Mike Rowe Scholarship program for Collage students

All across the globe, most scholarships tend to target the academically inclined and those with an exceptionally high IQ. There seems to be no reprieve for those students who, may not be academically gifted but are skilled nevertheless and have an undying sense of commitment to what they do, well I have good news for you.

The scholarship I’m about to tell you about is for those that have been looking for some financial help in developing or learning a skill and making their dreams come through. It’s a skill acquisition Scholarship and its called Mike Rowe Scholarships.

You may recognize Mike Rowe as the host of the popular T.V documentary series “Dirty Jobs”; he is displayed as someone who takes his work seriously.

He is is the CEO of Mike Rowe foundation and his foundation runs the Mike Rowe Scholarship management services which is a division of Scholarship America. This scholarship is exclusively for students in the United States of America.

The scholarship provides money for students for them to learn a meaningful skilled trade.

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The scholarship is eligible to High schools seniors, those that have graduated and GED equivalent that are already enrolled or intending to enroll into a licensed an accredited Two year college, technical school or any other approved technical institute in the USA.

The student must also be applying to be enrolled into an approved vocational or any similar trade related program. Past beneficiaries of the scholarship are not eligible to apply.

They must have a deep desire to be trained for a skill that is in demand and in vogue.


The Mike Rowe scholarship program offers more than $400,000 dollars, the selected student gets this in a onetime award, the beneficiaries vary but up to 150 awards are given per year.

Documents required

  • A transcript of grades from each school attended, most importantly college transcripts, vocational tech transcripts and high school transcripts,
  • a copy of a recently filled IRS form 1040,
  • 2 finished reference questionnaires,
  • completed S.W.E.A.T.
  • Pledge short answer questions, complete, accurate and concise school cost form.

Application procedures Mike Rowe scholarship

  • Enroll in an approved program, you can visit the official Mike Rowe foundation website to find a list of the programs
  • Sign The S.W.E.A.T. pledge
  • Answer three questions from the list of questions given to you
  • Write an essay, you will be asked to write one as part of your application
  • Send a minimum of two references from your teachers or your bosses
  • Make a 45 to 60 second video where you talk about yourself, no music, service tracks or trademarks should appear in it, you must upload the video to YouTube, make it public and paste the URL in the application
  • Send an exact cost of his/her tuition fees
  • Provide college or high school transcript
  • Submit document showcasing your financial standings

The Mike Rowe scholarship is competitive so I suggest applying early; this scholarship is for people who are truly dedicated to learning a skill and being dedicated to it.

The Rowe foundation looks for excellent students with good characters and a great sense of responsibility and loyalty