Scholarships in Harvard University

Scholarships in Harvard university is seen as the best scholarship anybody can ever have. The opportunity to study in Harvard is what many people dream of having. There are certain online scholarships in Harvard that anyone can apply for.

In this article we are going to look at some of the scholarshipsin Harvard for international students who want to study there.

Harvard University located in the United States of America. It has been named as the best university in the world and it is the pride of many Americans as the students that graduate from the school are among the best in the world in whatever they do whether its science, theater, arts or culture.

The University is a proud member of the Ivy League of schools. The School is also the sponsor of so many scholarships and grants that it puts in place to help its students with the cost of tuition and other fees in the prestigious school.

This program by Harvad university is cool as it allows students to be able to attend the best university in the world at no cost or at a reduced cost.

So here is a list of the most notable scholarships available in Harvard University.

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Scholarships in Harvard university

There are many online scholarships in Harvard university you can also apply for and you will get the best of knowledge you can acquire from any other normal or usual schooling program in Harvard university.

Below Naija News Now team has arranged best of the scholarships in Harvard university for you, so make sure you get to the last word for full information required.

There are also other scholarship in Harvard you can apply for.

1. Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellowship Scholarship

Harvard University actually does not have any ties with this fellowship Scholarship.

This fellowship scholarship is actually sponsored by the Korean Institute resident in Harvard University for P.H.D students so they can spend more time on their research and less time on financial worries.

The amount payable by the Korean Institute for the scholarship is about $50,000.

To be eligible for this fellowship scholarship, students must;

  • have been granted admission to study a P.H.D course in Harvard University and
  • must be committed to finishing the aforementioned course in five years time.

2. Harvard University Undergraduate Scholarship

This is a scholarship sponsored by Harvard University itself, it looks to award some exceptional students with financial aid for their education.

The scholarship is for undergraduates and the amount of benefit to be obtained is about $12,000 Annually.

This funds will be given for four years as the scholarship is only applicable to students studying four year courses.

To be eligible for this scholarship. Students must; be an undergraduate, must have been admitted into Harvard University, must show some sort of proof that he or she requires financial aid to be able to study in the University.

As other scholarships in Harvard this too you can get.

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3. Harvard Business School Forward Fellowship

This is commonly known as the HBS forward fellowship, unlike other fellowship that changes with time, this one has been awarded year to year without change.

The amount receivable is based on a lot of criteria but it ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. This scholarship is sponsored by the Harvard Business School.

This scholarship in Harvard is for students from Low income families. To be Eligible for this scholarship,

  • applicants must be attending an MBA program at Harvard Business School,
  • must be from a low income family and
  • must show proof of being in financial need.

You can find out more about the Harvard Business School online program and here.

4. Aga Khan Scholarships in Harvard

This scholarship is sponsored by the Aga Khan Foundation and offers a limited number of scholarships tip students from developing counties all around the world.

They offer it to students who are applying for [post graduate studies and have no means of supporting their education.

This scholarship in Harvard is given in a 50% grant, 50% loan basis through a highly competitive and sought after selection process.