Best Digital skills online | learn while at home

The Advancement in technology today which is also being refereed to as Technological creep is pushing society towards a world of automation and human convenience.

The days of humans using their physical energy and power to do work or pursue their day to day activities physically are far gone given way to the world of entrepreneurship being run by machines with high technology embedded in them.

These make it vital today that digital skills be acquired to be able to fit in today world. In this post we will be seeing some of those digital skills we can acquire to help use make a living even in the comfort of our homes.

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Benefit of having digital skills

  • Easily available
  • Learn from home
  • Learn at for pace and time
  • Work from home
  • Less expensive
  • Work always available

When we acquire goods skills needed in the running of todays business world, we will be gaining a lot either getting promoted in our work place or it can help us to be employed in the first place.

We can also promote our own business using this skills we acquired bringing in or increasing the traffic of people seeing our products or services, as such increasing the probability of selling those items we have or to our employer.

List of skills we can online

Graphics Design

Graphics design photo:

Graphic design can be said to be the craft or art of creating visual content to communicate or pass an information or messages to an audience. Graphic designers usually make use of typography and pictures to endear to the needs of specific group of people on a product or services and focus on displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize the user experience.

Aesthetic nature of products or services attracts people too much. In today’s business world, aesthetics are an important part of business and sales. The functionality of a product or services is not thee only area that matters now, companies also have to focus on the overall design. By learning the highly important skill of graphic design which involves mastering programs like Photoshop, page crush, icon finder, picmarkr and other popular tools to create wonderful visual designs you’ll make things attractive, clickable and thus, more saleable and get paid for your work.

Web development

Web development photo:

As technology and its applications increases throughout the world and more electronic devices starts to connect to the internet, the need for people to have the knowledge and also understand web development is going to be increasing progressively. From normal or General web design and development, to learning how the internet works and are connected, this important skill today will really lead to much better life that you can think of if you use this time of sit at home or lockdown to learn it.

Becoming an expert or being very good in web design and or development is not a child’s play but the work or task is quite worth it. Today, it is hard to fine individuals who are good at this skill so learning it and being efficient is worth a trial. As the world moves technological and digital, the need for web design and or development so there are job opportunities around and also you can design your own web for your own products or services.


Photography photo: pixabay. Com

Photography is a skill that many people don’t have interest in and many people also see it to be only for specific gender. But this skill is quite interesting and this can make you sit with kings and queens. In photography, you don’t only have to understand the art of photography itself, but also you need to understand everything there is to know about cameras, lenses, contextual settings and how to enhance the imagery itself using photo editing software and applications where there is available. 

I will advice you to find a good platform to learn photography and also get a quality camera(s) and get ready for work. Photography will not only give your Money when you practice it, you will also find happiness and joy in doing it. You can have a photo hall well designed with your photos and make money from viewers or sell your photos to many online website which deals with photos like shutterstock and many more.

Data analysis

Data Analysis photo:

Data Analysis is another online skill you can acquire today and i assure you it pays off. In almost all endeavour today, data analysis is very important either to know if you business is increasing and profitable or decreasing and lossing. Statistical and regression analysis are very important approach we can use to identify relationships between variables in our business that can then be adjusted and refined in order for us to achieve our company’s goals of increasing its presence or profit in any market.  

In a company tgat has an online presence, Statistical data analysis is a great skill is used to analyze website traffic and to better gauge if the marketing efforts being put in place by it marketers are paying off. The more information and understanding you have about thus skill the better you can channel it to the appropriate direction to get good result to your employer or yourself.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO photo:

Search engine optimisation well known as SEO is the very process or approach used in making search engines to see your webpage or post and making it available to your audience quickly who search for them. Using this skill will drive enough People (traffic) to your site then influencing your sells positively. People are far more likely to purchase from you if you appear relevant in an online search result which SEO provide for you.

So by acquiring this skill and understanding and using effectively the SEO as a skill and applying it to your business, it will drive enough traffic to your site then increasing your sells or that of your employer. This skill is very important so i advice you take this one with others you might have chosen.

Online marketing

Online marketing photo: pixabaycom

Online marketing is another good skill you can Learn doing lockdown and this involves the use of web-based channels to make known or make viral a message or information about a company’s brand, products, or services to its potential audience or customers. There are several method used to carrying out online marketing which include but not limited to email, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords.

The very aim of this marketing skill is to get in touch or reach the potential buyers of your goods or services through the various medium or channel which they engage frequently which includes the social media and also by running ads on those platforms. So using this skill bring out driving traffic to your site housing your goods or services. 

Learning about this online skill will make your dream come through on making your brand go places and make the needed imparts on your business. Make this online marketing your goal andvyou will benefit using to work for yourself or get employed.  


Copywriting photo:

Copywriting is a skill used by professionals to engage with customers. Copywriting is the process of writing texts about a product or services with the sole aim of increasing awareness by such increasing sales. Writing a compelling article about something is not easy ao the need for experts in this field are always on the rise.

The skill of copywriting is definitely one that takes time to acquire, but i can assure you its worth taking. There are many sites which provide the lessons, do take such courses online because its the best.