What kind of questions are asked in a scholarship interview? 10 Tips

A scholarship interview is a one-on-one conversation about your past experiences and future goals. It is also how someone will determine whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for their organization. Scholarships require a great deal of research and patience, because there are many different types of scholarships available, each with their own eligibility criteria, essay requirements, and selection panel. With that said, it can be difficult to know what to expect during your interview.

Scholarship interviews cover a multitude of topics, so it is hard to prepare for every scenario. Additionally, most interviewers do not provide their questions in advance, so you will not have an opportunity to prepare your answers. With these thoughts in mind, here are some topics that you should be prepared to discuss:

The program’s mission statement and the applicant’s area of interest. Organizations know that they are bringing in applicants with a wide range of interests and goals. It is important for them to understand how your goals align with their organization.

The applicant’s future plans. In short, what do you hope to accomplish in the next few years (e.g., career goals, extracurricular involvement, and other accomplishments)?

Your past experiences. What are your most memorable moments? What kind of impact have you had on your community?

The applicant’s ambitions and aspirations. So let us look at the top 10 Scholarships interview questions and possible examples.


10 Examples of questions asked in a scholarship interview

I have received three scholarships with very similar questions, but the details of their wording differed. I’ve compiled 10 examples of questions that I have been asked in the past and their variations.

1. Tell me about yourself (1 question)

“What is your biggest accomplishment?” “What made you want to join our program?” “Why are you interested in attending this school?” “Do you see yourself here a long time or something that will end after one year?”

2. What do you know about our program? (1 question)

“What is your background in hospitality and the industry?” “What are some of your accomplishments in the past?” “How did you decide to apply to this school?”

3. Tell me more about why you want to study at XYZ University (1-2 questions)

“Tell me more about why you chose this school. Why is this the right place for you?” “What are your long term goals in education?” “What makes you want to pursue this degree?”

4. How did you hear about us? (1 question)

“How did you go about applying for this scholarship?” “How did you hear about our organization?” “How many other scholarships are you applying for?”

5. Tell me more about what you will contribute to your community. (1 question)

“What will your impact be on your community if you receive this scholarship?” “Talk to me about a time when you have contributed to your community. What were the results?” “What are some of your contributions to the community?”

6. What are the university’s expectations for students who receive this scholarship? (1 question)

“How will you fit into XYZ University’s academic and social activities?” “Does this scholarship mean that XYZ University considers you a good candidate or just a qualified applicant?” “Do you anticipate any issues that will come up in your application process because of your grades, extracurriculars, or background?”

7. What do you think of the university? (1 question)

“How are you going to balance schoolwork and extracurricular activities?” “What are some of the things that attracted you to our program?” “What is your opinion of XYZ University based on your research?”

8. What are your goals in life? (1 question)

“How will this scholarship help you achieve your goals?” “What are some of your long term goals?” “What makes you think that XYZ University is the right place for you?”

9. Tell me about yourself. (1 question)

“Tell me more about yourself.” “Do you have anything to say about XYZ University?” “Let’s get back to XYZ University. What is your specific interest in studying at XYZ University?”

10. Tell me about your life outside of school. (1 question)

“What is your favorite hobby? What do you like to do between now and graduation?” “What kind of hobbies have you had in the past?” “If you didn’t have to work, what would you be doing? Why?”

By reading these scholarships interview questions and examples, it will give you an idea on what to discuss during your interview. This information will help when it’s time for the interview.