The last days at Forcads high school summary

           Chapter two

      Jimi and Ansa got to school early. As the time for assembly reached,  the students all gathered in the assembly hall in the middle of the school all in line according to their classes.  The head boy, Seyi Lawal lead the National anthem.  All the students were happy to be back to school after the summer break. The school is well known for its beautiful surrounding and structures in the area with best layout and largest football field. It took its pride from having defeated other schools in quizzes and sports. The students are often referred to as “artificial”.

      After the National Anthem and assembly,  the principal Mallum gave a brief welcome talk saying ” its a pleasure to have all of you back. It is very important, however, that we face up to the responsibilities of this new term particularly our final year students who have the West African Examination Council examinations .This as important as watershed….”

     The students went outside the hall after the assembly with boys wearing white shirts, black ties and black trousers and girls in black pinafores over white shirts. All the students were happy an share greetings showing off with their latest gadgets. Jimi as the best student in chemistry and health prefect and athletic club captain was well known which makes girls like him. Ansa is known for only painting. Nene Ekpo who live in the same street with Ansa and Jimi came around and they greet one another. They talked about Efua who Nene reported to be joining them later in the school.

    After the school Jimi went behind the class room were there are tress and while seating play music from his ipod thinking of many things in his mind which must include his brother Wole , who has been expelled from two schools and the university. He has also falsify his father’s signature and stole from him which the father swore not to forgive him. Interrupted by the head boy who informed him that they are having meeting with the principal. On reaching they meet two women one aged and the other young who they puzzled who they might be.