Pharmacy Schools That Do Not Require PCAT

Why Students will be looking for Pharmacy Schools That Do Not Require PCAT when it is seen as a must for pharmacist by many people. Yes, it is possible to have pharmacy school without PCAT requirements and their are accredited too.

Having the right school at heart or knowing your choice of high institution; like the suitable pharmacy school to apply to will undeniably aid and ease your chances of getting into the right and suitable school, pharmacy been a professional course needs to be offered in reasonable school; schools where you can boost of; even without much stress from outside and within. 

But are you aware that knowing the right school to go doesn’t really justify your stands or chances of getting admission into your dream pharmacy school; this could be affected by one thing or the other. However it is easier to gain admission into a pharmacy school that do not require PCAT than the numerous pharmacy schools that requires students to present the PCAT results or score.

Many factors attached to the PCAT test or exam could hinder you admission into your desire pharmacy school, the first thing that must be considered; which has in most ways affected prospective students admission is the cost of writing this said PCAT exam, it’s quite expensive to take the exam; but our list of pharmacy schools here does not require the PCAT test or exam.

And the second issue that may affect your entrance to most pharmacy school is that the PCAT is an admission requirement that must be passed and presented to the school you are applying to; lucky enough, this very schools that made our list won’t require you to neither pass or submit the PCAT test, you do not need to stress yourself to the extent of taking the exam.

As seen on, it notable that around 80% of pharmacy schools in United State of America do not require PCAT test result from prospective students; so taking a critical look at our list of pharmacy schools that do not require PCAT, the pharmacy schools are mostly located in the United State of America. 

Before we go a little bit deeper in what we are saying, let’s get to understand what the PCAT is all about and their actually mission in the line of pharmacy and it schools.

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What is PCAT? 

PCAT is simply an acronym for “Pharmacy College Admission Test” which must be passed before one can get admitted in the pharmacy schools around Europe. 

However, there are still numerous pharmacy schools that require PCAT for you to gain admission into the program, still yet around 25 percent of all pharmacy programs do not. Which literally means that numerous outstanding institutions already skip this PCAT; one may not know some of these schools if proper researches are not made as needed.

So, the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) would be so important if scrambled totally; since that won’t easy, we are still happy with level at which most pharmacy schools are operating and bypassing the PCAT that is most wanted in the then days.

Be rest assured that our list of pharmacy schools that do not require PCAT is in alignment with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), specifically for the European countries; this shouldn’t be a problem as you can actually study in this schools without even visiting the school; most of the pharmacy schools offers online programs which can be taken from any part of the world.

Is the PCAT no longer required?

An honest question from our reader, I would love to be open and plain to you my honest audience; in this lists of schools I can boldly answer yes that the PCAT is not required. So there are pharmacy schools that do not request for PCAT.

They are no longer required for you to gain admission into these schools we listed, as they are free from PCAT requirements and the likes. So it optional, but if an applicant wants to take the test; they can go ahead and test their I.q or academic preparedness.

PCAT is a requirement for some pharmacist Schools to be able to admit students who wants to study pharmacy but they are also pharmacy Schools without PCAT requirements for admission

Is PCAT harder than MCAT?

Just so you know, This MCAT exam is generally considered to be more harder than the PCAT exam. The biology questions set in the MCAT test are more advanced and tougher than of PCAT, another thing is there is no physics on the PCAT test or exam which makes it easier than MCAT. The PCAT is also much shorter than the MCAT and quite less expensive. 

Some people with MCAT are looking for pharmacy Schools without PCAT, and this article will help you.

Does the PCAT have calculus?

The answer is yes. Be reminded that Calculus and pre-calculus make approximately one-third of the Quantitative Reasoning section on the PCAT we mentioned in the article, so be sure to spend enough time studying and practicing the required materials to boost your confidence in the exam or test hall.

Relationship Between PCAT and Pharmacy Schools.

Most students who have in one way or the other applied to pharmacy schools in the past must have been demanding in regards to knowing the relationship binding the PCAT and pharmacy schools; this PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test) is required by some United states of America schools and colleges of pharmacy. This entrance exam is strictly designed for colleges of pharmacy, just to test student’s ability granting them the admission they required.

Are you aware that due to the flexible requirement for Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) adopted by some of these pharmacy schools and programs made the schools most competitive. Because these pharmacy schools do not require PCAT, they are increasingly getting very competitive as stressed earlier; you already know humans prefer flexible life compared been stressed unnecessarily.

So, the competition for admission into these pharmacy schools that do not require the PCAT is as a result of the high number of applications that these schools receive annually.

Can I use MCAT books to study for PCAT?

Yes you can study for PCAT with MCAT books and it doesn’t hurt. In fact, I personally prefer MCAT books over the PCAT study materials because you will be able to review some background study materials that will help you to remember the main concepts of what you are studying and preparing. You only need to lay your hands on MCAT studying and be on the journey of covering more than enough.

Best PCAT Scores for Pharmacy Schools

The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) average score is posed at 400, however, for you to pass this PCAT and get admitted into most of these pharmacy schools that require the PCAT result sheet, students applying to one of the schools must pass with an average score of 400, anything less than that score means you have failed already; though it varies across all pharmacy schools.

But be reminded that most of the top tier pharmacy schools that demands the PCAT result sheet at the point of application prefer a 400 or above score for admission, anything less than the above mentioned means a no; you need not to worry because this isn’t applicable to someone reading this article as you will be seeing lists of pharmacy schools that do not require PCAT result sheet to be offered admission.

Additionally, the prospective student or applicants is advised to please take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) approximately 1 year prior to the meet-up with the semester they intend to start the pharmacy school or program.

According to report from the University of Texas at Austin, most top-tier pharmacy schools that require PCAT always demand  for the following Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) scores for quick admission processing;

The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) scores should ideally be greater than 70 percentile with a writing score of at least 3 if not more than 3. Also 75% of successful prospective students who applied to the schools have a Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) composite score which is equal or greater than 70 percentile while 50% of successful prospective students who applied to school have a Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) composite score which is also equal or greater than 85 percentile.

Be reminded that all sub-sections; Reading Comprehension, Verbal, Quantitative, Biology, and Chemistry of the Pharmacy College Admission Test  (PCAT) are considered significant when the schools are  reviewing your PCAT results submitted at when applying to the school.

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Top 27 Pharmacy Schools That Do Not Require PCAT.

So, after making thorough researches on the list of pharmacy schools that do not require PCAT, we have come up with the best and most reliable pharmacy schools that won’t ask you for Western University of Health Sciences.

The schools also have high acceptance rate due to this same reason; in other hand the admission is quite competitive due to their high number of applicant to the schools.

  1. Western University of Health Sciences
  1. California Health Sciences University
  1. California North-state University
  1. Idaho State University
  1. Keck Graduate Institute
  1. Lebanese American University (Lebanon)
  1. Loma Linda University
  1. Manchester University
  1. Marshall B. Ketchum University
  1. Northeastern University
  1. Ohio Northern University
  1. Oregon State University
  1. Pacific University (CA and OR)
  1. Purdue University
  1. South Dakota State University
  1. South Georgia State College
  1. St. John’s University
  1. Touro University (CA and NY)
  1. University of California—San Diego
  1. University of California—San Francisco
  1. University of Findlay
  1. University of Massachusetts
  1. University of Rhode Island
  1. University of Southern California
  1. University of the Pacific
  1. Washington State University
  1. West Coast University


Wrapping it up, many students couldn’t have believed that their reasonable pharmacy schools out there that do not require PCAT, the truth of the matter is beckoned on the strength and loyal these schools are to their esteem students upon making registration flexible for them.

Don’t get it twisted that there are lots of pharmacy schools that do not require PCAT for you to be given admission to study in the institution.