High school diploma jobs in hospital

Are you a high school graduate looking for a job? There are high school diploma jobs in hospital for you. Many people might think that is only with a degree you will get a well paying jobs but its a lie. Having graduated with a good grade in high school you can get jobs that pays well .

In this article well look at those high school diploma jobs in hospital that you can do some with experience while some are without and they pays well too. So take time and choose from any of this carrier and make a living.


1. Clinical Assistant

Job description

Clinical Assistant helps the clinical Team head to perform their functions to their patient like in the examination and treatment of patients by nursing staff. He or she prepares the room and bed and make sure the patient receive the best care they need during their stay in the hospital. Under the request of a physician they may administer drug if experienced.

Qualifications: To be a clinical assistant you need a high school diploma

Average salary $50,000

2. Dialysis Assistant

Job description

Dialysis Assistant work includes creating patient charts, setting dialysis treatment machines and disinfecting equipments, delivering and picking specimens from the lab welhen due an as required, transportation and assisting the patient to the required position.

Qualifications: High school diploma

Average salary: $56,000

3. Environmental Assistant

Job description

The work here is mainly cleaning the environment in and out. Any assigned place furniture, carpets, floors. Gather and dispose of garbage and linen
Clean isolation rooms, broken glass and dispose of body fluids.

Qualifications: High school diploma.

Average salary: $46,000

4. Pharmacy Assistant

Job description

Pharmacy Assistant that the work station and environment are clean and check for drug and products expiration dates. Make sure appropriate follow up on inventory issues, and all products are labeled neatly and accurately to meet standards for LTC and other duties assigned.

Qualifications: High school diploma and good communication skills

Average salary: $45,000

5. Laboratory Assistant

Job description

From the direction of Laboratory Supervisor, rhe laboratory assistant prepare, issue, and store blood and blood related products. He or she collects blood or blood products from hospitals and other organisations an suitably perform the need documentation in the inventories then perform the necceassary tests. All work performed in accordance with all CBS Standard Operating Procedures and Good Documentation Practices and Standard Deviation Process

Qualifications: Good communication and writing skills and High school diploma.

Average salary: $40,000

6. Pharmacy Technician

Job description

A pharmacy Technician carries out the functions of testing blood or blood products from hospitals or other organisations on the direction of the laboratory Supervisor.

Qualifications: Pharmacy Technician Diploma from an Accredited 2 year Program required and interpersonal and team skill and also good writing and communications skill.

Average salary: $50,000

7. S/A Clinical Housekeeping Assistant

Job description

The SA/Clinical Housekeeping Attendant carries out a variety of housekeeping activities to keep the patient and clinical areas of the hospital clean and healthy. Monitors unit inventory and restocks items as required.

Qualifications: High school diploma with the Ability to create and sustain positive working relationships with patients/families/co-workers.

Average salary: $40,000

8. Receptionist

Job description

To answer and direct calls or mails to the appropriate person. Also to document all phone calls in proper patient electronic record.

Qualifications: A high school diploma and good understanding of medical Terminologies.

Average salary: $50,000

9. Laundry Assistant

Job description

Laundry Assistant helps in keeping the rooms and clinical clean buy doing the laundry services.

Qualifications: High school diploma and lpve for manual work

Average salary: $42,000

10. Entry point screener

Job description

The entry point screener works as a security officer by making sure that people having access to the hospital pass through screening to avoid security bleaches or disease transferring.

Qualifications: High school diploma

Average salary: $35,000

11. Patient Care Attendant

Job description

In collaboration with other medical team, the patient care attendant cares for the patient with directions from registered medical personal. He also carries out other function as assigned.

There are also some high paying jobs without degrees you can apply for

Other high school diploma jobs in that pays well too will be listed below.

12. Nursing Assistant

13. Patient transfer coordinator

14. Health information correspondent

15. Unit Secretary

16. Residential Front Desk Concierge

17. Staffing Service Scheduling Cleck