Sex Education in Nigerian Educational system


Increasing rate of premarital sex

The increasing rate at which youth (teenagers) engage in premarital sex calls for serious concern.

It has become a norm for young ones to go into relationship just because of the pressure of sex.

Introduction of sex education

The introduction of sex education in the Nigerian educational system become necessary hence.

This issues of immorality and early sexual life in our institutions today is rising and it has gotten to a point where it needs to be curtailed.

In order to nip this problem, it will now be pertinent to educate our young ones about sex through sex education.

Exam malpractice, Reasons

Increasing issues of premature pregnancy and unwanted babies are sometimes as a result of early engagement in sex an relationships.

This is often found and practiced by young ones normally between the ages of fifteen and twenty years, most of who know very little or nothing about sex.

Sex Education necessary

Teaching them about sex and a respect for God’s commandments about sex will help to reduce the risk and issues of immorality, unwanted babies and pre-mature pregnancy thereby raising morally upright students and young ones for the country and world at large.

Sex not entirely bad

Am not trying to say that sex is bad entirely but it is good when it is not done on a wrong way with wrong reasons, which will lead to regret.

Research have shown that a lot of young girls lose their vaginity while in secondary schools.

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Teenage parents

Most of which ended up as teenage parents, especially those girls who also get involved with old men.

I can’t imagine the kind of parents girls of fifteen to eighteen years will make!

No wonder our society is riddled with vagabonds who end up terrorising the society.

To avoid this tragic ends, it is important to educate the young ones about sex.

It is true and surprisingly too that some parents shy away from subjects of sex education even if their children are confident enough to raise the issue of sex.

Over the years, the topic has been treated as a taboo.

Hence, most children are left to learn more about it from their friends.

Parents must know that they have a great role in educating their children about sex.

How School see sex Education

Of it all, it is disheartening to know that schools see sex education as waste of time and resources.

How then those the society answer the questions the young ones would want to ask If parents are too busy and schools think it is waste of time.

Then the children has no alternative available than their friends and peers.

This explains why most young ones learn about sex from their friends often with regrettable outcomes.

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Apart from unwanted pregnancies and babies, they are also at high risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases(STD), some of which can end up in death.

If you as parents fail to educate your child about sex, the world will certainly do so.

Lastly, sex education plays a vital role in the upbringing of a child.

Bringing up a child to be academically and morally is beneficial to you, the nation because an impactive child help to develop your home and the nation at large.

Educate a(your) child, save a nation and develop Nigeria