How to Win Moolahspot $1,000 scholarship In 2021

Many people or should I say students are unaware what their acquired skills could fetch them; but while they still earn from it on normal ground, most times this skills could be God given talents or you work so hard to achieve it regardless of the many obstacles while learning them.

However, are you aware that with just your skilfulness in writing, you could actually bag the Moolahspot scholarship Award that is worth $1,000? Well, this may sound easy yet it very easy to so many guys who are talented and skilful writers; though that alone won’t get you the scholarship award that is worth $1,000, you need other necessary information to scale you through this whole desire of getting the scholarship award with less stress. 

God so kind, we have made available exclusive and necessary information you would need to scale through and win the scholarship award that is worth $1,000 in total and nothing less than that amount awarded to the winner of the scholarship scheme.

So, we actually took our time to compile this necessary information you would need to get yourself the scholarship; keep reading and get all the information you need for this scholarship.

And also be reminded that this scholarship scheme awarding $1,000 hates copied works; they are so against violating copyright law and rather demands original work from you, so the essay you will be using for participation should not for any reason be seen on any other platform to avoid been disqualified. You know going against that policy alone can risk your chances of winning the scholarship even that the final stage of the scheme contest.

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MOOLAHSPOT Scholarship 2021/202 

In the time past, most persons couldn’t thought of making dime from just writing an essay of just 400 words; which is common thing to do, talk more of winning over a thousand dollars for a simple essay writing.

Well, it is a great thing to bring the ideal to a total null and it is literally voided as I speak, in the sense that; in recent years, most scholarships scheme happens to make available the requirements one must need before enrolling to partake in the scheme and they adopt the pattern of essay writing which aid high chances of getting or winning the scholarship award.

Many a time we succinctly identify a scholarship scheme host country of residence and the sponsors by the method of their individual applications owning to the basic requirements and other things.

From the application process of the scholarship program, you should know already that this is one of the scholarships scheme hosted in the United State of America, it is a flexible one because it only requires the applicant to make application through essay writing and nothing more, be informed that you must follow all the necessary guidelines; like making your essay as unique as possible, and it shouldn’t be found on any online or offline platform respectively.

However, Moolahspot scholarship program is ideally a scholarship scheme single handedly sponsored by Moolahspot; it is a platform responsible for directing students to the most suitable scholarship programs that are quite suitable for them. 

This very platform is more or less like a search engine for students to find the recent and most paying scholarship, it’s mostly like google, yandex, bing and other search engine that brings all information together for every searchable words; just that there work is specified and narrowed to providing information to students in a lookout for scholarship programs they can benefit from.

There are other platforms that act this way but the one of the amazing things about this Moolahspot is the simple fact that platform do not just expose the student or applicant to just the recent or most available scholarship scheme opportunities. 

The beautiful thing about them is that they also have their own scholarship programs, and they for sure offer this scholarship opportunity to students who meet the scholarship scheme required conditions.

Be duly reminded also that Moolahspot has panel of judges who are experts and critically rates and judge the written essays submitted by all the applicants. And they also make their final decision based on quality of essay composition and it is given to whom the scholarship would be offered based on the just stated criteria; with all these been said, you should be more elaborate and be at your best when writing your essay to get the scholarship won for yourself.

Well, if you are not too good at writing good essays and you are only moved by the scholarship awarded; you can either check some online platforms where you can learn more about essay writing or find a tutor to scale you through the battle and win the money for yourself, I am not saying your tutor should write for you, but teach you the best way to put-up a mind blowing and mind captivating essay for you to win the scholarship award. 

In addition, this United States of American scholarship has really helped numerous students further their education in their desired courses and even institution.

So, this specific scholarship is field independent, and also level independent, however every and anybody can actually apply for the scholarship program and possibly win if they meet-up with the scheme requirements.

All that is needed from you is to be sure you are a student graduating from a high school of a certain field or it equivalent. Perhaps you are already enrolled in a high school or institution, and you are able to put together a reasonable and mind-blowing essay that can capture the heart of the panel of judges.

Like I said earlier, writing an essay is not a very difficult job to execute, while some guys are talented writers others are skilful essay through daily practicing and attending seminars in the area of interest which writing specifically. One of the reasons it is not seen as a hard thing to do is because you are only required to put together not less than four-hundred (400) words essay which could actually win you a scholarship award that is worth $1000. 

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The Moolahspot $1,000 Scholarship Requirements

There is no scholarship program out there that doesn’t have requirements, infact one of the numerous ways to recognise a legitimate scholarship scheme is one with a specific or certain level of requirements that is either flexible or tough for her applicants, so any scholarship scheme that does not have certain requirements that each and every applicants of the scholarship scheme should meet, before applying is sincerely not a legit program for any student to waste time on.

Therefore, the very first step to gaining a scholarship program award which either in cash or otherwise is starting by knowing the eligibility requirement before hand;  so you can be sure or know whether you are fit to apply to the scholarship.

So that applicants will not waste their time after applying to the program and discover they are not eligible at the peak of all the require processes; however we have made available below the list of requirements to qualify for the essay contest of this specific scholarship program.

So, students who are at least 16 years of age or older and who plans to attend, or is currently attending one of the colleges or any graduate school. And the students may be of any nationality and reside in any country and benefit from this scholarship program; so note that distance is not a barrier in this case.

Also, applicant may study any major course or plan to enter any career field at any approved college or graduate school; so long they win the scholarship award worth $1,000.

And like I said earlier, students can be from any part of the world and still participate in this scholarship award without been denied of the award if you actually deserves it, all students applying to this scholarship must be fluent and well to-do with English.

List of Some Expected Questions in The Moolahspot $1,000 Scholarships.

Since you already know that the scholarship program is focused on essay writing strictly, and this already means you will be asked some other questions other than the normal essay writing; though the questions could appear in any of this form as stated below.

So, when you are asked any of this questions below, you are expected to write not less 400 words; 400 words is the minimum requirement for the essay you are expected to write in answering any of the below questions or something related to it.

  • Just describe what is most important to you and why.
  • Why do you deserve to win this scholarship?
  • What is your career or academic goal?
  • Any topic of your choice.

We are not saying the above questions are the exact you will come across but I can assure you that from the above lists of questions which can be used as topics, students who are applying to the scholarship would be required to write an essay convincing the scholarship board or the panel of judges why you deserves to win this scholarship; you are required or expected be at your best and be exceptionally creative with honesty in this kind of essay writing, if you really want to qualify.

Choose Topics You are Good At.

Choose topic that you are good at; topics that would not be hard for you to write well about and make reasonable points, and the information embedded in the topic is a thing to look at when making choice of topic.

Numerous applicants prefer this very part but the ultimate challenge attach to this one is that; applicants stand the risk of  making a wrong of topic that may not be interesting to yourself or even the panel of judges may dislike in entirety.

However, it is most recommended that when you want to make choice of topic; choose topic that you know very well and can act so well on without displeasure so that could be able to express yourself in a more pleasing manner when writing about your chosen topic.

NB: in reference to my above warnings about copying other peoples works and making use of them thereby violating copyrights law (copyright infringement). It is not punishable to re-use an essay that you have written in class, for college admission or even for another scholarship competition (Moolahspot panel of judges).

So, in summary we can boldly say that this specific scholarship program that is worth $1,000 is fully sponsored and funded by 

The major criterion for the scholarship is based on writing short essay that is just 400 words in total and shouldn’t be less than that. So don’t start feeling background and the level of your family income will affect your chances of winning the award, even grades and test scores are not yardsticks in choosing the winner of the award as they are not used.

So, the scholarship award Worthing $1,000 should solely be used for educations purpose alone and nothing else, like paying for your tuition fees, buying of studying materials, paying for hostel space and other education-related stuffs.

Why do you deserve to win this scholarship?

The above question is a very popular one in most organisations, even normal intake exams do have this kinds of question with the motives of understanding what you want in person.  So try to be original with your choice of words without mixing things in the bid to impress the panel of judges. 

Be reminded that you would also be demanded to be honest with stating your academic goals, so here in this stage you need to categorically state why you want to continue with your education. You also tell them what exactly you want to really do with your academic acquisitions or how you can give back to society through your academic pursuits.

And like I said earlier, you are not expected to copy essay from any other platform or space, I mean an already existing essay written by someone else, and take note of this; your written essay will be cross-checked thoroughly to know if you copied your work from somewhere else, if you really copied the work then expect to get disqualified.

Getting to know things that are important to applicants is one thing the panel of judges put into consideration. So the panel of judges would also demands you to state and explain what exactly is most important to you, and even state reasons  why those things are most important to you.

You should be reminded that you are not here to please the judges but act according to your heart and be honest enough to tell what interest you most; what interests you are no business of the judges, so don’t be scared of speaking your mind rightful and be good with your interest and also show good characters, because that is exactly what they are after.

This guys are just inquisitive to know exactly why you should be given this scholarship award worth $1,000. However, it is most important that you obviously state what is most important to you in a pleasing ways that will convince them to offer you this scholarship award without looking back.

So, seize this very given opportunity and show the scholarship panel of judges that yourself and your interest is mature enough with mode of expression and choice of words. 

Field of Study

This Moolahspot $1,000 scholarship program is one of the many other scholarship scheme or programs that do not require the level or field of your study before you could stand the chance to win the scholarship award.  Unlike other scholarship sponsors or funding bodies that offer scholarship on the basis of field and level of study which will definitely restrict numerous students from applying to their scholarship programs since they are not in the specific field or level required by the scholarship body or sponsor, thereby automatically disqualifying them from been part of the great and long awaited offer that could light their world again.

However, Moolahspot scholarship happens to be one of the best scholarships program that do not require field and level of study from applicants when offering and giving out scholarships to the general public. So all the that this scholarship needs you to do; is to submit a well written and organised essay of not than 400 words, though you can write more if you are capable and wants to boost your chances. Then you also need to be a student that is already enrolled in any tertiary institution or any equivalent high school graduating students that is about entering the college, you are qualified already if you meet this few criteria.

This scholarship program allows students to apply by sending their well written essay to responsible units of Moolahspot and wait for a response irrespective of what so ever you are studying. 

Eligible Nationality

As at the time of writing this article, it clearly stated on their website that the scholarship scheme is strictly reserved for US residence or  citizens who are just graduating high schools students or even students who are already enrolled in high schools or colleges, but in subsequent time they hope to extend the scholarship scheme to other countries thereby helping other achieve the goal of furthering their studies. 

So, before you proceed to apply to Moolahspot $1,000 scholarship award, make sure you are a citizen or resident with legitimate permit of the United States of America Scholarship.

And as seen from the start of the article, this scholarship sponsor ( is so willing to offer the scholarship winner $1000 which could be received repeatedly throughout till the lucky winner roundup his/her course in the high school. Hey! I hope the yearly $1000 for just writing essays of not less than 400 words is not a bad idea, since you are already passionate about writing.

Host Nationality  

Moolahspot $1,000 scholarship has every qualities and characteristics of a scholarship scheme that is hosted by the United States of America.

The scholarship is obviously a free scholarship hosted by the United States of America which does not demand the applicants to pay a dime during and after the application. Note that almost all American scholarships are always stress-free and extremely flexible to apply. It is one of the characteristics of this very scholarship scheme mentioned above.

How to Apply to Moolahspot $1,000 Scholarship

Here we will talk more about the subject of the matter; the reason for the article will be unveiled right in this chapter of the article. Getting the entire requirement is never enough because it is one thing to have all the requirements to win this scholarship award, yet it is another thing to know what to do to get what you want with all the requirements you’ve got.

Having 100% eligibility for a scholarship is never enough according to scholars, there is a need to know the right thing to do, how to follow the right process and the procedures, the right information will scale you through the necessary procedures including sending your written essay to the right unit for processing and other things involved.

Read through our listed information below so that you can know how to apply for this valuable scholarship award that is worth $1,000.

So, to enrol for the scholarship scheme, you are enjoyed to go-to their website and complete the following scholarship application ; and take note that if you submit more than 1 application within the scholarship competition period, just know that only your latest or recent entry will be considered or judge.

Therefore, when you succeed in the competition you will be mailed immediately, this is one of the major reason we advice that you input all your details correctly on their website including your email; because winners will be sent an e-mail in the interval of 8-weeks after the deadline. 

NB: The decision of these scholarship panels of judges committee is final and they don’t go back on their words, so endeavour to follow all due protocols to avoid been screened out, be upto time also.

 Application Deadline of Moolahspot $1,000 Scholarship Award.

At the time of writing this article, we discovered that scholarship deadline was April 30, 2021, which is obvious that the time has elapse already, though we received reports of students applying for this same scholarships after the deadline of the scholarship even when deep down inside them, they know they can’t get it because the scholarship program panel of judges are strict and even the sponsor management bodies are strict with their decisions. There yes is yes and it can’t be reversed for any reason. So keep checking this post frequently as we will be updating it prior to when the application will start again and also remember that only applications that is submitted electronically will be accepted and any in-complete applications will be disqualified without questioning.


The Moolahspot $1,000 scholarship award is one of the best and stress-free scholarship schemes in the United States of America. So if you have all the requirements at your disposal then I advise you to enrol for this scholarship program and benefit from it annually.

The amazing thing about this scholarship is that; you are only required to have the right skills for writing a great essay that is pleasing and amazing to the sight and human ear.

Point to note, we have stressed this before and we are saying it again, do not write to please the moderators but write at the best of your knowledge and be honest with all your written words, be bold enough to write what you can be able to defend if need be.

Another thing is; don’t for any reason copy other peoples work, because if found on any other platform then you will automatically risk disqualification; remember their decision is final.