agriculture, biology, human & animal health, molecular science, forensics and criminology.

Also the logical study of insects duly serves as the starting point for biological and chemical developments in food and fibre production and storage, pharmaceuticals epidemiology, pest control, biological diversity, and many other fields of sciences.

This field of study is profound and non can doubt the fact, because professional entomologists do so much in the aspect of contributing to the growth and advancement of humankind by distinctively detecting the individual role of insects and their individual roles in the spread of disease in the environment and reliable ways of making findings of protecting food and fiber crops, and livestock from being damaged and also safe for human consumption.

Entomologist study the actual ways insects are beneficial in regards to contributing to the wellbeing of humans beings, animals, and plants. While entomologists that are just starting out are just concerned with insects because of the beauty and diversity of these amazing creatures.

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Entomology According to The Ancient Science.

So, entomology is an ancient science, dating back to when biology was established as a formal field of study by Aristotle (384-322 BC) you already know how the name sound in your mind. There are exclusive earlier references to the use of these both harmful and beneficial insects in human and animal daily life.

The perfect example is the growing of silkworms that started 4700 BC in China, it happens to be an important sector of peasant life back then in China, as early as 4000 BC. It was noted that over a hundred years ago, some set of entomologists formed a society with the name entomological Society of America (ESA), with the aim of promoting the science and study of entomology there in the United States.

Careers in top Entomology Schools to get into?

There are numerous career for an entomologist to shift his/her base on after graduation from the top Entomology Schools to get into in the world. I can  boldly stress the many career opportunities for successful graduates of entomology and they includes; working in federal government agencies (APHIS, USDA, EPA).

You can as well work with state departments of agriculture and ecology, the state agricultural research stations, university extension service, agrichemical company field representatives, research, and sales, private agribusiness firms, agricultural consulting firms, international development agencies, timber and seed production companies.

However, IPM discipline with an urban option have career opportunities as; parkland and golf course pest management specialists, pest control operators, weed control districts, mosquito abatement districts, food processing industry, ornamental plant protection, industrial pest control consultant, public health service and the armed forces.

Many of the entomology students move further to pursue Master’s and PhD degrees either at either of the top entomology.

Why study Entomology?

One maybe confused at the reason why you should study entomology in any of the tops schools; the reasons can’t be overemphasized since entomology as a field of study is a specialized field, students have this unique advantage of portable and well resized classes with world-class opportunity to have closer and well-to-do interactions with an Entomology faculty tutors and even co-students.

These students learn so well from entomologists who are pro-actively into a wide and diverse research projects both out and within their countries of residence. However, most schools IPM program offers alongside an internship program that in most scenario land you a worth job for entomology graduates. Also studying in top Entomology Schools to get into is and added advantage.

Top Entomology Schools to get into

Who is an Entomologist?

This is a simple question of who do we call people that studied entomology in the college. Entomologist is an individual who their area of specialty is focused on the scientific and systematic study of insects; having most of them focusing on single or unique specie of insect.

A perfect example to describe this; an entomologist who channel all his/her focuses on bees is called an apiologist, also an entomologist who studies beetles only is called a coleopterist and the one who only focuses on the studies of butterflies is a lepidopterist.

However, entomology careers can range from forensic entomology to agricultural entomology. This career choice may as well study the ecology, insect’s nutrition, morphology or behaviour of insect which makes the career possibilities of an entomologist endless.

Entomologists job places?

Ever seen a career choice with numerous job places; if you have not seen, here we have an amazing career choice. So, in the bid to educate everybody about the top Entomology schools in the world, we care so much on the need to look at their job places and also see the entity or individuals who need the service of an entomologist.

Below is some of the work place of an entomologist which will be made easier if you study at any of the top Entomology Schools to get into.


Foresters sincerely need the service of an entomologist, because insects happen to be one of the worse destroyers of timbers in the forest. So, entomologists work hand-in-hand with foresters to make-up effective programs to control these pests in a bid to give maximum protection to forests and their biological wealth.


In this sector; qualified teacher’s uses entomology tight in the classroom to teach students basic biological principles and concepts, as to guide students only pest control through theory and sometimes involves practical’s.


In this aspect, an entomologist duly studies the environmental via indicators to thoroughly understand the striking relationships between human beings and nature by making proper identification of endangered species and also studying their ecosystems in general, these entomologists also put more effort to help protect the environment and restore threatened habitats of the ecosphere.


This aspect of it receives the greater shares of services rendered by an entomologist; they do so by studying only insects, they have also helped to produce enough of the current and up-to date knowledge on inheritance, physiology, and ecology respectively.

The Military 

This entomology is greatly employed in the Soldiers, marines, and sailors field because they often encounter dangerous insects with pathogenic diseases. However medical and veterinary entomologists take the lead way when it comes to research in a bid to fight the spread of insects that carry diseases from one person to other or even infect people.


Do you know that year in, year out crops and food products are been damaged or destroyed by these insects? For that reason entomologists are earnestly working to make high agricultural production all around the world. So what the veterinary entomologists specialize in; is to protect livestock from insect-borne illnesses.


Here in the industry entomologists provides industry with numerous product opportunities in areas such as biological and chemical pest control. Urban pest control is a $3 billion industry.

Our World

In our current and modern days world. However entomologists and their study of insects help the world increase the munificence of planet and preserve its natural beauty for the generation yet unborn.


It’s no doubt that a habitat that is sound with standard biological control programs which is developed by entomologists have sincerely become a standard feature in a broad array which aid or protect animals from dangerous and harmful chemicals, thereby increasing their numbers in the environment.

The United Nations 

From time pasts to the modern world, entomologist research has been an essential tool in finding solution to insect related food shortages and diseases throughout the world, this insect related food diseases has caused severe famine in the recent years causing severe pains to the general public.


You could be wondering how this relate to the security aspect of life thereby involving the police; Forensic which is an aspect of entomologists use their high level of expertise to help police find solutions to cyber crimes or even criminal cases in their environment.

Home owners 

You have beautiful flowers in your environment as an urban residents; this will for some or a reason need the service of an entomologist to help you curb the spread of insects in your environment that will lead to the damage of your beautiful flowers; so urban entomologists make provision for answers in our battle with turf, structural and ornamental pests.


This is quite an interest part for writers like me; most insects are just the beautiful and amazing part of the ecological space. However, an entomologist can make provision for unusual ways to spice-up an ordinary story about an insect. Writers can categorically write a good story because insects are fascinate creatures, but not all though.


Every field of study got their amazing stories coupled with it vitality and other wonderful feature, it’s no doubt that at least more than half of the human race currently suffers from insect-carried diseases of different kinds. However entomologists make provision for reasonable information regarding the treatment and standard prevention methods of these diseases.


Entomologists succinctly help to preserve the uniqueness and amazing beauty of insects that artists utilize for designs and amazing patterns or portraits.

Customs Inspectors 

This aspect helps the officers do their jobs accordingly with hitches, however entomologists help custom officers intercept new pests before they are allowed to enter a country and cause havoc. You may not believe in the importation of pests, but its a known fact that pests; that are economically important are also important to help increase country crop production.

Numerous entomologists lay their focuses in one of these kind of insect mentioned below: 

  • Lepidopterology – the study of moths and butterflies
  • Dipterology – the study of flies
  • Hemipterology – the study of true bugs
  • Melittology (or Apiology) – the study of bees
  • Myrmecology – the study of ants
  • Orthopterology – the study of grasshoppers, crickets, etc.
  • Vespology – the study of wasps
  • Coleopterology – the study of beetles

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Some other Working places For Entomology.

Like we mentioned above, this field of studies has numerous working places, they can work for post-secondary institutions, governments, and even museums. It doesn’t stop there as pharmaceutical companies and chemical manufacturing companies need the services of an entomologist and also hire them to handle research work and make provision for new products for experts in agriculture, forestry, and even medical communities.

Entomologist may work for independent companies as well to give advice to clients in regards to insect control; where anybody willing to study at any of the top entomology schools in the world. Let’s get to know of their duties in summary.

Entomologist job description

Duties of an entomologist are listed below:

  • Discovering and cataloguing new species of insects from within and outside the environment.
  • Investigating the individual roles of insect pests in forests, agriculture, human health, and the environment
  • Making reliable methods for preventing the importation and spread of destructive insects
  • Studying the evolution of insects and classifying them
  • Conducting research about the control and impact of pest problems
  • Developing and implementing pest management programs for both urban and agricultural locations 
  • Curating museum insect collections
  • Developing methods of controlling harmful insects 
  • Coordinating public awareness and education programs
  • Conducting field and lab tests of pesticides to understand their effect on different insect species 
  • Preparing publications that help identify different insect species

How to become an Entomologist

Without proper guides to follow in a bid to go-to one of the top entomology schools; you may lose out at it since you have poor knowledge about the whole process. There is great need for you to know how to become a certified entomologist, the necessary ways you must follow to receive the certificate and license to practice effectively as an entomologist.

So, prospective students interested in this career will have to first of all receive their Bachelor of Science degree. Most top entomology schools offer undergraduate degrees in entomology while other entomology schools have entomology courses included with biology or zoology degrees.

Students are expected to cover advanced mathematics, communication or English, physics and chemistry, and many other vital courses in entomology. But for prospective students who completed their undergraduate degree have the permit to go on and work in pest control field, agriculture field, and other entomology related fields. 

However, for prospective student that have the interest in working in medical research fields, scientific research fields, epidemiology, and other science related fields, these set entomology students can continue with their education and attain their master’s degree  or doctorate degree in this field of study.

Be reminded that most of these programs require prospective students to round-up a research project. Some of the programs takes less than a year to complete whereas some takes close to 2-3 years to complete the course.

How much does an Entomologist make?

It’s a known fact that most guys would want to know what they will stand to earn after studying a specific course; though we don’t have the information readily but you can check this website and according them salary; the average salary of an entomologist is posed at $76,179 as around April 27, 2021.Though their salary ranges from $62,538 and $93,903 respectively. 

This salary structure is not same all around, the salary range varies and it is solely dependent on numerous vital factors which include the quality of certifications, education, additional skills, also the number of years spent so for far in your field of specialization or profession matters a lot. Though there lots of online resources that measure the salary ranges of different courses, but so far so good, none of these tools can be compared with as they are deep in research.

Top Entomology schools to get into in the world

Top Entomology Schools to get into

Thus far we did all we could to outline the necessary points one needs to understand about the entomology and how the top schools are ranked; having gotten those points from the very start, we can now head over to the top schools, then the details about them including the school address and websites. Check below the list of top entomology schools in the world.

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1. Texas A & M University-College Station

Texas A & M University-College Station happens to be one of the top entomology schools in the world. This school offers three (3) entomology degree programs in total. The school is a very large and well-to-do public, four-year university in a mid-size city. In the year 2019, the school graduated over 60 entomology students; with students earning 49 Bachelor’s degrees, 5 Master’s degrees and 8 Doctorate degrees, isn’t that amazing?

Without doubt they are one of the top entomology departments in the entire of United States. And like I stress earlier, they offer 3 Entomology degrees (B.S, M.S. and Ph.D.) and a Bachelors of Science degree in Forensic and Investigative Sciences (FIVS) that is internationally accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Contact Information of Texas A & M University-College Station

2. University of California-Davis

Here is yet another top entomology schools one can get into and become a certified entomologist, this University of California-Davis located in the united state of America offers three Entomology degree programs in total. The school is also a very large and well-to-do public, four year university in a quite small suburb.

Right in the 2019, the school graduated 20 entomology students with those students earning 11 Bachelor’s degrees, 3 Master’s degrees and 6 Doctorate degrees. University of California Davis is one of the top Entomology Schools to get into.

3. University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is another top entomology schools in the world, the school also offer three Entomology degree programs. The school is quite large as well and it is a public school with four-year University in a large city.  Also in the year 2019, the school graduated over 10 Entomology students with students earning 6 Bachelor’s degrees, 4 Master’s degrees, and 2 Doctorate degrees in total.

However, students taking a course in entomology study in various fundamental and applied fields. Also graduates from this school find employment in research and extension work, colleges and university teaching, state and federal government service, research institutes and industries.

Though students can as well complete an undergraduate discipline in entomology under this Bachelor of Science degree program. This one of the top Entomology Schools to get into.

Contact Address of University of Wisconsin-Madison

237 Russell Labs, 1630 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706

4. Purdue University

This entomology school by name Purdue University happens to be one of the best entomology schools in the world; the Main Campus of the university offers three Entomology degree programs in total, the school is also a very large; public, four years university in quite a small city.

Also in the year 2019, the university graduated over 10 Entomology students with the students earning 8 Bachelor’s degrees in their respective fields, 5 Masters degrees in their respective fields, and 2 Doctorate degrees.

The school mission is to help build individuals or students to become professionals who will in turn help to improve the quality of both human, animal and plants life for the state, the nation and the world in general by taking a step higher in the scientific knowledge via the development and application of arthropod/nematode science.

This Department of Entomology offers students learning, engagement and discovering programs to help meet the needs of India residents, even the Mid-west, and the entire nation. So in this school they offer both Undergraduate degree and Graduate degree programs at both the Master’s and Doctoral Degrees levels. This one of the top Entomology Schools to get into.

Contact Address of Purdue University

Department of Entomology, 901 West State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907 USA, (765) 494-4554

5. Cornell University

Here is another top entomology schools in the world with the name, Cornell University; this university offers three Entomology degree programs in their main campus. The school is also a very large, but a private, four years university in a quite small city.

But in the 2019, the school graduated 15 Entomology students with the students earning 11 Bachelor’s degrees, 1 Master’s degree and 3 Doctoral degrees,

To apply to one of the top entomology schools in the world, you really need to be enduring and have patience.

For over 125 years, these faculty members, staff and the students have been so hard working and making serious effort to advance in the field of insect biology and make application of that knowledge to solve human, animals and plants problems and to also improve lives.

Cornell University which is one of the top entomology schools in the world, their team-work spans the globe and make remarkable impacts on human lives on diverse levels; thereby influencing a broader range of majors including human and the veterinary medicine, biodiversity, farming and genomics.

Contact Information of Cornell University

Lisa Westcott
Phone: (607) 255-7723
Fax: (607) 255-0939

6. Iowa State University

Iowa State University is one of the best entomology schools in the world that also offer three Entomology degree programs like the other top schools around the world. It’s quite a very large, but public and four years university in a very small city of the country. Back in the 2019, the school graduated only 2 entomology students with students earning 1 Master’s degree and 1 Doctorate degree.

This school is remarkable and quite tougher than the rest we listed in the article, they are home to the first electronic digital computer and happens to be the only university in the country to have United State of America Department of Energy research lab on their main campus.

The school have a small average class size and a student faculty ratio of 19:1, nobody will get lost in the crowd, since there are few students in the class. This one of the top Entomology Schools to get into.

Contact Information of Iowa State University

Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

Phone: 515-294-4111

7. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This University of Nebraska-Lincoln is also one of the best entomology schools in the world; coming last on our list doesn’t mean the school isn’t good. The school offers four Entomology degree programs. The school has a very large environment, but it is public, four years university in a very large city. However in the year 2019, the school graduated exactly 27 Entomology students with those students earning 7 Bachelor’s degrees, 16 Master’s degrees and 4 Doctorate degrees.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Mission: as seen on their website

  • We are Nebraska’s authority in entomology.
  • We improve lives in Nebraska and the world through globally relevant and outstanding research, extension, and teaching.
  • We succeed through a collegial, inclusive, enthusiastic department where we value respect for all, work/life balance, team and multidisciplinary collaborations, and shared accomplishments

Contact Information of University of Nebraska-Lincoln

103 Entomology Hall, Lincoln, NE 68583-0816

Phone: 402-472-2123




Studying in one of the top entomology schools in the world is the  ideal thing to do; only if you want to be a certified and one of the best entomologist in the world or even your region that will vastly contribute to the betterment of your country or state of residence.