Is Gunsmithing a Good Trade

There are many skills today that you can choose to study in any of the trade Schools but gunsmithing is less in people’s minds. Many people who you recommend getting certified as a gunsmith will Wonder if gunsmithing is a good trade. To think of it, will becoming a gunsmith be anyone’s desired goal? Is gunsmithing a good trade? Is gunsmithing in demand. These and more are what might possibly come to one’s mind about having a career in gunsmithing.

If you are interested in firearms and inventions in this career, then becoming a gunsmith will be a good thing and getting into a gunsmith trade school will be necessary. One thing that makes gunsmithing a good trade if you are interested in firearms is that you will be exposed to many designs and types of guns. 

As you are aware, gunsmiths are those who build or create guns, repair or modify guns. As a gunsmith, you will be charged to repair or redesign guns for individuals or for the government. You can be employed to work with the military or police to help maintain their guns or help in research to produce new weapons. Also as a gunsmith, you can get paid to repair individual guns.

Some might argue that you might not have a large audience to work with but it is not true. Gunsmithing is a good trade as it helps maintain guns with individuals and this gives them a sense of safety. As a gunsmith, you will be helping families protect themselves from rubbery and intimidating thugs.

Is gunsmithing a good trade will not be a question for anyone who has interest in firearms because it is a good trade and also very profitable. It is also in demand in many cities in the United States.


Is gunsmithing in high demand?

According to, there are approximately 273 million guns in the United States and this means there will be high demand for gunsmiths. Gunsmiths are trained to repair and maintain guns as such these guns will be in their care. 

For guns to function effectively and don’t rust, there is a need for constant maintenance. There will be an increase in the number of those getting guns annually and as such gunsmithing will be in high demand. With an increase in people looking for gunsmiths to build, repair or maintain their guns, then there will be a lot of money in their pockets.

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How much do gunsmiths make? Can a gunsmith make a lot of money?

As a gunsmith, you are working with different types of guns and this is a very risky job and as such the pay per hour is usually high because of the risk involved. Gunsmiths do make a lot of money and this is very dependent on your experience and your location. 

Gunsmiths who are very experienced and have practiced for many years will surely earn higher than those who are getting started or have practiced for a few years. According to Indeed, a job website, gunsmithing salary in the United States averages ​$42,351​ per year. This for sure varies from one state to the next, for example, in Louisiana, a gunsmith receives an average salary of ​$30,527 while in New York, you can get up to $52,078 annually. 

What degree do you need for a gunsmith?

Unlike most professions where you are required to have a degree to practice, you don’t need any college or University degree to become a gunsmith. There are many ways you can become a gunsmith without going to school. You can learn gunsmithing by becoming an apprentice in a gunsmith shop or you can enroll into any of the trade Schools that offer gunsmithing as a course. 

From these learning centers, you will get the qualifications of a gunsmith and then you can be licensed to practice in any city in the United States or around the world.

What are the requirements to become a gunsmith?

As I have said earlier, a gunsmith is responsible for building, maintaining, and repairing firearms. So this career involves a wide array of skills, including a good knowledge of science and technology, mathematics and mechanical engineering knowledge. 

Precision metalworking and woodcraft skills are highly required in Gunsmithing because guns are designed to exacting tolerances. You need to have a good knowledge of how lathe and drilling machines are used.

To be a gunsmith, you are required to be certified by a government approved trade School and licensed by the federal government. This is important so as to have fun safety measures and save working with machines.

So what are the requirements of becoming a gunsmith?

Education requirements

To become a gunsmith and practice in the United States, you need a High school diploma, certificate, diploma, or associate degree in gunsmithing.

Skill requirements

To practice as a gunsmith, you are required to have the technical and skill know-how of gunsmithing. There are numerous skills that you must have to be able to work as a gunsmith. You need to be Familiar with lathe, mill, and grinder operations. Also have the ability to use precision gauges and measuring instruments, vises, polishing tools, drill presses, hand tools, checkering tools, wrenches, edge finders, files, and chisels


To be a gunsmith, your personal life matters a lot. Your actions and activities past and present might be questioned. You must pass a drug test and background check with no felony convictions and no disqualifying misdemeanor convictions. Also you must be at least 21


Since you will be dealing with firearms, you need a Federal firearms license. With this license, you will be protected from being harassed for bearing firearms.

So these are the qualifications you need to become a gunsmith.

What’s the difference between an armorer and a gunsmith?

There has been some confusion if there is any difference between a gunsmith and an armorer. Some believe that they are the same while others say otherwise. Literally, you can say that both are the same but technically, they are different. Below are the differences between gunsmith and armorer.

SN Gunsmith Armorer
Gunsmiths are those who design, build, maintain and repair guns Armorer are those who replace gun parts
A gunsmith is trained as a machinist An Armorer is not trained as a machinist
A gunsmith has the skill of working with lathe and mills An armorer do not have the skill of working with lathe and mills

Do gunsmiths make guns from scratch?

Yes, gunsmiths do make guns from scratch. A well experienced gunsmith who has top skills in gun design, metalworking and woodcraft can make guns from scratch. All you need is a federal firearms license. The FFL will not be the 01 but that of manufacturing and selling of guns, the 007.

Some persons who want to have their own customized gun can approach a licensed gunsmith and they will get one. With the right metal and wood, a gunsmith can make guns from scratch with the right tools and machine coupled with skill.

How much does the American Gunsmithing Institute cost?

The American Gunsmithing institute offers only online gunsmithing classes and it is known as the Cowboy Action Armorer. According to Indeed, it costs $597 to be certified gunsmith in the American Gunsmithing institute. So you can pay for this class yourself without bordering anyone or looking for scholarships.

Can you learn gunsmithing online?

There are many skills and courses you can learn online today without going to any school campus. Gunsmithing is not an exception, you can learn gunsmithing online and will be well equipped and experienced in the work. To learn how to be a gunsmith online, follow the following steps,

Apply for online class

Online gunsmith training programs have no requirements for on-campus activities. Typically, the curriculum encompasses several theoretical principles and concepts, providing education on ballistics, ammunition, metalworking, and firearms, while also providing training on basic tool use. 

Most online work is facilitated through written or video-recorded study materials and training manuals, and some programs offer hands-on hands-on exercises to complete. The completion time for gunsmithing programs varies; some programs last as little as three months, while others can last up to a year. Some programs provide enrollees with the tools needed to complete course assignments or offer discounts for their purchase.

Get Federal firearms license

After completing your online training program and before looking for where to work as gunsmiths, you must obtain a Federal Firearms License (FFL) from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to be recognized as a certified firearms dealer. 

The FFL application process involves providing a fee and completing the application form, which includes an applicant’s photo and fingerprints for future identification purposes. The application form can be downloaded from ATF’s website and must be submitted together with the administration fee to the address specified on the application.