5 Tips on How To Become Apprentice Plumber – Plumbers Tools And How To Use Them

Apprenticeship is a lot like internship, but apprenticeship lasts a lot longer. Apprenticeship is actually when you get a job and you go to work to learn a trade. So How To Become Apprentice Plumber is important.

So, there are things you need to know before you become a Plumbing apprentice or a plumbers or you become apprentice plumber, which ever you call it is still cool and accepted in the field of building and construction.


Who Is A Plumber – How To Become Apprentice Plumber

According to Wikipedia Plumbing work is defined in the Australian Standards (AS3500) Regulations 2013 and refers to any operation, work or process in connection with installation, removal, demolition, replacement, alteration, maintenance or repair to the system of pipes and fixtures that conveys clean water into and liquid waste out of a building.

Therefore, a plumber is a technician who specializes in pipe connection with installation, removal, demolition, replacement or fixtures.
So, in this article, we will learn exactly how to become a plumbing apprentice or How To Become Apprentice Plumber.

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Tools You Will Get To Use As An Apprentice Plumber

Just as every work got there dedicated tools, plumber skill also have numerous tools that ease the hectic job, let’s get to know some of the tools used in plumbing. In How To Become Apprentice Plumber, you need the knowledge of plumbing tools.

Good knowledge of this tools on How To Become Apprentice Plumber will help you in the apprenticeship process. This tools and application is a must in plumbing field. Plumbing Schools are one of the most valued trade Schools today.

Adjustable pliers

Adjustable pliers are stable for EDC work, all through your apprentice period and beyond, You will be using the pliers for numerous things such as tightening small pipes, screwing nuts and many other uses.

Adjustable wrench

You will need to have an adjustable wrench for a few reasons.

Firstly: this very tool has a smooth jaw compared to the adjustable pliers that are meant to only grip things, they are meant for either finishing work or just an everyday wrench
Secondly: some of the models of this too have a hole at the end for you to be able to hang them.

Measuring tape

There are numerous measuring tapes out there to make a pick from. But you should chose tapes that are durable under all conditions and the price is very competitive, but this is my opinion and you should experiment on your own to see what suits you best.

If you aren’t in the United States, I suggest getting an Imperial and Metric tape measure as often, your plumber will give you Metric measurements, so I strongly suggest it.

Torpedo level

If you want things to be straight, you’ll need a level on your person at all times. Sometimes, you’ll need to install a vertical waterline and other times, a drain which requires a slope. In both cases, you are going to need a torpedo level.

Box cutter or utility knife

You will need a box cutter or utility knife to handle all your cutting jobs.


This is quite important, since you will be marking pipes and even concrete before cutting and chiselling. So for concrete, You can use chalk crayon and gyproc , though permanent marker will serve better purpose.


You will need a hammer for all sorts of things like punching in anchors, to chipping off loose concrete.

Multi-bit screw-driver

As a plumber you don’t want to be carrying around eight different screw drivers in your tool bag or pouch, so I suggest getting a multi-bit screw driver. A cool thing with these is you could use your driver bits on a drill, something that can’t be done with a normal screw driver.

Tube cutter

You will need two models in your toolbox, a small one and a big tube cutter.

Pipe wrenches

You are going to need a minimum of 2 so I suggest getting aluminium models since weight could be an issue. Your pipe wrenches will be your work horses and they’ll be taking a lot of abuse so get a good brand like Rigid or Lennox, they’ll pay for themselves in the long run.

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How To Become Apprentice Plumber

How to become apprentice plumber, do you really want to become apprentice plumber, so at the end you can make money for yourself and live a good life worth emulation? Then take note of the following

You’ll become a helper first. – How To Become Apprentice Plumber

I don’t want to be that I want to be a plumber or I want to be a master plumber guys we all started out as a helper or a plumbing apprentice.
We had to learn what we needed to learn in order to do the things to get us to where we are at.

I still remember the first day I worked on a job, I didn’t know much about the job, but as time goes by, I get used to the system from the scope of learning with my entire mind glued to it.
I didn’t know what kind of tools these were unless they’re tools that I had used at home. I had never even seen some of the tools before guys.

It started at the very beginning, it is same with plumbing job as it’s a technical job that you must learn to be good at, You can’t get 10 years experience in your first week of starting plumbing apprenticeship, it doesn’t happen and you shouldn’t expect it to happen to you any soon.

Note: if all you think about is money, then you don’t need to know How To Become Apprentice Plumber and shouldn’t bother going to be an apprentice plumber, because when you thinking more about money. Your chances of learning plumbing become slim and it becomes a wasted year. You either quit or keep accompanying others in the name of learning.

Tips To Note As An Apprentice Plumber – How To Become Apprentice Plumber

1. Plumbing is not an easy job.

Remember we are still talking about How To Become Apprentice Plumber. Please don’t get me wrong, It’s not really a hard job either there are times that you’re going to get hot, you’re going to get sweaty, you’re going to be under a house or you’re going to be on a tunnel. So to become apprentice plumber isn’t that hard.

Though there are cases they still need to climb into a pyramiding house and there’s about 9, 10, 12 inches of water and crawled over to the other side to try to find out where the water was coming from. I actually had a plumber as a friend and he narrated this.
“I just got my plumbing lessons. I was just a journeyman at the time, but I thought that I need to get in and learn this and get over and figure it out.

Well, whenever I got out and made a mess getting out, I realized that probably that wasn’t the right thing, but guys sometimes plumbing is hard, Sometimes it’s heavy work, I mean if you’re on a big commercial job and you’re Installing 8, 10 or 12 inches pot, it’s heavy it’s hard and sometimes it’s, a pain in the tail, but it’s not anything most people can’t do because I’ve seen women in this trade do great I have seen men in this job not been able to handle it, so you’ve got to ask yourself. Do I want to work hard for a living now that doesn’t mean always? He asked and Noted.

2. You Are Not Going To Be An Apprentice Plumber forever.

This is another reason to know How To Become Apprentice Plumber. You will definitely move up, the way licensing structure is in Texas, you can move up to a tradesman which is residential work only, you can do that in two years.

So in two years you can be up where you’re, making pretty good money and two years after that, you can become a journeyman or if you don’t get your transfer license, You just go the straight four years now you can take your journeyman exam and you can move up and do commercial work.

You can be the plumber that you were once an apprentice, you can have apprentices working for you now after about two or three years.

After years of struggling to learning plumbing jobs, most persons who settled their mind for the job smiled at last and it makes sense to them now, that sounds crazy, right? But that’s kind of how it worked out.

3. You’re going to have days that you get dirty.

Tips number three on How To Become Apprentice Plumber is an apprentice plumber needs serious attention, if you can pay more attention to this, then you are sure going to succeed in this job and even have lost of apprentice working under you, so don’t worry about been dirty It’s nothing, you only need to take off your cloths, just jump in the shower, throw your clothes in the washing machine then get paid to play in the mud.

If you’re doing service work, especially residential service work, carry a bag, carry a bag with a change of clothes in it, even another pair of shoes or another pair of booze. That way, if you do get so dirty, you can literally wipe it off rinse it off, do whatever you’ve got to do change clothes and you’re ready for that next job.

4. Try to be the hardest working Type

The fourth top on How To Become Apprentice Plumber is to be hard working. As an apprentice plumber, there is a need to be a hard working fellow for you to keep up with spirit of the job and succeed. From the start of the article I already told you plumbing is not easy, but like I said it’s not hard either, but when I say be the hardest working guy try to always stay ahead of your journeyman.

If you want to be one of the best plumbers then learn how to think ahead, also learn how to think ahead of your journeyman while you are an apprentice and you are going to excel at this because if you can think ahead of him, you are so doing well and you speed the job up.

You start thinking ahead and you find ways to make him move faster to help him get more work done in eight hours you are going to be good, and thinking ahead is literally means looking at what he is running or look at what he’s working on.

If you see he needed to pull the toilet, to run the sewer machine down, just go ahead and go get the ball wax go ahead and go get the toilet balls, go ahead and go get the mini hacksaw get what things you think he’s going to be needing and get ready for it.

Maybe it is just a sheet of paper or a piece of paper to put the toilet on, maybe it’s a rag, maybe it is just a towel, as apprentice plumber, just learn to look at your master plumber, watch him and see what he uses next, because six months down the road you need to be thinking like that as well.

So you need to be thinking ahead of him, that way. If there is something he didn’t bring in and you see it while he is loosening the bolts, you can run out to the truck or tools box and get it, so there are things that you can do to think ahead and get ahead. And that is surely going to help you learn more and do better, no matter what kind of plumbing job you get you want to be good at it. Plumbing is a great career choice to make.

Conclusion to How To Become Apprentice Plumber

In conclusion to How To Become Apprentice Plumber, to become apprentice plumber is beckoned on dedication and mindset, the job could be tougher than imagined most times and I can boldly say the stress is worth the pay.

Many who started and were able to round-up their apprenticeship never regretted as they always smiling to the bank and keep putting food on their family table, remember that the worst thing that can happen to man, is his inability to foot his bills when he know, that are ways to bypass poverty but choose skip stress.

Where lye stress is money, plumbing apprenticeship is lucrative, you can still be earning while learning this work.

So, I do hope you found value after reading this article on How To Become Apprentice Plumber with full concentration, I went extra mile to help you with tips you need as a plumber and also used myself as a case study in some part of the article, they are honestly based on personal experience.