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Reading is the  proceess of taking  in knowledge through understanding of words of a particular language  in a contest of study.  there is  no student  who can do  without reading, for  you to be called a student you should be able to read and write.

From infancy, children  are  thougth  how to  read  and  write. many  ways  and  proces sess  have  been  deviced  in helping children  to learn  how  to; read; and; write.

International Vocational Centre (IVC) Scholarship for Nigerians

Memory  verse is  one  of them. clauses  including songs are  sang  to  pupils  of  pre /post  nursery schools . some  teachers took  to it that  often  time  they  spell  words and  prononce  them  helping  them  to  grap  the  pronounciation.

As the  student grows  reading  will  be  his/ her  way.  from  novels, stroy  books,  Readers,  Text  books, etc, they can now read by themselves.  on  some  occasions there  are  called  to  read  at  their teachers hearing a passage or two from their text book  for test of  efficency in pronounciation. in  the  past  this  has been  helping  in  bulding  capacities   in various  aspect of life.

But that has not been so recently. why that.many people have said the influence of social networking, eg facebook etc .

Film industry eg hollywood nollywood etc music and advanced technology has contributed to this menace.all of them may be correct depending on the argued points , we will look at that very soon but what is the effects.

Gone are the days of success in examination in the world. when students will spend their time and money on reading and writing material that will help them to be able to get good grades in their examination both internal and externals . you may hear some things like till day brake (TDB) .

Students are poised to write exam due to the fact that they are prepared for them. students then see their books as their close friends ,took their study seriously until their done with what ever their purpose are.these are obvious on the success on external exams like common entrance ,school leaving ,SSCE, GSCE, JAMB etc.

Now poor reading culture have eating deep into almost every student. students no longer read because of the aforementioned cases which have led to poor performance in examinations and industry.

These has rendered the capability of the present day teachers being ineffective due to the fact that they are not equipped with the work at hand. examinations are now being feared like a no go area . people now protest for poor results which is their making instead of blaming themselves . all these have been the effects of poor reading culture. there is remedy , what can that be , we will see soon.

International Vocational Centre (IVC) Scholarship for Nigerians