Today, parents role in childs Education can never be over emphasized. Education they say “is the key to every achievement”, and a child without education is deprived of many things and so he or she feels inferior.


Barriers to education in Nigeria

In Nigeria, many factors are seen as barriers to education. Such factors include; poverty, illiteracy, religion, tradition and culture.

How to Archive Your Goals

Nigeria has approximately 60% illiterate population majority of which are women and girls.

If among a population of over 200 million people, only 40% are literate, how would one rate the level of development?

Definitely not good enough! Therefore, something needs to be done to rescue this situation.

It is everyone’s responsibility to tackle the problem of illiteracy and development in Nigeria after 56 years of gaining independence.

This should not be seen as the responsibility of government alone.

Role of parents in childs Education

In the right of this, I would like to focus on the role of parents in fighting illiteracy in our nation Nigeria.

Parents, whether literate or illiterate, are the first educators of their children.

They lay the foundation on which the child is to build.

This does not matter whether they are the biological parents of the child or not.

They need to provide every necessary materials needed by the child that is within their reach, not only a book and a pencil but also a conducive environment
for learning.

The environment has a lot of effect on the emotional and hi psychological development of the child.

Effect of environment on child

When a child grows in a family with a positive ideologies, he or she becomes optimistic about life and is ready to to face it the positive way. This is often influenced by parents role in childs Education.

Sadly, families with peers and neighbours that lives a wayward life style will have a negative effect on a child’s developmental process.

Many parents shrik their responsibility on their children’s education by thinking they are too poor to do anything about it.

They forget that their useful advice could boost the morale of such children making them to soar like our freedom fighters vis-a-vis ; Tafawa Balewa, macaulay Herbert, Nnamdi Azikaiwe, Ahmadu Bello among others.

Other parents think that they prospered without education and so, their children could do likewise but it is not so in this present era.

They do not know that every individual has a gift or talent which could yield better divided through education.

Girl child education not beneficial

In the light of culture and tradition, most parents blindly believe that girl-child education has no advantage.

They think that she will eventually get married and leave home.

Parents do not consider the fact that that educating her will give her a source of livelihood and independence.

They choose to give her hand in marriage at early age of eleven or thirteen years forgetting that educating a woman is educating a nation.

This often results in diseases such as vesico vagina fistula (vvf) and early mortality.

To buy books for the children is a problem, uniform and school fees amongst others.

To some extent, parents will refuse paying school fees for their children till it accumulates and becomes big that the parents can no longer be able to pay.

Sadly, such parent spend huge amount of money on other things that they may neither live to enjoy nor their children after them.

All the time, learning nothing and finally dropping out of school.

Parents role in childs Education

Our dear parents, no matter the condition, remember that you have a role to play in our national development through educating a child.

Sell whatever you have and buy education for your children.

We tried ignorance and found out that it is more expensive than education.

Let us all put hands on the deck raise a brand new and beautiful Nigeria as we smile through our way to development.

Remember, what goes around comes around and the way we make our bed so we lie on it. 

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