Pharmacy schools in California| Pharmacist salary

Studying at any pharmacy schools in California will be a dream come true for you since California is undoubtedly one of the most popular states in the US.

It contains famous cities like Los Angeles which in turn is the heart of Hollywood and it holds the famous Alcatraz prison. People far and wide (worldwide) hear and talk about California, in short, almost everyone who comes to the USA visits this state at least once.

California is also great when it comes to schooling as people fro all countries and continent come to the state for it many universities.

Today we shall be focusing on the Pharmacy schools in California. Pharmacy itself is a noble course which the need for people that studied it continues to grow. It is also one of the well paying jobs in the health sector.

They are as important as doctors as the production of vaccines and medicines falls to them, making them a key player in the health sector.

Before we go into listing some of the pharmacy schools in California, let us get brief knowledge of pharmacy and pharmacy schools


What is pharmacy

Going with the definition from Wikipedia “Pharmacy is the health science that links medical science with chemistry and it is charged with the discovery, production, control, disposal, safe and effective use of drugs. The practice of pharmacy requires excellent knowledge of drugs, their mechanism of action, side effects, interactions, mobility and toxicity. 

So we can say here that Pharmacy is a shop, building or hospital dispensary where drugs are prepared or sold to the public for the aim of treating illness.

What are Pharmacy schools

Like other professions, those who want to be pharmacists must be trained very well so the need to attained school. So pharmacy schools are those institutions that trains people who desires to be pharmacists or pharmacist technologists.

To be a registered pharmacist and to be able to practice pharmacy in California or any other countries of the world, you must graduate from any of the accredited pharmacy school.

Now let us look at some of the pharmacist schools in California and after that, we see the salary of a pharmacist and possible pharmacists carriers.

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Pharmacy schools in California

Pharmacy schools

1. California North State University (College of Pharmacy)

This is relatively a new school which specializes in training students to give world class patient care. Its first set of students graduated in 2012 and have mostly all gotten decent jobs so far.

One of the university’s most notable achievement is raising awareness for ovarian cancer in Vietnamese women all across the globe

2. Loma Linda University

This University like other pharmacy schools in California established in 1905 through its school of pharmacy in California offers the knowledge of pharmacy to its students. It’s a seventh Day Adventist educational health sciences school. It not only offers pharmacy but also medicine, public health, religion etc.

The first batch of pharmacy students were admitted in 2012, it also encourages distance learning, and it runs a four year degree program and has produced students with high scores and is a versatile university with a welcoming atmosphere.

3. Touro University California

This University offers Pharmacy through its college of pharmacy. The school is located in Vallejo California. The university was established in 1997 and trains medical doctors, physicians, public health workers etc.

This school of pharmacy in California has quite a large learning environment over 44 aces with 23 buildings. It offers the Doctor Of Pharmacy course, the university is respected in the field of medicine and is most notable for its pharmacy department

Many candidates choose this to attend than other pharmacy schools in California.

4. University Of California, San Diego

This school of pharmacy in California offers pharmacy through its Skaggs School of Pharmacy. San Diego university was founded in 1960 and has greatly risen since then.

It has famous stellar teaching staff and is relatively a big school with up to 2141 acres of space making one of the largest schools in its category that sits close to the pacific ocean.

It also has a lot of students around 30,000 and is quite strict in its admission process as it only accepts 60 students yearly for the doctor of pharmacy position.

San Deigo pharmacy school in California like other pharmacy schools in California also offers the pharmacy PhD degree so it’s a nice opportunity to continue your studies there after studying and acquiring the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Certificate or enroll into one of the other medical related courses like nursing etc.

5. University of California, San Francisco

This University of pharmacy is located in the heart of San Francisco. It is contained on a 253 acre piece of land and offers pharmacy through its school of pharmacy, and the school has been around sine 1873 and has been working without glitch.

This school of pharmacy in California was ranked number 1 on America’s best graduate schools. It gives out generous funding for research and is reputed to be a very good school. It offers the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD).

Pharmacists carrier

Pharmacist who are registered work hand in hand with public health professionals, Doctors in hospitals or other health facilities to help in caring for the ill health person.

After the doctors or laboratory technicians has prescribed drugs for patients, Pharmacist will use his wealth of knowledge gotten from pharmacy schools in California or any school of pharmacy give him or her the medicine and the dosage.

Pharmacist also can work in any pharmaceutical companies making sure that the standards and best practices are followed by technicians and technologists in the production of drugs and other health items.

So after graduation from pharmacy schools in California or any other countries of the world, are quite a number if well paying jobs in hospital or companies for pharmacists.

How much does pharmacists earn

Like other professions in the health sector, pharmacists are paid well for the job they do. Depending on the level or experience a person has so also the amount such person majes in a month. So the salary of a pharmacist varies and dependent on countries too.

Let us discuss salaries of pharmacists in different countries and continent

(Still on pharmacy schools in California)

1. Pharmacist Salary in Africa

Africa has it own range of salary they pay to those working in a pharmaceutical company or in hospital as graduate of pharmacy schools.

I. Pharmacist salary in Nigeria

According to salaryexplorer, A person working as a Clinical Pharmacist in Nigeria earns on an average  423,000 NGN monthly. Salaries of pharmacists in Nigeria range from 229,000 NGN (lowest) to 639,000 NGN (highest)

Pharmacy schools in California, Pharmacist salary in Nigeria

II. Pharmacist salary in South Africa

South Africa has a scale too they use in paying salaries. From a report in payscale an average pharmacist salary in South Africa is R487,659 monthly.

The pay might go up to more than R570k in some pharmaceutical companies in South Africa

2. Pharmacist salary in United States of America

The United States has it own pay scale to those registered as pharmacist in government or in private clinics as do by the pharmacy schools in California.

Let look at the staes in US and how much they pay pharmacist

This list of how much pharmacists are paid is gotten from a report in Ziprecruiter

States in US Salary(yearly)
New York – Pharmacist Salary$126,303
Massachusetts – Pharmacist Salary$125,109
Washington – Pharmacist Salary$124,236
New Hampshire – Pharmacist Salary$121,761
Maryland – Pharmacist Salary$115,946
Alaska – Pharmacist Salary$114,818
North Dakota – Pharmacist Salary$113,486
California – Pharmacist Salary$113,204
Virginia – Pharmacist Salary$112,700
New Jersey – Pharmacist Salary$109,934
West Virginia – Pharmacist Salary$109,799
Pennsylvania – Pharmacist Salary$109,269
South Carolina – Pharmacist Salary$108,703
Colorado – Pharmacist Salary$108,181
Ohio – Pharmacist Salary$107,469
Arizona – Pharmacist Salary$106,990
Utah – Pharmacist Salary$106,481
Oklahoma – Pharmacist Salary$106,136
Maine – Pharmacist Salary$105,756
Louisiana – Pharmacist Salary$105,326
Iowa – Pharmacist Salary$104,241
Georgia – Pharmacist Salary$103,212
Texas – Pharmacist Salary$102,027
New Mexico – Pharmacist Salary$101,806
Michigan – Pharmacist Salary$101,548
Illinois – Pharmacist Salary$100,922
Alabama – Pharmacist Salary$100,798
Mississippi – Pharmacist Salary$99,777
Florida – Pharmacist Salary$97,280
North Carolina – Pharmacist Salary$92,631
Report from

Pharmacy schools in California

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3. Pharmacists salaries in Asia

Asian countries have a very interesting salary structure for those who graduated from pharmacy schools in California or any other countries of the world.

I. Pharmacist Salary in Singapore

Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in Singapore pays an average salary of S$47,959 to a Pharmacist in Singapore .

II. Pharmacists salary in China

According to a report by salaryexplorer, a clinical pharmacist in china earns monthly about 36,500 CNY on average. Salaries of thise who work in pharmacy range from 17,500 CNY to 57,200 CNY every month in china.

III. Pharmacist Salary in Malaysia

How much does pharmacists earn in Malaysia is also high like other countries of the world. From the report gotten from payscale, a pharmacist in Malaysia gets on an average RM 59,749 per month.

4. Pharmacist Salary in Europe

Like the above continents, the European countries have a robost salary structure to all working for them, especially those in the health sector like those who work in the pharmacy.

I. Pharmacist Salary in United kingdom

Annually, those who works in the pharmacy in UK do earn £42,532 on average. Junior pharmacist earns about £30k while their senior colleagues in the same field can get up to £60k.

With the above reports on how much pharmacists earn, you can see anybody will gain by studying in pharmacy schools in California or any other collage of pharmacy around the world.