Profitable Skills i can learn online

People has continue to ask “What skills can i learn online”. As the conditions of the world is changing, the need for people to learn new skills which now can be gotten online. There are skills on can learn online today.

Many people today continue to ask what skills can i learn online. The truth is that there are many good and profitable skills online that you can learn and that we will be discussing here.

Firstly, what are skills. One can simply say that skills are the things you learn that enable you to perform certain tasks.

One good thing about learn a skill or acquiring a skill now is that these experience can help you in your future job in big firms or during your Resume forming.

Skills i can learn online

Now let us look into those online skills one can learn


List of skills i can learn online

  • Public Speaking
  • Coding
  • Photography
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphics Design
  • Content Writing
  • Microsoft Excell
  • Resume and Cover Latter
  • Photoshop
  • Human Resource

1. Public speaking

One of the greatest fears of many today is the ability to speak in public or to address a crowd. When called for the purpose of public speaking, Many people reject the offer.

For you to perfect this skill, you need to practice it and enough confidence and presentations is required.

Public speaking skill today is also an added advantage in your Resume when looking for a new job.

2. Coding

Coding is a computer skill that is very profitable even without beig a professionals. It can be for creating mobile applications, web development or any other services.

You must not have all the knowledge in creating computer programs before you can earn from it.

So due to the surge in internet activities, the need for more web pages or other softwares or applications making coding skills enterprising.

3. Photography

Many people look at photography as a menial job for the uneducated people, but that is not the fact. Infact people study photography in universities.

Good and educative articles or blog post today have some photographs on them which makes them enjoying to go through like the ones you see here.

With your camera you can start taking pictures which you can sell or open a photo gallery for them.

Some Platforms like Udemy have a short course in photography you can register and learn more.

4. Social Media Marketing

For your product or services to reach your intended customers, you need to market them and social media still stand out

Social Media Marketing will never be ruled out when it comes to marketing and it is very beneficial and profitable since many people use the social media.

So it is one of the ” skills i can learn online ” that pays well as of today.

5. Graphics Design

Creating a wonderful graphics for your posts or your client is the best you can do. This graphics can be shared in social media do draw attention to your product or services.

With the skill in graphic designing you can create logos, images or inforgraphs. for LinkedIn offers a course on graphic design where you can get a solid foundation in typography, color, layout and more.

Tools like illustrator and Photoshop can be beneficial.

6. Content Writing

In all the skills you may learn, Content Writing is very important because al other skills must contain write ups. So learning how to write s necessary.

An online course with SkillShare will help you in content writing and you can be a professional in creating online contents.

As a pro in creating online contents, your can be hired by companies and organisations to write for them and you will be heavily paid.

7. Microsoft Excell as Skills i can learn online

Spreadsheet is a very important tool used by many businesses today being it small or big. The knowledge of using spreadsheet in day to day operations is need especially for calculations.

So if you can use the formulae in spreadsheet and diagrams very well your skill will be valued for all time. So learning is skill will help you earn money.

8. Resume and Cover Letter writing

Many graduates are coming out every year from the university so the need to write Resume and Cover Latter for job applications.

Having a good writing cover letter and resume is a plus because this can help one to be called for an interview.

If you learn how to write cover letters and resume, you will be paid to write them by the timing job seekers. which runned by LinkedIn provide an online course provider that offers 30 days of free access to their multitude of courses.

9. Photoshop as a skill i can learn online

With the knowledge of Photoshop, you can design and edit images. You can also create web post graphics and Logo’s for a company.

With Adobe program in Photoshop, which include introduction to Photoshop to beginners, you will turn a professional on using this skill.

10. Human Resources

In a free online course from Udemy with a duration of about 75 minutes and titled Introduction to Human Resource Management, your can get this very important skill known as human resources.

In every organisation, human resources is the biggest assets. So anyone who can manage the human aspect of the organisation to achieve the desired result is also a great asset.

Other Skills i can learn online

New skills to learn online

11. Foreign Language

As businesses between countries and continent increases, the need for movement of people from other countries and language. And for business to take place, communication is needed.

So if one learn foreign language, you can serve as a middle man or interpreter and get paid. Some of the foreign languages you can learn is Chinese, Spanish, English, Korean language etc.

Some Language learning platforms like Livemocha can help you in learn some basics in other languages.

12. Digital Marketing as skills i can learn online

Digital Marketing skills are those skills used in marketing products or services using electronic platforms.

So in marketing today, being able to market using bill board’s is not enough so the need for digital marketing.

There are many forms or of digital marketing which you can pick from. These skills must be taken serious to be able to achieve the desired result.

With Google Online Marketing Challenge you can go a long way.

13. Pet Care

Almost every home today has a pet which they love so much. But the issue is having the time to take care of all these pets. Many have work they do which may not allow them to take care of their pets.

So if you learn how to take care of pets, your services will be needed all time and it pays well too.

14. Copywriting

This is one of the skills you can learn today and be happy. To be able to write a compelling copy or article for a product or services is not taken common today. Any organisation with a new product or services want people to know about it, so there will be a need for a copywriter.

Learning copywriting is not a waste of time too because it is a skill that many people lack, this makes their work always important and needed.

15. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Even with a well written copy, with the needed audience seeing the product or services especially in the internet, it will not yield the intended result.

Search Engine Optimisation is the act of making search engines see your wrte up as beneficial to your audience, hence making it available to them especially in the front page of their searches.

So learning this skill which can be done now online is very good since there is high competition because of billions of webpages looking to be recognised.


This article has been able to look into online skills one can learn which are beneficial too. I urge you to go through them again if you don’t understand any of them. You can also contact us for clarification.

We also urge you to continue visiting for more updates are will be done.

This are high paying jobs without degrees