Can you live in a dorm with the opposite gender?

In many college dorm, it is totally same sex dorms. This is seen in all parts of the world and it has helped many people focus on their studies. Things are changing in all aspects of life and the same goes with college dorms. Recently they are calls for the opportunity to have mixed sex dorms in Colleges.

Presently, most of the colleges are having coed dorms to enable those who want it. Now you can live with the opposite gender in a college dorm. To be able to do so, your instruction must have that arrangement.

Traditional dormitories are built with the intention of having only same sex students. To be able to have opposite genders in one dormitory, there have to be improved facilities in the building. 

Presently you can live in the same dorm with the opposite gender but not in the same room. In the building you will have some parts made for the female students while some parts will be for the boys. They might be sharing the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms.

To be able to stay in a room with a girl as a guy, you have to talk with the Residents Assistants for permission or the reason why you as a guy will need a girl as a roommate.

Is sharing a dorm with the opposite gender illegal

We have come to see from above that some Schools now have co-ed dorms whereby different genders can share a dormitory. Though many people do not see this as a good idea, it is widely accepted. But what about sharing the same room in a dorm or having an opposite gender as a roommate, is it illegal?

There is no law that stops you from having an opposite gender as a roommate. But if you must have an opposite gender as a roommate, your school must have approved it. This means that it is the school that will assign you the person. You might also be willing to stay with your sibling in the dorm and this needs you to talk with the Residents Assistants.

So it is not illegal to have an opposite sex as a roommate in the dorm as far as it is approved by the school authorities.


Can my boyfriend stay in my dorm room?

You have the right to invite your boyfriend to your room if it is not barred by the school authorities but it must be on the visiting hours. You are allowed to have your guest but it will only be by the day. The guest must not stay overnight in your room.

Can my guest stay overnight in my dorm room?

When you want to invite your friends to your dorm room, you have to put some things into consideration. Though some Schools will allow you to have guests that will stay overnight, putting your dorm and roommate into consideration is important.

You have to consider how big your room is, can it accommodate another person? Is my roommate going to accept it? How long will the visitor stay? This question is very important.

You have to inform your roommate beforehand that you want to have a guest stay overnight in your room and see if he or she will accept it. But you have to remember that the guest will only stay for a short period of time, maybe 3 to 5 days so as not to inconvenience your roommate.

Can boys come to the girls ‘ dorm?

Yes, boys can come to the girls dorm but this will be during the visiting hours and visa. There is no law that prohibits students from going to opposite gender halls during the day. There are many reasons why an opposite sex will want to visit. It can be for academic reasons and that Is why many people prefer staying in the dormitory.

Can you live in student housing without being a student

Universities use many housing platforms to provide accommodation to their teaming students. There are many benefits attached to living in University halls and halls of residence that the school or private housing company provides. For this reason it might interest a person who is not a student to seek accommodation in such a place.

Can you get a room in a college dorm without being a student? No is the answer. Only students are allowed to live in the college dorm but you can stay there as a guest for a few days.

University halls are built mainly for students, especially the ones located within the school premises. So it will be difficult to have non-students living in a student hall of residence.

But you can get accommodation in student housing. The student housing units are not owned by the University but by the housing company. Though it has the aim of being students accommodation, non Students can get accommodation too. Students housing units are in the form of flats and it is always located outside the school.

If you want to live in such a place, you can contact the housing authority to know if there is availability of rooms. Since it is a private building, the company might decide to give it out to non Students if there are still rooms unoccupied by students.