Smart Watches: how do they work

Many people today have the knowledge of smart watches but don’t know they work. This has make the to ask questions like how does smart watches work? What can a smart watch do? Can a smart watch answer calls? These and many more will be answered here.

Smart watches are digital watches that do more – a lot more – that your old analog time tracking device. With a Bluetooth connection to your phone means the watch can help you place calls or send and receive messages.

But for a start, i will like us to have a better understanding of what smart watches are and brief history so that we will not get lost on the way. So let start with, what is a smart watch


What is a Smart watch

Smart watches are mini computers that you can wear on your wrist. From it name watch, they still tell time. Recent smart watches are built with touchscreen

Furthermore, they have built in lithium-powered, rechargeable batteries. Its functions has grown from simple tasks like calculations and playing games to match the functions of your smartphones. 

With Touchscreens which replaced the old wind up watch faces and swiping gets into the other features. Smart Watches have features include tracking your workout, playing music, seeing what emails you have, and playing games.

There are some standalone smartwatches which don’t require for it to be connected with a smartphone to work or function, while others require pairing with a cell phone.

To use a smartwatch, if not standalone, you need a smartphone. On your smartphone, you install the app that comes with the smartwatch, such as Android Wear or Watch from Apple.

To synchronise your smartphone with the smart watch, you need to open the corresponding app on your phone by turning on the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi and get it connected.

When your devices are connected, a notification will be sent to your watch showing that its now ready for use.

Now you can read emails and messages, view your calendar appointments, or take phone calls. That’s useful, because you no longer have to worry about missing an important message.

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Brief History of Smart Watches

How does smart watches work
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As early as 1972, Pulsar manufactured by Hamilton Watch Company which was the first digital watch. Pulsar watch can store 24 digits, making it most likely the first watch with user-programmable memory.

Also, in 1994, he Timex Datalink wristwatch, was produced. The early Timex Datalink Smartwatches realized a wireless data transfer mode to communicate with a PC. Some contacts created with Microsoft Schedule+ is used to easily transmitted information to the watch via a screen blinking light protocol.

Furthermore, in 2010 Sony Ericsson launches the Sony Ericsson LiveView, a wearable watch device which is basically an external Bluetooth display for an Android Smartphone.

Finally, In 2013, the TrueSmart was claimed to be the first ever smartwatch to capture the full capability of a smartphone.

Note: There are many other developments that the smart watches passes through before getting to what we know today.

Best Smart Watches producing companies

Many technology based companies have went into the production of smart watches. Before be see how smart watches work, let us see the companies that produce smart watches.

companies that produce smart watches

  • Apple, 
  • Samsung, 
  • BlackBerry, 
  • Google, 
  • LG,
  • Nokia 
  • Qualcomm, 
  • Acer, 
  • Sony,
  • Toshiba 
  • HTC, and
  • Lenovo.

Now after seeing the companies that produce smart watches, let us look into the softwares or apps that makes smart watches function as they do.

Applications in Smart Watches

From its design, It’s possible to install third-party apps in the corresponding app store of any smartwatch.

Popular apps in Smart Watches are Spotify, WhatsApp, NS Reisplanner, Appie, or Buienradar.

How does a smart watch work

One feature of wearable smart devices is its connection to smartphones via Wi-Fi or synchronise with Bluetooth to enable internet activities.

Using Bluetooth, most devices work with your smartphones and allow you to navigate apps and features without having your phone in your hand.

Also, Like your usual smartphone, your smartwatch comes with a charger, and depending on the model, it has a battery that needs to be charged regularly since most don’t last long. 

Most of these watches rely on your phone to access the internet but there are advances being made with cellular watches. These devices house their own connectivity and allow you to go online without your phone.

What do smart watches do

How do Smart Watches work
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Its time for use to know the reasons we need to buy wearable smart devices which here is a watch. The function that the watch performs which make it necessary to be bought.

Recieve Notifications

When connected with a smartphone, when there is an alert or notification that the smartphone received, it will ne transmitted to the wearable smart watch on your wrist.

For example, the newest Apple Watch includes a fall sensor. If you fall while wearing the watch, the watch senses your subsequent movement; if it doesn’t detect any, it’ll send a series of escalating notifications. Fail to respond to the notification, and the watch will assume you’re injured and alert authorities on your behalf.

Smartphones display notifications to alert you of important events or activities. The types of notifications differ; devices connected to a smartphone may simply mirror the phone’s notifications on your wrist.

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Access Apps

Including displaying notifications from your phone, a smartwatch also support apps used by different individuals for different purposes.

For example, Smart Watches for hiking or diving, generally support the apps the athletes need to accomplish that purpose without the opportunity to add other kinds of apps.

Manage Media

Most smartwatches paired with smartphones can manage media playback for you. For example, when you’re listening to music on an iPhone using Apple’s AirPods, you can use your Apple Watch to change volume and tracks.

Answer voice calls

With Modern smartwatches which runs in either the watchOS or Wear OS operating systems which support voice dictation, you can answers voice calls or massages.

Fitness/Health tracking

Smartwatches include a heart rate monitor and a pedometer to help track your workouts as an athlete or for normal fitness routines.

Furthermore, in calculating calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, sleep tracking, and even how much oxygen is in your blood.

Location tracking using GPS

Most smartwatches include a GPS for tracking your location or receiving location-specific alerts.


In our quest to answer how does smart watches work, we have been able to see what Smart Watches is, its brief history, companies that produce smart devices and the apps in them. Also we see how smart watches work and function.

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