How To Secure Undergraduate Scholarships To Study Abroad With Ease


Why scholarship

Knowing how to secure undergraduate scholarship to study abroad with ease will be the best thing to happen to anyone who have the desire to acquire more knowledge through universities abroad.

Of all endeavors in life, education is one sector that could be best described as an unexplored oil well that many have ignored over the years, especially in Africa, Asia and North-America.

Governments of most countries in these continents have neglected and abandoned the education sector which has long become detrimental to human cum national development of such countries.

Regardless, individuals from these countries and continents have no options left other than taking their academic destinies into their hands by seeking for possible alternatives to achieving academic excellence in foreign lands.

Sequel to the fact that these countries and continents have now realized their academic backwardness, well-meaning individuals, private organizations, university communities and government agencies tend to offer free scholarships worth millions of dollars and pounds to talented, intelligent and young people who are willing to make academic impacts and bring about significant changes to the society.

Scholarships destination hub

Popular destinations where young Africans, Asians and North-Americans seek academic solace include; countries in United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, China etc.

Every average young person wishes to study abroad but is scared of the high cost of footing university tuition fees, visa, flight, accommodation and feeding expenses.

But fear not, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will not only acquire general knowledge of what academic scholarship is all about, but most importantly, you will be armed with basic information on how to secure fully funded scholarships to study abroad with ease.

Before we delve into unleashing the basic secrets to securing scholarships to study abroad or how to secure undergraduate scholarship to study abroad with ease, we would want you to understand that basically there are two kinds of scholarships; fully-funded scholarships and partially funded scholarships.

The fully-funded scholarship covers all tuition, accommodation, travel and feeding related expenses plus monthly stipends. However, partially funded scholarships only take care of some aspects of your studies, but not in whole.

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Below is our fully packaged killer-guide to securing your dream scholarship, especially for undergraduate studies.

Guide for securing scholarship for students

Conduct Research

The quintessential role of research cannot be overemphasized. The more research you do, the more chances you will have, because information they say is power. Try to find out a good number of ongoing scholarships that suit your interest.

Remember, the more scholarships you win, the more grants you will have to fund your studies in your university and country of choice. You can search our website for a list of ongoing undergraduate scholarships to apply for.

Make a list of the ones you wish to apply for so that once it is time for application, you will easily do so. Explore lots of scholarships with no limitations.

However note that while some scholarships are free, other are paid for. Go for the ones you can afford.

Amount Of Preparation Begets Good Result: So Start Early

First things first. No wonder the saying goes; “he who fails to plan, plans to fail.” To beat other applicants and win a scholarship you applied for, you must start making preparations early enough.

You must do adequate planning. Do not be caught or taken unawares. Prepare ahead of time. If a scholarship you intend applying for normally begins by October, start making your preparations as early as May, June or July.

This will enable you to apply for admission, gain the admission – which usually constitutes a major prerequisite to applying for scholarship.

Confirm Sponsor(s) ( this is very important on how to secure undergraduate scholarship to study abroad)

As you prepare your mind to apply for a scholarship, it is good you know about who is sponsoring the scholarship as this might give you an edge. If your sponsor is a fellow countryman, chances are that you may be selected over anr applicant from another country or region.

Some scholarships originate locally. There are also government and company scholarships for citizens to study abroad. Find out which is more suitable for you.

Apply For Admission

To secure scholarship for undergraduate studies abroad, most scholarship sponsors require that candidates must have an already offered admission or be in the admission process to be considered for scholarship.

In cases like this, your scholarship application will not be considered if you have not been offered admission in a university of your choice.

Give Every Eligible Scholarship A Try

Like we rightly stated before now, the more scholarships you win, the more grants you will have to finance your study abroad. So we advise you apply for every ongoing scholarship which you are eligible for.

Leverage Small Funds

For studying abroad by securing undergraduates scholarship, Most scholarship programs worth between a thousand dollars to five thousand, and are less competitive because people ignore them. Apply more of these. The more you win, the more grants you will have.

Contact Your Scholarship Sponsor(s) Directly

The best means of knowing every details of the scholarships you intend applying for, is by getting in touch with the sponsors directly.

Do not rely only on the information you get on websites alone as they may only give the whole thing a scratch on the surface, thereby making you regret after you might have applied.

Search And Contact Past Scholarship Winners

Most scholarship sponsors publish the names and press releases of winners on their websites. Find a way to get in touch with the some of the winners. You can search on social media. Reach out to them for questions and advice. You never can tell what you can learn from their experience.

Get All Your Requirements (Documents) Ready

Most international scholarship programs require that students meet up with certain requirements.

For example, you may be required to submit a test score for either IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT or GRE – which are all test exams for determination of English language proficiency.

If you don’t have the required test result, you may not be eligible to apply. Simply register and take the required test and get your score ready.

Then start getting other required documents such as your O’Level results (WAEC, NECO, GCE or their equivalent for Nigerians) transcript, certificates, and identification letters ready.

Give Your Scholarship Sponsors What They Need

Every scholarship application contains its selection criteria, but you should go beyond that. Search the scholarship funder on the web. Look up for their basic core values and represent what they need and want, in your application.

Prepare An amazing Resume

After deciding on how many scholarships you wish to apply for, the remaining workload is on you ability to submit an attractive resume. An attractive resume is needed to secure undergraduate scholarship to study abroad.

In your resume, be sure to highlight your academic and work experiences as it will give you an edge over other applicants.

Don’t forget to be concise in your writing. Well written cover letters with resumes, give you the opportunity to make argument for why you deserve to be awarded a scholarship.

Meanwhile, if you’re confident enough in your language skills, you could try writing them in the language of the country you will be studying in they will be impressed.

Get Your References Ready

Most abroad scholarship essays and applications require call for references. A reference is written by someone you have worked for either in a professional or academic setting. You can ask your teacher or employer to write one for you.

A reference is a recommendation, so it is also important to ask someone or people who know you well enough to recommend you.

10 Secrets of Winning Any Scholarship

Set Alarms And Make The Calendar Your Friend

For someone applying for several scholarships or grants, setting alarm notifications or marking dates on your calendar will help you keep track of all the different deadlines and application requirements. If you don’t do any of these, you may lose out on an important scholarship application.

Pay Strong Attention To Details

Most scholarship providers take this seriously when considering the right applicant for a scholarship award. So How you prepare your application tells more about how detail-oriented you are.

Think about it. Who will want to assist an aspiring medical doctor achieve his dream when such a person can hardly follow simple instructions?

Do not be amazed to hear that most scholarship applications do not adhere strictly to simple application guidelines.

Stand out, be different and earn your scholarship with ease by getting getting how to secure undergraduate scholarship to study abroad with ease

Proceed To Apply!

It may seem tedious, but apply for scholarships of your choice as early as you can. This will definitely require considerable amount of time and perseverance, but it will definitely pay off. Since you’ve already done a lot of work from research to application point,

why not take your time and get it done the right way? Even smaller awards all add up and ultimately will allow you to have a much more affordable and less stressful summer, semester, or year abroad!

Lest we forget, remember to customize and make your applications unique and original. Resist the temptation to copy and paste from one application to another.

These scholarship sponsors know when you’ve done your research on the values of their foundation or the focus of a specific scholarship.

Customizing each application will give you a much better chance of winning an undergraduate scholarships to study abroad with ease.

Follow Up The Process

It is one thing to research for an undergraduate scholarship to study abroad, make decision on which to apply. And it is a whole different thing to keep track of the various scholarships applied for.

You may win and secure a scholarship for to study abroad but if you do not follow it up to know when you have been offered the scholarship then you may risk losing the scholarship.

So, always check on the website as well as your email inbox to know when you’re shortlisted or accepted.

Proceed To Redeem Your Scholarship to study Abroad

This very last step on how to secure undergraduate scholarships to study abroad with ease is unavoidable so take it vary seriously.

Every scholarship has its own instructions and guidelines to follow. One of them is how to redeem your scholarship. For some, they will require you visit their website and accept the scholarship you have been offered.

While others require you reports physically at their office to enable them get to know you in person.