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The choice of studying in Nursing schools in the Philippines i must say is the best for you. When it comes to the education of its citizens and international students, schools of Nursing in the Philippines takes it very important.

Before we go into fully while studying at the schools of Nursing in Philippines is good for you because of it’s educational systems, let us see briefly the country itself.

Philippines which is formerly known as the Republic of the Philippines is located in southeast Asia. This country has some 7461 islands which makes it a very beautiful places to be or visit.

Philippines are very nice people with approximately 90% Christian and 6% Islam. The capital city of the Philippines is Manila and the most populous city is Quezon City, both within the single urban area of Metro Manila.

Schooling at the Nursing schools in Philippines will not be that hard to anyone since some of the citizens of the country speaks English though having Filipino as official language.

Working in the health sector is what many people today desires sometimes because it is a well paying job, and for you to become a nurse you must attend nursing school.

Many nursing schools in the Philippines has prepared many graduate and other professional to be the best there can be in their place of work.

Also remember before you practice Nursing in Philippines, you must pass the board exams and this is what studying Nursing in Philippines will help you get.

Another interesting thing about the schools of Nursing in Philippines is that many of them have high admission rate and also high nursing board passing rate.

So making the choice of studying in any of the Nursing school in Philippines is very good and you will have upper hand because many hospitals and clinic’s acceptance rate is high for those who study in the country.

So if you want to practice Nursing in Philippine, get ready to attend one of its schools.

Now is the time to look at some of the best nursing schools in the Philippines and what makes them what they are and what rhey offer to prospective candidates.

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Nursing schools in the Philippines

1. West Visayas State University

West visayas state nursing school in Philippines

The West Visayas State University which was Established in 1902 is a pioneer teacher training collage and for long has a 100% board exams passing rate.

When it comes to the expenses you are to make, there are quite affordable. The tuition fees of the West Visayas State University is worth it and affordable. The nursing faculty of the state university pays about 8000 each semester.

Though the admission rate to this nursing school is high, their entrance exam is also very competitive which means paying the tuition fee does not guarantee graduation, so you have to study hard.

When it comes to the Staffs of this state university of West Visayas, they pnly go with quality. Any lecturer must have at least a masters degree in any of the field they are teaching.

The students have the opportunity to practice what the have studied in West Visayas State University Medical Center (WVSU-MC), which also has accredited residency training programs in Surgery, OB-Gyne, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Radiology and Anesthesiology.

Contact Info

  • Location: Luna Street, Lapaz, Iloilo City, 5000
  • Telephone: 320-0870 to 80
  • Email:

2. Silliman University of Nursing

Silliman University school of Nursing

An American Missionary, Mrs. Paul Smith (nee Mary Marquez) in 1947 established the Silliman University College of Nursing (SUCN) in Dumaguete City

This Nursing school in the Philippines serves a very important role when it comes to the training and preparing people who are interested in becoming nurses. This is seen bythe rate of people passing the board exam which is recorded to be 100% since 2015.

Accompanied by the quality teaching in the Nursing school in Silliman University is the application sector in well known medical facilities like the Silliman University Medical Centre and the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital.

Also in addition to the normal nursing practice is the practice rural health nursing at the Dumaguete City Health Department by the Nursing students at the collage.

To be noted also is the fact that the school is also affiliated with international medical institutions such as John Hopkins Internal Education, and the recipient of numerous local awards, including recognition as a Centre of Excellence in Nursing (COENE) by the Professional Regulation Commission.

As also in other nursing schools in Philippines is their affordable tuition fees. It will cost a student of Nursing about Php40,500 per semester for their bachelor’s degree.

For those interested in master’s degree, you have to choose from any of the dield in nursing which includes; Administration, Family Nursing Practice, Community Health Nursing and study for 2 year and per about Php8700 each semester.

Contact infor

  • Location: 1 Hibbard Ave, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
  • Phone: +63 35 422 6002
  • Email:

3. University of Santo Tomas

In 1948, Don Buenaventura de Erquiaga established the University of Santo Tomas (UST), which was initially known as the Aquinas University of Legazpi (AUL).

This university of Nursing is a Catholic University is managed and owned by the Dominican Fathers/Order of Preachers (OP) an so it is a Christian school of Nursing.

Coupled with being the oldest existing school of Nursing, the university of Santo Tomas has achieve a great fit academically as many of it graduate are highly placed in the society.

The teaching staff are well qualified before they can be employed and they focus of helping people do their best in their work and also bring up the best who fear God and do hus will as a Christian school of Nursing.

The University of Santo Tomas been one of the private nursing schools in Philippines has some high tuition fee of about Php100,000 annually from its nursing students for the bachelor’s degree program.

For the students during their master’s degree program, it cost about Php50,000 annually for the 2 years program.

Contact infor:

  • Location: Espana Blvd., Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines 1008
  • Phone: +63-2-3406-1611 | +63-2-8786-1611

4. De La Salle Health Services Institute(DLSMHSI)

School of Nursing

DLSMHSI is part of De La Salle Philippines which is the network of schools in the Philippines which are managed by the De La Salle Brothers.

De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute is among the first higher institution that is focused in the teaching and forming future medical and health sciences professionals.

As one of the Nursing schools in the Philippines, DLSMHSI has 96% Nursing board examination passing rate since 2013.

Yearly, it cost Php130,000 for nursing students to pay their tuition fee for the Bachelor’s degree program. There are different majors in Master’s Degree level like Maternal and Child Nursing or Medical Surgical Nursing.

Coupled with their highly qualified teachers, the Bachelor’s degree Nursing program uses state of the art equipment that mimic real life scenarios, so that DLSHSI students have the opportunity for hands-on practical while learning.

Contact Infor

  • Location: Dasmarinas City, Cavite
  • Phone: (+632) 8988 – 3100 or (+6346) 481 – 8000
  • Email:

5. Cebu Normal University (Nursing schools in the Philippines)

Cebu nursing schools in the Philippines

The Cebu Normal University was founded in 1902 as a branch of the Philippines normal school but became an independent institution in 1924.

As government owned school, it was well known and celebrate by the country. Currently graduate of this nursing school in the Philippines consistently top the Philippine nurse’s licensure exam with their students have 100% passing rate.

The school also has some of the most modern medical facilities in the country, where their Virtual Laboratory has two fully automatic mannequins, a newly refurbished Nursing Arts Laboratory, and simulators of operating rooms, delivery rooms, ICU, among others.

Contact Infor

  • Location: Cebu city
  • Phone: (032) 253 7915
  • Email:

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Other Nursing schools in the Philippines

6. Far Eastern University of Nursing (FEU)

The Far Eastern university was established in 1952 with its faculty of medicine as the pioneer faculty. Though the FEU faculty of Nursing is new being established in 2003 but have produced since then qualified nurses.

FEU has developed over the years a good reputation for producing great professionals in the medical field. This can be seen clearly as its medical school graduates go on to become established doctors and professionals both here in Philippines and other countries of the world.

Like other private nursing schools in Philippines, When it comes to the tuition fee, it is always High but worth the cost. For a four years nursing program in this institution, the tuition fee is Php 100,000 for bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Contact Infor

  • Location: Nicanor Reyes St, Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Phone: +63 (2)-87777-338
  • Email:

7. Adamson University ( faculty of Nursing)

Adamson University faculty of Nursing in Philippines

The Adamson University which is also one of the private schools in Manila, Philippines and it is a Christian university was established on june 20,1932 by Greek immigrant George Lucas Adamson as the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry.

Adamson University is well known worldwide through the admission of international students, partnerships with foreign institutions and organizations, ASEAN integration, and the establishment of alumni chapters throughout the world.

The faculty od nursing in this university has produced many known professionals in their different majors both in the Bachelor’s degree program and the masters level.

With the state of arts facilities and equipment, hands on practical method of learn has made it the best choice for your nursing school.

Contact Infor

  • Location:  900 San Marcelino Ermita, Manila
  • Phone: + 02 524 20 11 
  • Email:

8. The Chinese General hospital and Medical centre

Chinese General hospital and Medical centre

For individuals who wish to have a degree in nursing and also practice Nursing in Philippines, the Chinese nursing school is for you.

Founded in 1921, this nursing school has graduated experts in the field of Nursing both home and abroad. It was established by Some Nurses form Hong Kong.

Compared to other university handling nursing education, the tuition fee for the Chinese General hospital is very affordable. For those during their Bachelor’s degree program in nursing, they pay Php53,000 as tuition fee annually.

Contact Infor

  • Location: 286 Blumentritt Rd, Santa Cruz, Manila, 1014 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Phone:  8711-4141
  • Email:

9. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Schools of nursing in the Philippines

The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila has trained many people in rhe nursing profession. Being affiliated with many hospitals in the country such as the Philippines General hospital and of great benefit to them since they will learn first hand from other professional in the profession.

For this very reason the students of this institution have higher knowledge of the profession more rhan thier mate in other university.

The cost of schooling this nursing school is mot high since it is a state own school.

The tuition fee ranges about Php15,000 yearly which is much lower than other private nursing schools in Philippines

Contact Infor

  • Location: General Luna, corner Muralla St, Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Phone: (+63 2) 8 643 2500
  • Email:

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