International Students in Denmark Sustainability funding 2020


What is International Students in Denmark Sustainability funding all about

A current Sustainability program for 2020-21 academic year is being launched by This funding is for students all over the world.

The sustainability program is provided for unique students desirous of commencing a Master’s Degree program that will help in making the world more sustainable.

What you should know about program

This Danish program by is made fo long training and educational purpose to help researchers in all relevant courses get the needed results.

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Brief Description of the scholarship

  • Organization:
  • Scholarship Level: Master’s
  • Award: About €5000
  • Application Mode: Online
  • Nationality: International

Scholarship Eligibility            

  • Qualified Countries: All nationalities
  • Course Available: Master’s


To be qualified, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must have applied to any master’s degree program that can help them make the world more sustainable (have intention to apply)
  • Applicants must have applied for a course that will be starting in the First Semester by 2021
  • The degree program may not be online

Note: Applicants must meet the entry requirements for the university or graduate school which includes

  • Holding a valid undergraduate degree
  • You must hold or be eligible to apply for a relevant study visa (if applicable)
  • Meet language requirements for the program

Application procedures

For your application to be successful, you must apply through this online application form.

Needed Documents: You might be asked to provide the following to be accepted

  • Proof of acceptance by giving a copy of your acceptance letter,
  • proof of undergraduate qualification by giving a copy of your transcript,
  • proof of identity by giving a copy of your passport and
  • A short essay (500-700 words) must be submitted.

Requirements: candidates must have an undergraduate degree to take part in Master’s Degree program.

Language: Applicants must proof that they have a good level of written and oral English.


 The scholarship winners will be given about €5000 for the master’s degree.

Application Deadline: April 12, 2021

For more information on the scholarship and to apply click Here