COVID-19: South Africa records more than 900 cases

President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa has called on developed countries to help African nations deal with the economic fallout as the number of corona virus cases in South Africa jumped to more than 900 yesterday before the start of a countrywide lockdown in the country.

Remember too that president Ramaphosa underwent a test on Tuesday on the advice of doctors and which the result returned negative on Wednesday night.

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He said: “We now have more than 900 people who are infected, as the minister told me, and we fear that it might rise even much further than that,” the president said in Pretoria.

“We as Africa have called upon the countries of the G20, particularly the more developed economies, to support stimulus packages to Africa,” he said, adding that they had also called for IMF and World Bank debt relief.

President Ramaphosa has been praised for ordering some of the toughest measures to curtail covid-19 on the continent, which includes a 21-day lockdown to begin on Friday morning from midnight. He has deployed the army to support the police.