Pharmacologist vs Pharmacist

Pharmacist vs Pharmacologist, which is better? What are there education levels? What is their salary? All will be answered in this article.

Pharmacologist and Pharmacist are two professions entirely that do confuse most people sometimes when they are still trying to figure out what program they should pursue in the medical field.

Although these two are related, they have a slight difference between each other.
A pharmacist is someone in which we go to for a description of drugs when we are ill. They tell us how, and when to take it.

While a Pharmacologist is someone that researches the drugs which were prescribed to us by the pharmacist. which means that a pharmacologist work at the laboratory to ensure that the drugs are good for consumption by the patient.

While the pharmacist ensures that the drugs are taken correctly by the patient to avoid the drugs from being abuse.


Pharmacologist or pharmacist which is better

Although many people chose a career based on many things example their passion, earning, and how demanding the work is.

So to answer this question, I will start by saying if your passion is about using your hands to produce or you have a passion for discovering how it is done, then becoming a pharmacologist is what you should go for.

But if you are looking for a career between the two that will help you to have a good life of living, then becoming a pharmacist is a better choice.

As a pharmacist, you will earn nothing less than $100,000 in a year but as a pharmacologist earning up to $100,000 is slightly possible but is sure for a pharmacist.

Difference between pharmacologist vs pharmacist based on how demanding the work is;

A pharmacist is the most demanding in terms of job opportunities, It allows you to work with big medical sector industries that deal in manufacturing and production.

As a pharmacist, you have to dispense the medication and decide the dosages the patient needs to take.

A pharmacologist: Do more research on each drug to ensure that the patient does not encounter any side effects when taking the drugs. so they ensure that all drugs passed into the pharmacy are tested and prove that are safe for consumption by people.

The Education Level Of A Pharmacist

As a pharmacist, you must complete a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology, then a doctoral degree.

But to be trained as a professional pharmacist, it is necessary to pick up a pharmacy residency program in other to have more experience and also be trained by top pharmacists.

How much can a pharmacist earn

As a pharmacist, your average salary per year is around $124,000 which is higher than almost all other occupations.

A career in pharmacy will help you to live a comfortable life especially in California, and in Alaska.

Pharmacist is also a well paying job in health sector

The Education Level Of a Pharmacologist

As a pharmacologist, after gaining a bachelor’s degree you are entitled to further your education to the level of Ph.D. M.D, etc. in other to be able to gain a job in an institution, hospital, or a research organization.

Having a job as a pharmacologist is possible as long as you are advanced on your level of education.

How much does a pharmacologist earn?

As a pharmacologist, you earn $99,000 yearly as an average salary. although there are some places that you can be equaling earn around $129,000 per year. example San Francisco, New London, California, Boston, Tucson, etc. Those are the few places you earn bigger as a pharmacologist.

what course does a pharmacologist study?

To become a pharmacologist, you are to study pharmacology at the university when applying.

Is a pharmacologist the same as a doctor

No, a pharmacologist works in the research lab to conduct tests on drugs to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each drug that is being manufactured.

While a doctor is someone who attends to the patient directly to know about the health status of the person.

The doctor handles the diagnosis and treatment of disease, he or she takes care of the mental and physical health of a person.

Does a Ph.D. increase salary?

In analysis of pharmacist vs Pharmacologist, salary and education level is important. With a Ph.D. degree in a particular career, you are pursuing, you are entitled to earn higher than someone with a bachelor’s degree.

Therefore Yes, with a Ph.D. degree, you stand a chance to earn bigger than what you used to earn before.

How to become a pharmacist

Choosing to become a pharmacist is a great choice but there are some things you need to put in place before you can become a pharmacist, and that is;

  • Prepare and sit for the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)
  • Get a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) and other Certificates from any of the accredited universities of your choice.
  • Pick up a pharmacy residency program, this will help you to be trained and also to earn well as a pharmacist.

Note: It will take you four to eight years to become a pharmacist depending on the program you choose.
And as a fresh graduated high school student, you can also directly apply to study pharmacy.