Sophie Alakija – Biography

Are you a fan of Mrs Sophie Alakija or Rammal? Do you know her biography? What she does and like? If not, then you are at the right place.

In this article we will be bringing to light the adventurous Sophie and what she has done to the entertainment industry. Let’s begin

Mrs Sophie Alakija is one of the most famous Nigerian models, actresses, and public personalities. Though she became popular because of her ex-boyfriend, she does not give up self-developing and goes on climbing the career ladder.

There are many things fans and onlookers will say when it comes to her beauty and taste. But she is, first of all, an incredibly talented person. Sophie Rammal biography is quite tranquil and is not overload with ups and downs.

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Do you want to know more about this gorgeous young lady? Keep reading and you will.

Mrs Sophie Alakija biography


The biography of Sophie Alakija

Sophie Rammal was born in Lagos. She grew up in a big family, so she was never bored and had a lot of friends. Her parents are Efik from Cross River state and Lebanese.

Her first appearance on the screen was in the role of a lead dancer girl in the music video by Wizkid. So the audience knows Sophie for being Wizkids’ ex-girlfriend. But later the happy couple broke up.

In the interview for the Fruit Tree Magazine, she mentioned that she did not dance so much anymore and she enjoyed cooking without considering it a talent. This must be notice in Sophie Alakija biography

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Acting career of Sophie Alakija

Sophie Rammal (Alakija) has always dreamed of being an actor. She often watched award ceremonies like the Oscar and Golden Globe and craved to receive an award. But she is gradually becoming a household name in the Nigerian movie industry. She has already acted in some films.

Her most challenging role was in the film Drawing Strands. During the filming process, she had to travel a lot, to stay away from her family for a long time while being pregnant.

Sophie Alakija personal life

Such a beautiful lady can’t stay alone for long, and in 2016, she got married to Wale Alakija. So now the girl is famous as Sophie Rammal Alakija. She married her best friend. The wedding was on March 27, 2016, she gave birth to her first child in Surulere, Lagos. Mrs Sophie Alakija biography.


Sophie Alakija’s latest news

On May 2018 Sophie Rammal got into a car accident. Two other cars collided and crashed into her vehicle. Fortunately, her husband, both her children and she came out of the crash without any scratch. On her Instagram page, she shared her gratefulness to the whole world and God.


Today, being a mother of two children and a loving wife she goes on creating her world and building her career as a model and actress. Sophie Rammal, though being rather popular, stays a modest person and a good wife and mother.