In recent months it has been tedious and struggle for many who i may refer to as average Nigerians.
       Many keep asking questions like ;
Why was i born in this country?
Why is this country falling apart?
Why are we all crying at the problem or worse       as new leaders come up?
Why is our capital markets struggling to stand? 
Why is our economy in disarray?
Why can’t we for once produce a leader who can stand for our good?
           I may be interested to ask the real question which is why can’t we appreciate, support and be patient with our leaders and give them the opportunity and benefit of thought for some time to allow them to give us or convey their massage and intentions to us before we can begin to judge them.
         I can confidently say here that we Nigerians are unreasonable and usually act as “illetrate”  most at times when it comes to things that matters a lot and take it from me that Nigerians may never get the so called “PERFECT LEADER”  that they have been trying and craving for for generations unless we ultimately change our attitudes towards our leaders. 
        For every leader that have ruled this country, ‘Nigeria’,  we all always have one or two fingers to point at them for one reason or the other. For instance, when ex-president DR OBANSANGO came to in with his administration, many argued that he is not the right person. Late president YAR’ADUA came with his seven points agenda, people revolted. President GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN took over the mantle of leadership after the death of his predecessor, all said that Nigeria is in the right direction, but after some time, the music changed. All screamed that he is corrupt and the worst president ever. Now GENERAL MUHAMMADU BUHARI has come with the change initiative but we say, it is not the right one. Right now we have ;
High fuel price. 
Dollar has gone high. 
Terrorism on the increase. 
Herdsmen attack on many parts of the country. 
Biafran’s agitation, and so many others.
     All this are problems facing one man to make decision about and all we do to “support” him is going on strike by many sectors and protest against him.
      What are my trying to say
The problem of this country is not actually on our leaders.  The real problem is we the citizens, me and you.
        We put so much pressure on them causing them to take ‘hasty’ decisions that might not really be of our good interest or favourable. They came on seat to really help us grow to our desired destination, so we need to give them chance to do so.
       Every leader does not come to solve every problem we may get. Every one of them has a specific aspects of the country or sector which they are willing to put through, so we really need to give them the opportunity and time they need. We need to come together, Unite and establish the country we dream of.
       Some people are agitating for the creation of the Federal Republic of Baifra. Nigerians atimes get so emotional and biased which do come from upholding once tribe or ethnic group and when the president is not from their ethnic group, he’s not the right person, and they will not support the person. We should be fighting poverty and corruption not each other. There is a saying that a Kingdom that is divided against each other will not succeed. 
       LET us Unite and give our leaders the needed support to help them achieve their optimum performance in helping the environment an our country to develop.
As good citizens, let’s share and comment to help our country grow.