Scholarships and Bursaries in Canada

So a lot of people usually ask me like how do I get scholarship to study in Canada? Is there any way I could study in Canada for free? So I got overwhelmed with so many of those kinds of questions. And I took it upon myself to do some research to bring to you guys today ways in which you can study in Canada for free or partly funded.

So if you’d like to know more about how you can obtain funding or scholarships to study in Canada, then keep reading.

So before we begin I just want to give a brief disclaimer. Everything that I’m saying here is based off of my knowledge and my research, I am no agent, I am no licensed immigration consultant, I just share my knowledge based off of my experience and their journey. So without further ado, let’s get right into the nitty gritty of this article.

So one way in which international students can help finance their education in Canada is through scholarships, and these are non repayable, financial support or awards, and they tend to be granted to students with outstanding academic performance, please take note of outstanding, so you have to be really good in order to achieve most of these kinds of scholarships. Some scholarships are usually awarded automatically for maybe people that have outstanding performance as well.

Also you have to apply for so please note that scholarship funding for international students who wish to study in Canada is limited. It’s highly competitive, and they’re usually available mostly at the postgraduate level, but they’re still funding or scholarships available for the undergraduate level as well.

Nevertheless, here are some tips and resources to help you explore this possibility. So after deciding what you want to study, I’m assuming this is a postgraduate situation, you need to decide what you want to study. And you need to get in contact with the financial aid office of that school.

Most central people ask me for scholarship opportunities, I usually tell them that have you chosen like have you decided on what you want to do? And sometimes they tell me No. And I’m like; you need to know what you want to do first, in order to search for your scholarships, because I feel like just waiting for scholarship is like a needle in a haystack.

So by selecting what you want to study, instead of like narrowing it down, I don’t know if I’m making sense. And you should also research for additional opportunities. Sometimes it’s school might not offer scholarships at all. But sometimes you can find like the Canadian government, provincial government, not for profit organizations, and even private associations. They offer scholarships for some programs.

Getting scholarships is, like I said earlier is really competitive. It’s going to use the word almost impossible, but it is possible. But it is really hard. I think I know, only a handful of people who have had funding opportunities, but not like the entire program covered. Maybe like they provided a huge chunk, maybe like 80% and they just pay 20%.

So I don’t know of anyone who has had like their entire program covered by scholarships in Canada. So next I’m going to be talking about how you can obtain these scholarships in Canada. So the first on my list, we have the marriage scholarships.

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Top Scholarships and Bursaries in Canada

1. Marriage Scholarship

So just like the mean marriage scholarship, it is merited; you have to have an outstanding academic performance in your previous education. It could be let’s say you’re coming from secondary school, you have to score very well in your work.

If you’re coming from undergrad going for your masters, you have to have like an excellent exceptional results. Like really good grades. In order to obtain those kinds of scholarships you have to apply to the school first.

When you apply to the school, they review your grades and decide that they’re going to award or grant the applicant this amount of scholarship or the entire thing or keep in mind that it is very rare to come by scholarships are fully funded. We’re to keep repeating this so you don’t misconstrue my statements.

2. Income Scholarship

This scholarship is usually very common in the undergraduate level; you also have to apply to the school. When you do that, it’s your duty to send the school a message saying; Oh, you did some research and you saw that the offer entrance scholarship in this case, and you would like to apply for it, and I can tell you how to go ahead with it.

So this is one of the most common types of scholarships that I am aware of was usually an undergraduate level. I know someone who applied for this and got suitable, it was partially funded. It wasn’t the entire program. So I will call that grants.

3. Bursaries

So when you’re researching about a particular program at school, please check the financial aid link. So click on that link and search for any kind of funded on may apply to your situation. Some people are opportune to actually be granted bursaries.

I also know about one or two people who applied for this financial aid bursaries, and were granted boats. Again, it wasn’t the entire thing. Yeah. So it’s your duty to do this particular research and check if they offer any financial aid, bursaries. And yeah, it doesn’t hurt to apply for it. It’s just a few dollars extra in your pocket.

Regarding bursaries, you can also write to your school, that you require financial aid, and they might show you how to go ahead with it like, cos I know there’s some students when I was studying that, I applied for bankruptcy, and financial aid, so they provided me with some sort of like allowance every month, but again, it doesn’t cover the entire tuition. Okay, so keep that in mind.

So if you’re interested in this financial aid option, you can write to your school or the international body in your school, asking them to provide you with resources to apply for scholarships, or bursaries.

And note that you also have to be a student of that school in order to apply for bursaries. You cannot just apply for bursaries from your home country; you have to be a student in that school.

4. Research scholarships

This is usually publicly funded by the Canadian government. And most times you usually find this in the PhD level or master’s level. Yeah. So I’m really undergrad because it is research based, assuming you’re coming for your masters and your master’s is thesis based.

You can also send an email to the financial aid office of that school, asking for scholarship opportunities in that field and be surprised that they actually opportunities available. Please, if you’re confused about anything at all, send the school an email; they will clarify things up for you.

5. Private Scholarships

These are usually awarded by private associations in your school, more specifically in your department, for example, let’s see, I’m going to use Mobile, let’s say Mobile, yearly award like $5,000 to some specific students who apply to this scholarship and for my experience, scholarships like that, they need you to have some sort of work experience or volunteer experience that will enable you become eligible or even be granted such scholarships.

So it again, it is your duty to ask your department about the scholarship opportunities available everywhere expect anyone to know everything available in the school without asking. So again, guys, ask your academic advisor in your school.

Also, I’m going to remind you to check whatever school you’re applying to, if you check your website, you will find a scholarship page dedicated to all the scholarships the award students in that school. So please, do your research, and click on that link on that website in that school that you want to apply for, and check the scholarship opportunities available and then apply. Good luck.

I understand that a lot of people are experiencing some financial constraints, I would want to get financial support I mean, who doesn’t want the financial support so the slot machine Good luck in your search, because it is not easy. I will also try to leave a few links to some scholarships that I know about like some government or publicly funded scholarships below.

But guys, please note that it is very competitive, which I said earlier, because it’s a global thing. So imagine like 1000s of people or millions will apply for like a scholarship that has like maybe 10 slots. So, again, good luck. Yeah guys.

Finally I hope I have been able to provide some useful information for you guys. And with that, I’m going to end here. If you did enjoy reading through this article, let me know what your thoughts are in the comment box.