Infants carriers: Well paying jobs

When we talk of infants carriers, some might wonder why that should be an option for anyone looking for well paying jobs, but you might be surprised later.

The quest to find a good career is one of the major decisions we make in our life and it can be quite challenging to choose the perfect career as a wrong decision could spell disaster for you later if you end up with the wrong career.

So people tend to go for careers that have relation to their passion and hobbies in life so as to not have situation where they end up doing what they hate in life. Which some times may be caring for infants.

Now for those baby lovers who cherish spending time with children, and caring for babies, you may have wondered what were the careers available to you.

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Well I’m here to end your long search, because am about to tell you some good careers (Infants carriers) that involve working with those little angels that you love so much.
They are:

Infants carriers that involve working in the UK


1.Nanny as an infant carrier

Nannies are well known across the world for their pivotal role in taking care of children of which ranges from preparing baby food to playing with children to feeding these children.

They provide care for children of as rang of ages but they are most well known for their job in taking care of babies.

The fact is that Nannies are actually paid well, earning an average of $16 an hour, the nanny may live with the family of the child he/she is taking care of or he/she may come at scheduled time intervals to do her duties.

Normally childcare is shared between parents and nannies with the nannies doing the bulk of the work when the parents are away or working.

2. Preschool Teacher

If you have a passion for impacting knowledge into children then this is this infant job is for you.

They normally work in preschools, kindergartens and Montessori. They are responsible for teaching the child the basic framework of education that they will require for primary school.

They teach about numbers, colors and shapes, helping the child (Infants) grasp these basic elements of education. They normally teach children in between the age of 3 months to 5 years.

Preschool teachers as an infant carrier are undoubtedly the most important in the school system as they are the ones that handle the children when they are in the hardest and most difficult stage to teach.

Teaching in primary school is easier to that of teachings in preschool. They are paid an average of $12 an hour.


3. Paediatician as an infant carrier

These professionals are at the apogee when it comes to taking care of children. They are doctors that are specialized in handling children and child diseases.

Paediatician help, monitor growth of babies and are the dietary adviser of parents when it comes to their babies. The primary care responsibility of babies is shouldered by them as soon as the baby is born.

When it comes to how much those under infant carriers get, they are quite high. Paediatician are paid very well earning an average of $179,000 per year

4. Newborn Photographer

If you are good in photos and you love babies then this carrier is the one for you, Newborn Photographers are people hired by parents to capture their babies lives and immortalize them in pictures or videos.

They can video first birthday parties, the event of birth and so much more. Considering the fact that everyone wants a picture of their baby’s special moments, this is a lucrative career choice

5. Paedriatic nurses

Paediatric Nursing as infants carriers aren’t as well versed as their doctor counterparts but they are at the forefront of taking care of the child.

They put into action the doctors orders and are the ones actually involved in the Primary Care Responsibility of the child. They are paid about $1,260 a week.

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Summary of Infants carriers

As you can see from the list of jobs under infant carriers, this jobs can bedone with person with or without degrees. So taking care of infants is not a job for less privileged ones in the society but jobs that pays well.