How to write medical school scholarship thank you letter

This article discusses in detail on how to write medical schools Scholarship thank you Letter and a standard medical school thank you Letter. See example of a thank you Letter you can follow.

Dear _____,

It was a great pleasure to learn about your generous scholarship opportunity. _____ has always been my dream school. I am so grateful to have been granted both the opportunity and the funding which will allow me to make my dream come true in the form of a medical degree from ______. I am confident that this education will propel me towards my ultimate goal of becoming a physician who is capable of making an impact on underserved communities throughout the world.

Since the moment I learned about your scholarship program, I have been intensely focused on my studies and on working towards my goal of becoming a physician. I have found my medical school curriculum both incredibly demanding and highly rewarding.

However, the hardest part of this journey is still to come: finding some way to pay off stupendous student loan debts that average $190,000 per physician. I am unsure if the scholarship will cover all my expenses for my undergraduate and medical training; however, I believe the amount of money will be sufficient to ease my burden.

What I find most impressive about your school is that it not only offers its students more money than any other major university, but it also provides the most incentive for students to continue their education after they graduate. I have already received a full tuition scholarship for my graduate studies. 

The acceptance of my application is an honor in itself. Your decision to offer me the scholarship is truly an inspiration, and I am very grateful to have been granted this opportunity to pursue my goals.

I understand how competitive your recruitment process is, and I am honored to have been chosen after several years of struggling with the financial burdens of medical school.

Yours Sincerely…

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How to write medical schools Scholarship thank you Letter

Here’s a breakdown of the medical school Scholarship thank letter above.

1. Greetings

A letter from the scholarship recipient to their school’s admissions office. In this section, they should thank the admissions staff for their help in applying for the scholarship, explain how it will improve their future studies, and express best wishes for continued success in medical school.

Attention: The entire thank you letter is for them to present. Do not ask the admissions office to critique it.


Dear Ms. Smith, This thank you letter is to inform you of my acceptance into your school’s medical school scholarship program. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be among the few students selected for this prestigious award; it will help me a great deal, both in terms of financial aid and in terms of preparation leading up to medical school entrance exams (MCATs).

I am faced with the prospect of paying $145,000 in tuition over the next four years; this award will decrease the amount I need to borrow.

 In addition, I am in need of public speaking practice, and any interview experience is a plus. The interview with your office helped me feel confident about my ability to succeed in medical school. As a result, I plan to apply for an internship program at a local hospital as soon as possible after I pass the MCATs in May. I am also grateful for the experience I gained through the ERAS application process.

Because of this experience, I am writing to thank you for the help and support your office provided. I hope that you will continue to support me during the application process, and afterwards. Best wishes for continued success in your career and in medical school admissions! Sincerely, (Sender)

2. References

The name and contact information for at least three people, ideally in the medical field, who can vouch for the recipient’s suitability for the scholarship. These people should include experience as a volunteer at a local hospital (in the case of nursing) or with a local nursing home.

If they are physicians or medical professionals they may be asked to certify that your grades will allow you to complete the requirements of medical school. These are not required references, but doing so is a good idea and will help demonstrate your interest in medicine.

3. Special requirements

The recipient should explain any unique circumstances that may be grounds for a more extensive application. These are not considered “special requirements” of the scholarship, but should be highlighted as they may mitigate their own need for money (if they’re still in school) or enable them to gain experience in an area that will help them qualify for an internship (if they’ve taken time off to volunteer).

These examples are provided as a starting point for the scholarship recipient to determine what they may wish to write without asking permission from the Admissions Office. (These are NOT “special requirements” of the scholarship.)

{from, “Special Requirements” of Medical School Scholarship}

I am committed to becoming an emergency room physician and volunteering with a local hospital was even more helpful than I had anticipated. I gained invaluable experience working alongside the doctors and nurses at this hospital, and have decided to apply for an internship program.

I am also planning on working through my undergraduate degree in Medical Science, which will prepare me for the rigorous training required to become a doctor. This has all been made possible thanks to your scholarship.

{from, “Special Requirements” of Nursing Scholarship}

I have learned a great deal through this internship program and have decided to volunteer at least four hours a week at the hospital after I graduate. In addition, I will continue to volunteer with the nursing home in my hometown at least three hours a week. It is my hope that this experience will prepare me for the rigors of medical school and help me earn a medical internship of my own upon graduation from college.

4. Scholarship acceptance

An acceptance letter from the school’s admissions office (noted in Section 1), which should include an offer to send an electronic copy of the scholarship application or equivalence information if asked by the recipient. Make sure to thank the admissions office for their help.


 Dear Ms. Smith, Thank you for offering me a scholarship to attend your school, and I am pleased to accept this grant that will cover part of my tuition. I look forward to attending your school in the fall; after two years on the bench at the local hospital, I have decided that becoming a doctor is my calling. I wish you and your staff continued success as medical professionals. Sincerely, (Sender)

5. Conclusion

A brief closing statement in which the recipient should thank the admissions office for their support and express best wishes for continued success in medical school.