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Apps paying money? Can someone really make money by using apps? You might wonder if it is possible but my answer to that question is yes. You can make cool cash while relaxing with you mobile devices connected to the internet.

Many people today make use of mobile phones and their whole time will be on social media but this your device can help you pay some debt or get you nices stuffs.


What type of Apps will pay you real money

There are a number of Apps today that will pay you for downloading them or using them.

Some companies will like their products to go viral and they have an app which when you download and share it helps them then you get paid. There are other ways this apps pays or tasks to perform on the apps. Check the list below of apps paying real money

  • Survey apps
  • Cash back apps
  • Receipt scanning apps
  • Apps that pay for you to perform easy tasks
  • Apps for selling stuff

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How will the Apps pay Me?

Some of these apps do have a payout threshold that individuals must meet before you can get a payout as well. Most times, it will be ranging from $10 to $20, while some apps will be even lower

The means of of paying off dependa solely on the company. They might

  • Do Cash payout via PayPal.
  • Transfer funds direct to your bank account.
  • Send you Gift cards to your favorite online stores.

Best Apps That Pay You Real Money

In this post are nice apps that we have downloaded and worked with that really will give you the cash you need. With this apps be sure to get money with them with less work.

Now lets go andbmake some money


With Mistplay, there are many mobile games you can play on their list with your mobile devices either iOS or Android. As you connect with friends and play games, you makes point.

As your point reach the threshold, you can redeem them for reward which might be cash or gift cards. The gifts cards includes iTunes credit, Google play credit, Starbucks gift cards or Amazon gift cards and many more.

Note: with $0.5 you can redeem Amazon gift cards.


Swagbucks is one the apps that pays yo real money. They pay you money to use their app in a many ways.

They give you cash and gift cards by

  • shopping via their portal,
  • filling out surveys,
  • watching videos,
  • using their toolbar and many more.

When you carry out all those actions you’ll earn SB points that you can then redeem for any variety of Amazon, Walmart, Target or other gift cards.

Preferably, you can also cash out via PayPal or a Visa gift card, although it pays to check as often certain rewards will go on sale and you can get more credit for your points.


Ibotta provide cash back and rewards app for Android or iOS device users. They pay users cash back for shopping or buying certain products at certain stores.

Its is advisable to use it when going grocery shopping, as they have a ton of grocery cash back offers, but they have cash back rewards for a variety of non grocery stores too. Add the products you are going to purchase to your app, and then after you are done with shopping, take a picture of your receipt. It will verify the items on your receipt that you have offers for, and add the cash back credit to your account.

If you remember to add the cash back offers before you head out, and remember to buy the items, you can earn a decent amount of cash back.


ReceiptPal is is also one of the easy to use receipt scanning app. Usually people do use many apps like this to earn rewards at more than one service. I personally use ReceiptPal and Fetch Rewards for most of my grocery receipts.

When you use ReceiptPal you earn rewards points simply by scanning all of your had copy receipts, and also getting points for linked Amazon or email accounts where additional receipts can be counted.

In every 4 receipts you scan, you’ll get 100 points that you can use towards a reward. You can redeem your points with as little as 2200 points for a $5 Amazon gift card, or a Target, Lowe’s Best Buy or Visa gift card, among a few others.


Dosh is also a cash back and rewards app that earns you cash back on shopping that you made on any of their approved mall. Also one of the apps paying real money

To begin your earning you need to just sign up via the link below (and get a $5 credit), and then link your credit or debit card to Dosh.

After you’ve linked your card you just look for places in the app that you can earn cash back either online or at a location near you.


Pei is a cash back app that will pay you real money for your usual daily spending.

How does pei work? You just need to link your credit or debit card to your registered Pei account, and then the next time you shop at a partner merchant using your linked card Pei will automatically give you cashback rewards.

One good thing about the app is that the cashback savings happen automatically, and you don’t even have to effect the transaction.


GetUpside is an app that helps you to earn cash back on gas, and find the best gas prices near you.

You will also get bonus cash back deals on normal store items and auto services like car wash, oil change, and more.

Job Spotter App

apps paying real money - Job Spotter by Indeed

So how does Job spotter app work as Money making app?

When download the app and install it in your Android or iOS phone, on your normal day to day outing and you saw “help wanted” or “now hiring” signs, just snap it and send it via the app. Thats all, its quite a money making app.

So just take a picture of the job sign, and of the storefront with the app, and when accepted you’ll collect points for each approved submission

Then you can redeem the points you have gotten prom the app for Amazon gift cards at any time! This also one of the apps paying real money.

Download Job Spotter


Instacart is a mobile and service app that pays people money to be a full service grocery shopper and delivery person.

How does instacart work as Money earning app?

Once you download the app and apply for the service and your applications is approved, you will be receiving online grocery orders through the app. You shop at the local grocery store for the customer’s order. It can be only a few items, or an entire list.

So when you shop all the items on the list you pay with an Instacart credit card and deliver them to the person who ordered them, you get paid which might be up to $20

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Other apps paying money are

1.Personal Capital

2. Rakuten

3. Fetch Rewards

Other Android apps paying real money

1. cash direct club

2. Receipt hog

3. Drop

4. Mobee

5. Field Agent

6. uber

7. Shopkick

8. Lyft

9. Rover

10. Postmates

11. Decluttr