Nursing scholarship essays – writing tips

Writing a Nursing scholarship essay is a must to anyone who desires to fund their nursing school program through nursing scholarship since most sponsors demand it.

Believe me that scholarship is the only best option to fund your nursing school program if you can’t afford to pay yourself. Getting a fully funded nursing scholarship will go a long way instead of loans.

I must tell you that winning a scholarship or using a scholarship fund to sponsor my nursing education has helped so many alot. Nursing as you might know is very costly, so you need money.

It might cost over $40,000 to go to nursing school. As many people might say “nursing is hard”. Yes it is really hard but you can do it like othwrs do.

For that you nursing scholarship essay you want to write, there are many things you must know and mostly importantly put into action to get the scholarship sponsors longing for you.

Now let us go deep into what you need to win that nursing scholarship you deserved.

Like other essays you must have write at high school, Nursing scholarship essay has the introduction, body and the ending part.

In the previous article Scholarship Infor Desk team published on how to write a good scholarship essays, we listed the scholarship essay tips you must to note of when writing.

Am going to mention them here with brief explanation but i recommend you check it out by clicking Here

So when writing you nursing scholarship essays you must be very careful so as to win. The following scholarship essay tips will guide you to write good scholarship applications essays.

Writing a Nursing scholarship essay is a must to anyone who desires to fund their nursing school program through nursing scholarship.

List of Nursing scholarship essays writing tips

  • Your Mindset
  • Carry out Research
  • Read carefully the sponsors instructions
  • Choose the right topic (Nursing Scholarship)
  • Powerful introduction
  • Know the word count
  • Time
  • Plan
  • use logic
  • Concise
  • Professionalism
  • Proofread and Edit

There are also some things not to add when writing Nursing scholarship essay that i will not include here, so read it up on the link above.

Now let us go into fully the tips on writing a winning nursing scholarship essays.

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Nursing scholarship essays (Tips)

Mindset– you know that the nursing profession is not a get rich fast profession even though it pays well with high demand too, so when writing your essay, don’t make it look like you are desperate to make money.

Carry out Research– You might be conversant with essay writing but its important you do some research on what others have writen and draw conclusion.

Also you need to do some research on the scholarship sponsors to know their mission and vision before writing Nursing scholarship essay.

Scholarship Instructions– Before writing make sure you understand the scholarship information and the questions needed to be answered by your essay.

Powerful introduction– Your introduction need to be very appealing to the mind of the reviewer. As such this will captivate him or her to read more as thwy pick interest in your writing. A very important Nursing scholarship essay tip.

Word Count– Most of the scholarship sponsors will require you write to a specific word count or limit. So make sure you do. The limit might be “500 words”, “1000 words” and so on.

Time and Plan– When writing a good scholarship essays, quality time need to be spent on research and planning. So write the essay when there is still time to avoid mistakes and errors.

Logic and Concise– When you are placing your points, it is important to apply logic and make the essay reviewer to see the greater picture but make it short and simple. Very important good Nursing scholarship essay writing tip.

Professionalism– This essay is an official document so make it professional. Don’t joke with it. No casual words or expression is required.

Proofread and Edit– After writing make sure you read it over and over again to point out grammatical errors and correct them. You can give it to your teachers or friends who are vast in English language to help.

You might be asking, Why not give example? Ok i will do just that now.

Nursing scholarship essay example

This essay example am about sharing now is a Nursing scholarship essay writen by a professional Nurse who also won a Nursing scholarship. Please pay attention as you read.

There are many reasons someone might choose to go into the nursing profession. Maybe they “want to help people”. Maybe they love math and science. Maybe they want to give back to their community.

Maybe their mom was a nurse. Whatever the reason may be, for most of us, it’s different. I chose to go into nursing because of a personal experience that I had when I was young.

I lost my biological father to colon cancer, and I wanted to be a caring support system for other families going through what we did. 

The strange thing about the many reasons people choose nursing, is that somehow, we are all still very connected in this choice.

You see, nursing is a profession where you have to take care of complete strangers, and we have signed on to do this for life.

Nursing is so incredibly unique and selfless in that what we do every single day is care for people who are at their most vulnerable moments, and we often times do it while missing something in our life that means something to us.

We constantly sacrifice for our patients. We constantly give while barely taking.  The most important thing to remember is that we don’t mind. That’s what makes us different. We know what we have gotten ourselves into, and we love doing it.

There is a special place in a nurse’s heart that draws them to the type of work that we do. And it brings us all together, our binding character trait.

I think I can say now that I guess my reason for going into nursing is a combination of everyone’s reason. They may spark from different experience, but we are intertwined in our methodology for career choice through our heart for others.

I am PROUD to be a nurse!

I want to remind any nurse reading this that nursing will continue to choose you throughout your career. It is so funny how nursing just pulls you out of your everyday life as if to say, “nope, you don’t get to be a civilian today, you’re still a nurse”!

I’ll give you an example. Four days after I was crowned Miss Colorado I was driving in my crown and sash away from an appearance as a car flipped over on our interstate and started on fire. Of course, I pulled over.

A fireman also pulled over (that special place in our hearts, other service industry members have that too!), and we collectively (after removing the crown and sash) helped pull this man from his car and start working on him.

It was wild. I remember shaking my head thinking, “thanks a lot, nursing”, and then giggling. How lucky I am to have been chosen by this profession!

Nursing is the best. It will be a part of you forever.

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