Effect of poor reading culture 

Previously we have discussed the effects of poor reading culture of students not only in Nigeria but also in the whole world.

We then see that this has crushed the success previously reported on students exams but now story to tell.

This issue has been on air on many occasions these days and solutions have been made which in the course of this article we will discuss them favourably. These may include the following.

Tunde Fowler is replaced with Muhammad M. Nami

Improved educational curriculum:

students in various levels of education needs to be taught in a way in which they appreciate and will develop them.
The Nigerian educational curriculum needs to be improved to fit the recent century we are in.
A century with needs for fast and improved teaching technology. Many have it that the nigerian educational curriculum is too constrained and needs to be made to fit in to recent ones.
There need to be introduction of subjects that multivate students to cultivate the spirit of hard work.
The introduction of subjects like civic education in primary/secondary schools to teach students their basic rights gave them sence of belonging. so for a student to know his/her rights the person have to read.
They have also see that there is need for for hard work on them to keep nigerian entity moving as did those before them. There is improved curriculum outside there we need it urgently too.

Orientation :

Orientation should be giving to all students on the importance of good reading culture. To orient may be said to be “to familiarize with a situation or circumstances”, “to set focus so as to relate or appeal to certain group”, “to point at or direct towards”, “to determine which direction one is facing “.

The students to familiarize with the situation at hand, they need to learn the fact that poor reading culture in the world. they need to know that good reading culture would lead them to be what ever they want to be in future for their success in general.

Parental heading :

As it is said “charity begins at home, a nation also start from a family, parents should help inculcate in to the heart of their respective children right from when they are small the effect of cultivating good reading culture.

As said the the holy scripture; train the child in the way he should go when he grows up he will never depart from it.

So parents helping their children right from small age to read always will certainly help them develop the good reading culture.

Affordable reading materials:

when we talk about reading, we always refer to reading books either hard or soft copies but here we take hard copies.

For we to read we must have the books to read. Making these books available to these students is a way forward.

The economic situation in the country is not that good per say , as the statistics have it that more then half of people in the country is below poverty level. so it can be said that getting these books to read by the students ready will not be a mistake.

Tribute To Federal University of Technology Owerri(FUTO)

 Government intervention:

The government should set up a committee to look at the level of books in circulation. They should see that the books are available to the students for free or in a subsidize from.


Also the library in all the schools should be well equipped with good ,approved and recent books which the students can always access any time they want to do so.

Provision of accessible state library having branches in different parts of the state where students can be using on holidays and when the need arises with adequate facilities that will encourage reading is very important.

Swedish Institute Scholarship(Fully Funded) for Master’s degree

Trained Teachers:

When i talk about teachers, i mean instructors, those who will impact solid knowledge or students.

It is regrettable to say that our teachers today cannot be graded good if they were to be assessed. The effect of poor reading culture also affected them too.

So the teachers should undergo serious training for months, this will help to revive them and teach them values too to help them see why it is important for them to put in their efforts to improve the quality of education in the country.


With the aforementioned remedies, i can say that proper implementation of all of them and the ones other’s have contributed will go a long way revive the nation’s education