How can I get out of student loans without paying? – 8 Tips

The student loan debt has surpassed the $1.4 trillion mark, and we are all feeling the pressure. Now more than ever, graduates are exploring new avenues to get out of student loans without paying them: working for the government or a non-profit, deferred payment plans, or enrollment in a public service program. The question always remains: is it possible?

It’s true that many grads have been able to find success by differentiating themselves from other borrowers and finding alternatives to paying their loans on time and in full. However, the majority of student borrowers who are working towards eliminating their debt are not so fortunate. The reality is that there is no magical way to get out of student loans without paying them.

In fact, there are several scenarios in which it is actually better to work toward paying your student loans on time and in full, rather than trying to find loopholes or alternatives that will allow you to get out of student loans without paying them.

It’s important to remember that even the most affluent of borrowers have student loans. Talk about student loans doesn’t just apply to those with a bachelor’s degree. Anyone with private or federal student loans is eligible to join the conversation, and all need to do is contact a consumer advocacy organization for assistance.

Here are some reasons why it is better for students in this position to work toward paying their loans instead of finding loopholes:


How to get out of student loans without paying them – Solution

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1. You Can Be Placed in a More Expensive Payment Plan

A borrower who is struggling to find money for their student loan payments can ask the lender for a change to a new repayment plan. This is called request for economic hardship deferment or request for special consideration. Some borrowers may find themselves with loans in default, and need to get them brought back current.

If the amount that you are paying towards your student loan isn’t enough to cover the minimum payments, the lender can offer a more expensive repayment plan. More often than not, this will increase your monthly payment amount. This is better then thinking of how to get out of student loans without paying them

2. It Can Help You Stay on Track with Your Credit History

If you’re in default on your student loans and have a negative credit rating , it’s time to enter into one of the many income-based repayment plans available. By lowering your interest rate, these programs will help to improve your credit score. However, if you are not paying down your principal balance, this program is not going to help you get out of student loans without paying them.

This is better then thinking of how to get out of student loans without paying them

3. You Can Lose Financial Aid Opportunities

If you leave school in good standing with your federal student loans and then decide not to pay them back, those federal student loans are eligible for cancellation after a certain period of time. If you stop making payments on your federal loans within two years of leaving school , the Department of Education will forgive the balance of your debt.

You can also have the loan forgiven after 25 years of payments if you are a teacher, and within 10 years of payments if you work for a non-profit.

However, if you stop making payments before these time periods have expired, you will be in default. If the Department of Education is still holding your loans at the time that they are eligible for cancellation, they may be able to cancel your student loans earlier than they otherwise would have.

If you have private student loans, you may also lose certain federal loan repayment programs if you default on your loans. This is better then thinking of how to get out of student loans without paying them

4. You Can Lose Access to Private Student Loan Benefits

If you are struggling to pay your private student loans but are not in default, there is a possibility that you can use your payments on these loans to establish eligibility for other benefits. This is better then thinking of how to get out of student loans without paying them

Some credit card companies and banks will allow you to transfer payments from your private student loan to your credit card, in order to receive rewards or cash back. If you default on your private loans, it’s likely that this benefit is going to disappear.

5. You Can Lose Your Down Payment for a House

The good news for many homeowners is that they were able to finance their down payment with their student loans. This option was possible because the lender did not require a co-signer, and the interest rates were favorable. This is better then thinking of how to get out of student loans without paying them

How to get rid of student loans without paying?

There is no easy method to get rid of student debts without paying them back. However, there are forgiveness programs available for federal student loans if you make payments and fulfill other requirements.

The following are the most easily available student loan forgiveness programs:

Loan Forgiveness for Public Service

After ten years of making payments while working full-time for an eligible government or nonprofit organization, the remainder of your loan debt is erased. It’s difficult to qualify, and you’ll need to submit an employment certification form every year for the next ten years to keep on track.

Forgiveness via income-based repayment

This is your greatest choice for keeping payments under control. Your monthly fee is fixed at a percentage of your income, and your remaining debt is erased after 20 or 25 years.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

If you teach full-time in an eligible low-income school for five years, you may have up to $17,500 of your debts erased.

Any other debt forgiveness schemes that offer to eliminate your debt without requiring payments are a fraud. Only your lender or servicer has the authority to forgive your loans.


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