How to write a motivation letter for scholarship?

We’ve all been there – the prospect of writing a motivation letter for scholarship. What can you say? How do you express your commitment and passion in just a couple of paragraphs? Well, never fear – we’re here to help!

In this post we’ll tell you what to include in a scholarship application, how not to alienate yourself from the committee, and give plenty of examples to get your started. In fact, we’ve even included a template and an article on how to write a motivation letter for scholarship .

So, read on – and get yourself some free money!


Before we start – what is a motivation letter for scholarship?

“A motivation letter for scholarship” is the term used to describe the personal statement you’ll write when applying for scholarships, bursaries, fellowships or other postgraduate financial assistance. It is a letter written to convince the committee that you are the right candidate for their scholarship and that your need is great enough to warrant awarding you some money.

Your motivation letter should be honest, to the point, and well written. Think of this letter as your chance to sell yourself – so try not to sound too negative, but rather accentuate your positive qualities. When writing this letter, imagine that someone who knows nothing about you or your life will be reading it.

You should also be careful not to write things that you wouldn’t want the committee to know about. For instance, if your grades have suffered since you started working part-time, then it would probably be best to leave that bit out of your motivation letter for scholarship!

But how do you write a motivation letter for scholarship in the first place? There are two main parts – the introduction and conclusion, and then everything else in between.

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The introduction and conclusion

If you’re reading this article, then you probably already know the basics of how to write a motivation letter for scholarship. However, it can’t hurt to go over the “nuts and bolts” again!

The introduction should include:

A statement of purpose A clear explanation of what you are asking for The reason why your need is so great Financial need (or whatever they’re awarding – eg. financial hardship, healthcare etc.) The timeframe in which you’re asking for this money.

The conclusion should include:

A strong call to action. This is where how what you’ve written, coupled with your motivation letter for scholarship, encourages the committee to award you the money that they have available. Think of this as the last paragraph, maybe even the last sentence. A mention of why your need is so great or of what you’ve done to make yourself deserving. Make sure that this is not just a vague statement, but rather something specific that shows how you’ve worked hard for this award and how much effort you put into your life.

In between

After reading the introduction and conclusion, you’re free to write the main body of your letter. This is where you can flesh out your background, your situation and why you’ve applied for this scholarship. You can include awards (and other achievements) that show that you’ve been successful in the past and explain what they mean to you now. You can also explain how hardworking you are or how much effort have put into your life.

You could also look at the committee to see if they have any awards or achievements of their own to share – this is a great way to show that you’ve taken their advice and that they can be trusted.

Your motivation letter for scholarship will work best if you are passionate about what you’re asking for. If your application is not successful, then the scholarship committee will want to know why, so make sure you explain why this is really important to you.

If they want to know why you need the money or why your financial need is so great, be as detailed as possible – and don’t forget to say that you’re looking after other people (for instance, a family member or partner).

Also be sure to include information about what you will do with the money if it is awarded. This could be further studies, travel, volunteering etc. Make sure it’s something that you are really interested in and committed to. If you don’t say what you plan to do with the money, then your letter will be weaker than it could be.

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But what should I avoid while writing a motivation letter for scholarship?

Remember, you’re writing this for other people – so be sure not to be too negative or make it sound like your life is all bad. Don’t be too modest either – be sure to show that you’ve made an effort to get where you are, and mention your achievements. Also try not to write about how this scholarship is your last resort – the committee will see right through you!

And finally…

Remember, there are lots of scholarships out there – and if you keep applying, then sooner or later you’ll get one! Don’t give up and remember, perseverance really does pay off. Just keep sending out applications, and one day, you’ll find the one scholarship that is right up your alley!