Documents Needed For Scholarship Application

For any scholarship application to be considered, scholarship sponsors or funders as they are called, require you as an applicant meet certain requirements before you can be considered.

These scholarships vary from one application to another. What sponsors of scholarship “A” may require that you submit might be different and vary from what scholarship “B” will require.

Meanwhile, in all of these variations, there are certain basic requirements that are same everywhere you apply for an academic scholarship in the world, especially scholarships for undergraduate studies.

This article will school you and arm with basic knowledge of documents needed for the application of any scholarship of your choice, especially as an international student applying from Africa.

It is regrettable that most students presume that they don’t need to worry about scholarships until they are getting ready for the senior year.

But we advise you take action now which if done, goes a long way to increase your chances of winning a scholarship. It is no jokes when people say securing scholarships could be more challenging in the future, making it harder to secure enough grants to finish college debt free.

Of a truth, there are several ways young and intelligent students can increase their chances of being successful with scholarships.

As a potential applicant of an undergraduate scholarship program, here’s an article to guide you on the needed documents to have before applying for one.

Have you decided to study abroad and you have been thinking of what documents you need before you proceed to apply to your desired university?

Studying abroad requires one to plan ahead of time and that is what you will learn how to do by the time you are done going through this article.

Of course it is not an easy procedure as many people think as there are a lot of processes and protocols to follow.

It’s even stressful if you are looking for some unique kind of scholarships and becomes even much tougher if you are seeking admission to study in one of the top 100 universities in the world.

Just like we always tell people who ask us, there is no shortcut to success except you work hard, persist and follow basic guidelines.

Well, enough of the preliminaries, today, we have sourced an elaborate information on what you need in other to secure admission and scholarship into your desired university.

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Documents needed in applying for scholarship

Your School Leaving Certificate

This is the first and most important document required when applying for admission (note that you have to apply for admission first before you can become eligible for most scholarships).

Before you apply for admission you must have graduated or about to graduate before admission application deadline. For undergraduate programmes you need to have high school/secondary school certificate.

If you are applying for master’s programmes you need at least a bachelor’s degree certificate and if you are going for PhD, a master’s degree certificate is required. But remember our emphasis is on documents needed for applying for an undergraduate scholarship.


Now, most potential scholarship beneficiaries who are new into application and processing of scholarships, they easily misunderstand this with the School Leaving Certificate as both goes hand in hand but then again not all higher institution ask for it, especially when going for undergraduate studies.

For those who do not know what a transcript is, a transcript is referred to as a detailed academic records of your marks or grades from all courses taken from your first day of school to the final year in school.

It is usually in a paper form or may be electronically sent via online and often comes with a signature or stamp to certify it.

But like we earlier stated, you as someone applying for an undergraduate scholarship will be requested to submit your transcript if you previously read a degree course you are going for a second undergraduate degree.

If your scholarship or admission process calls for this, you must be careful to treat as urgent. This is because your transcript is the only valid original means validating your claims of a previous academic study.


For international students such as Africans who intend studying abroad, your international passport or identity card as some nations call it, will be needed in the process. If it is not needed for your scholarship application, it will be needed for scholarship acceptance if application becomes successful.

If it is not needed for scholarship acceptance then it must be needed for processing of visa and flight procurement.

So, the International passport is a very vital and crucial document you will definitely need as a potential applicant.
International passport often refered to as passport is an official document normally used for international journey and allows you an entry to, or as a passage or exit from one country to another.

The passport proves your identity and nationality. Almost all higher institutions require applicants to send a copy of data page of their passport.

The international passport is also important to register and as a form of identification for major external test such as IELTS, TOEFL etc.

Language Proficiency Certificates

Whether you intend to study in English, French, Chinese or German. many universities now requires that applicant should possess a language proficiency test certificate. For example if you want to study in English, you must provide a proof of English language proficiency test certificate. Same applies to several other languages.

The most popular English language proficiency test are IELTS and TOEFL. If you are planning to studying in English we strongly recommend you write one the above mentioned tests as it provides a better chance of securing admission and even winning scholarships.


Another very important document is the SAT or ACT: Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardized test widely used and accepted for undergraduate admission into the university.

The test is written all around the world and is accepted by many institutions of higher learning especially in the United States of America.

What we always advise potential applicants always seek our advice is; make a good SAT result and stand a great chance of securing fully funded scholarships in any country, be it in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, or Australia.

Aside the SAT, another great one is the American College Testing (ACT) which is also widely acceptable just like SAT. whichever you decide to go for, ACT or SAT, just make a good result and you are sure of securing your admission and scholarship. Remember they both work hand-in-hand.


GRE is an acronym for Graduate Record Examination. This is also a standardized test taken by graduates and is required by most schools especially in the United States of America and Canada. GRE provides scholarship opportunities for graduate as it is the requirement of most schools.

GMAT which is an acronym for Graduate Management Admission Test is a graduate test just like GRE but GMAT is for those going for management courses such as MBA, and advanced degrees such as Master of Accounting, Master of Finance etc.

Reference Letter

A reference Letter is also known as Recommendation Letter. A reference letter is a written document undertaken by a respected professor, teacher, or employer who pens down his general assessment of your commendable qualities, characteristics, and capabilities in terms of ability to perform a particular task or function and therefore recommends you as being suitable for a scholarship programme.

A recommendation letter has to be specially requested to be written about someone.

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Motivation Letter

Before you applied for any undergraduate scholarship of your choice, it means by implication that something motivated and spurred you into giving the said scholarship a try.

Now, that is what the sponsor or funders of the scholarship you intend applying for need from you. They want you to let them know why you applied for a particular course of study; why you chose to study it in that particular university; what you intend contributing to the society if given the opportunity and privilege to study that course and in that university.

For easier understanding, a motivation letter is a letter written solely and independently by an intending applicant, meant to express his or her interest in a particular scholarship, programme, school or country.

It is a personal and formal document explaining why you apply for a course in a particular school, where you see yourself in the next five or ten years in the future, and what makes you think the school you are applying for offers to make you achieve your said goal.

A motivation letter should reflect your passion about your course. This, if effectively and passionately written will go a long way in increasing your chances of getting an admission which will help you secure scholarship to study in your dream school.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A Curriculum Vitae is a brief account of your education, qualifications, achievements and previous occupation couples with work experiences.

It is mostly needed for admission into a Ph.D programme but most undergraduate scholarship programs ask for it.

In this case, having some unique experiences or acquired skills will be an added advantage and will give you an edge against other applicants. A CV is usually not expected to be more than two pages.

Bravo for reading through, best wishes in your scholarship applications.