Military schools in Oklahoma, Colorado and Florida

The United States of America has the best educational facilities for it’s high Schools and the Military schools for boys or girls in Oklahoma, Colorado and Florida is not left behind.

These military boarding high Schools in the states has recorded many winnings as parents continues to send their children in their numbers to this Schools. There are many reasons while some parents desires for their children be raised in a military environment.

Also remember that There are free programs for troubled youths in Oklahoma they is in place to help in behavioral therapy. The therapeutic program by this military boarding Schools in Oklahoma has been savoir to many.

Furthermore, the boarding schools in Colorado cost are very friendly to help the youths in their desires to gain quality education.

Looking at the nature of environment that we live today, many manner of undesirable habits are seen among the environment, so some parents need their children not to have such, then send them to military Schools in Oklahoma, Colorado and Florida to help them.

There are many military boarding Schools for Girls and also many military Schools for boys in the United States. But in this article, we will focus mainly on the military Schools in Oklahoma, Colorado and Florida for high school students.

If you are a parent, you’ve likely heard lots of things about military schools and don’t know what is true and what isn’t. Are they boot camps? Do they accept and help troubled or misbehaving children? Are they just a front for military recruitment? Let’s go ahead and set the record straight.

Military schools in Oklahoma City, Colorado and Florida are more or less boarding schools with a history of military tradition. What this means is that, although a lot of of these schools are not directly affiliated with the US military in any way, they do use military style in the way they are organized and work with students.

Most of these military schools have hierarchies which are based on military systems. As students move forward in the program, they rank up and earn more privileges and responsibilities. Campuses include boarding facilities and students and get the opportunity to build tight relationships with their peers, an opportunity unavailable at traditional high schools.

Although these programs very structured and discipline-oriented, they are not usually recommended for troubled teenagers. These schools maintain strict academic standards and the main purpose is to set students up for success in high level universities. For most academically gifted students, military schools provide the right atmosphere needed to get ahead in life.

Though there are not completely free military boarding schools for girls and boys in Colorado or Oklahoma, the costs are very friendly.

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Military schools in Oklahoma for high school students

Most military schools in Oklahoma City, Colorado, and Florida are famous for their rigorous academic standards. These are not typically programs designed for students who are struggling with their schoolwork.

Instead, the aim is to challenge your son or daughter and set them up to meet the entrance requirements of the top universities in the country. Additionally, schoolwork is taught in a military style which places extra emphasis discipline and organization.

This is vital, because it creates practice for study habits which will not only get your teenager into a good college, but enable them to do their best once enrolled there

1. Military Academics Oklahoma

Military Academics Oklahoma, known as The Sooner State, is home to various military academies. There are three main universities to choose from for students interested in military schools. Remember, some of the free programs for troubled youth in Oklahoma and other nearby places has Ben a true source of happiness.

Cameron University in Lawton, is home to the George D. Keathley Department of Military Science. Cameron University has an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit known as the Comanche Battalion. The Comanche Battalion has been rated third best ROTC unit in the country. Students have a strong sense of pride in their battalion. Students enjoy getting the opportunity to train outside of the classroom when they can.

The University of Central Oklahoma, located in Edmond, also has an Army ROTC unit. Cadets at the University of Central Oklahoma may get the chance to spend time overseas. A recent foreign language scholarship sent cadets to study in Kenya for six weeks. Students also get many opportunities to work on their military skills during field training exercises

Oklahoma State University, in Stillwater, also has an Army ROTC program. Cadets work hard to attain leadership positions while maintaining high academic standards. Cadets can be found shopping and dining on Washington Street on weekends. Oklahoma State University is a great choice for students looking at military schools.

#1. Cameron University in Lawton

Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma has an outstanding department of military science. Cameron University is home to the Comanche Battalion, an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit.

Students at Cameron University have many resources for leadership development. Military science courses are required in addition to traditional college classes. Cadets are required to meet minimum physical fitness standards.

There are various scholarship options available for a variety of different situations. The Army Nurse Corps is a great idea for students interested in the health care field. Cadets especially enjoy training that occurs outside of the classroom.

Field training exercises that include survival techniques and orienteering help students sharpen infantry skills. Cameron University prepares cadets for careers in military leadership positions. It came 1st in our list of best military boarding Schools in Oklahoma.

School Website

#2. The University of Central Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University offers an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program. Students interested in the ROTC program can learn about the various scholarship opportunities available.

The Cowboy Battalion of Oklahoma State University offers cadets many different training opportunities. Physical fitness is a major part of ROTC success. The Army ROTC program puts heavy emphasis on leadership development.

Students are required to take classes in basic military studies as well as more advanced military science. Leadership laboratories are required for all cadets. Most students prefer to train outside of the classroom during field exercises.

Field training exercises can include battle drills, land navigation and even first aid. The Cowboy Battalion prepares students for exciting careers in military leadership positions. Among our list of best military boarding Schools in Oklahoma.

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#3. The Thunderbird Youth Academy

The Thunderbird Youth Academy is located in Pryor, Oklahoma. The Thunderbird Youth Academy is for students from ages 16 to 18 who have not yet earned their high school diploma or GED.

The program begins as an all-inclusive boarding facility. Students are encouraged to achieve academic excellence in the structured military environment. Students are paired with qualified mentors to help them along their educational journey.

The Thunderbird Youth Academy hopes to make a difference in the lives of students by challenging them physically, educationally and emotionally. Students are encouraged to respect themselves, others and their community.

Uniforms are required in this military structured academy. Best of all, the Thunderbird Youth Academy is free to students in need. Also one of the best boarding Schools in Oklahoma.

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#4. The University of Central Oklahoma

The University of Central Oklahoma, located in Edmond, Oklahoma is home to the Bronco Battalion, an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. The Bronco Battalion takes pride in academic excellence and integrity.

Students can earn scholarships for two, three or four year programs. Leadership development is important for cadets participating in the ROTC program. There is a special course of study for cadets in the nursing program.

Duty, honor and country remain the three core values that the Bronco Battalion holds most sacred. Cadets hone their leadership skills inside of the classroom and out. Field training exercises are a great place for students to put their methods into practice.

The University of Central Oklahoma’s Bronco Battalion strives to prepare students for fulfilling careers in the U.S. Army. One of the best military boarding Schools in Oklahoma.

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Military boarding schools in Colorado

Young people in Colorado have several excellent options for military schools. One great option is a school once known as the Hill School For Boys.

It was founded in 1906. Today the name of the school is Colorado Academy and it is now a coed military school in Denver.

It has a long-standing tradition of excellent academics and athletics and has provided the youth of Colorado with a great education for over 100 years.

Colorado is also home of two very good ROTC programs at their universities. The first is the NROTC at the University Of Colorado at Boulder. This program has over 150 students enrolled who are in training to become officers in the Marine Corps or Navy.

This program features several specialized areas of training. Specialties like Naval Aviation, Surface Warfare and Nuclear Training set this program apart from all others.

Another highly respected ROTC program is available at Colorado State University. This program trains students enrolled in the college to become Army officers upon graduation. Students in this program enjoy a normal college experience with the added benefits of the structure and discipline inherent in the ROTC program.

Boarding Schools in Colorado cost are not as expensive as people thought. There are Still free programs for troubled youth in Colorado that people are still applying to.

#1. United States Air force Academy

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the United States Air Force Academy is both a military installation and a university. It is home to more than 25,000 service members and civilians, most of who belong to the 10th Air Base Wing. This unit provides logistical and training support to the 4,400 cadets and 300 cadre members of the academy itself.

Those who are admitted to the Air Force Academy (Military high schools in Colorado) must be between the age of 17 and 23 on July 1 of their first year of attendance. They must also be unmarried and have no dependents.

Priority is given to those with excellent academic records and high class ranking, and candidates should also score well on either the PLAN, SAT, ACT OR PSAT test.

Students here will work towards a Bachelor’s of Science degree in one of several areas. Some of the more popular majors include engineering, social sciences and humanities. The first two years of the program are spent taking core classes, which involve a great deal of science. 

Students will also take military studies during their enrollment. Many of the professors are active duty Air Force instructors, but some are also from other branches of the military or civilians. One of the best military boarding Schools in Colorado. The boarding Schools in Colorado cost is quite attractive.

Like the boarding school in Colorado cost, Schools cost here are very friendly.

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Military schools in Florida

There are many different military schools located in Florida. Some start as early as kindergarten, but most are geared towards high school and college. Other choices are day school or boarding.

A military school is an excellent choice for your child’s education. Most offer advanced classes with students earning college credit while still in high school.

They will also learn teamwork and leadership under a military styled environment.

If you child aspires to join the military, these schools could help admission to colleges such as West Point.

Choosing a Military School

When choosing your future military school, research the school carefully. Some schools only accept students that have excellent grades, while others are geared to help troubled teenagers. Tuition and fees will also vary from school to school.

While there are numerous choices in Florida, here are some of the more popular military prep schools.

#1. Admiral Farragut Academy

Originally located in Pine Beach, New Jersey, Admiral Farragut Academy (AFA) is a college preparatory school that instills military values in its students. The school (Military high Schools in Florida) is named after Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, the Navy’s first admiral, who famously uttered the phrase, “Damn the torpedoes; full steam ahead” at the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864.

The school has since moved to Florida and strives to graduate well-rounded, emotionally mature young men and women. Located in beautiful St. Petersburg, Fla., AFA is only five minutes from the beach and only an hour and a half from Orlando’s many theme parks. The closest large city, Tampa, is home to professional sports teams, Busch Gardens, restaurants and other attractions.

Admiral Farragut Academy which is one of the best military boarding Schools in Florida is academically challenging and offers advanced placement (AP) courses as well as dual enrollment in local colleges. In addition, AFA has a number of unique educational programs, including aviation, engineering, marine science, SCUBA and naval science, also known as Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC). 

The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS).

In addition, Admiral Farragut Academy is a member of eight professional organizations, including the following: The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Small Boarding Schools Association (SBSA) and the Association of Military Colleges and Schools in the United States (AMCSUS).

  • Address: 501 Park Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710
  • Grades: PK-12
  • Teacher Ratio: 1 to 16
  • Students: 385
  • Website

#2. Francis Marion Military Academy

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Francis Marion Military Academy is a military-style charter public school located in Ocala, Florida. We are a Public Charter High School, Grades 9-12. You must live in Marion County FL USA. We do NOT offer boarding.

They are full time Army JROTC program throughout the school year. They offer dual enrollment opportunities with local colleges. They are tuition-free but students must apply and gain acceptance there. Founded in 2008, it is named after General Marion and follows the Marion county public school requirements.

Students who attend this military prep school must take classes required by the state of Florida. Honor classes and AP classes are available for students who need a more challenging academic route. One of the best military boarding Schools in Florida.

Students who are in good academic standing can take dual enrollment with the College of Central Florida, allowing them to earn college credit while in high school. In addition to the normal curriculum, students take leadership classes.

All students are required to be a part of JROTC and wear uniforms daily. A “C” average is required of all students who attend this school. If a student falls below this average they will be assigned a mentor to help raise grades.

Like the boarding school in Colorado cost, Schools cost here are very friendly.

#3. Gateway Military Academy

Gateway Military schools in Florida breaks the mold in regard to today’s military schools in that it is designed just for troubled boys. It features everything required to deal with boys who are misbehaving, in trouble with the law, were expelled from school or who have below-par grades.

Boys at Gateway are under adult supervision around the clock. Started as a typical military school, Gateway now continues the decorum and discipline of a military school but blends a character-enriching program and counseling into the program, absent the meaningless drills and screaming drill sergeants of typical military schools.  

The boarding school offers positive discipline and life-change in troubled boys, administered by caring and helpful mentors and peers who encourage them to success.

The purpose of Gateway is to help self-destructing and misbehaving teenage boys do a turnaround and begin looking at life differently. They are given a new purpose, a new drive, and a new passion to be a better person and to serve others.

Gateway military Schools in Florida provides ongoing year-round academics as a Department of Education registered private school. Certified teachers assist students in two available self-paced curriculums (Accelerated Christian Education and Alpha Omega), offering tutorial help when needed. A high school diploma is awarded upon graduation, as well as assistance in obtaining ACT and SAT testing in the local schools.

Students use a computer-based curriculum that self-scores to facilitate moving at a faster pace through the curriculum. As many of our students come to us having fallen behind in their academics, our school operates year round.

Once a student has individually mastered one concept he may move ahead to the next concept without having to wait on a classroom of students, so many students are able to either catch up or get far ahead in their studies.

Like the boarding school in Colorado cost, Schools cost here are very friendly.