High paying jobs without a degree

Getting high paying jobs without degree or experience is very important since not all has the opportunity to get into college. The economy is bad and this makes living vost to be high and for one to live happily one need high paying jobs even if the person don’t have experience or a degree.

To some people it might not sound right that there are still carriers that one can get without having degree that pays well. But the truth is that there are many of them and we will be given you some in this article.

Some of this report is gotten from data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics


High paying jobs without degrees

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1. Air Traffic Controllers

Air traffic controllers work involves guiding aircraft filled with people or with goods (cargo) safely through the air and landing on the ground with no mishaps. Though this job might come with little stress but the pay is worth it.

Average salary $122,000

2. Nuclear Power Reactor Technicians

The work of a Nuclear Power Reactor Technician is mainly starting and stopping reactor equipment, monitoring and adjusting controls, and implementing emergency procedures, as necessary. Though this job can be gotten without a collage degree but enough and serious training must be admitted.

Average salary $93,000.

3. Power distributors and dispatchers

Power plant distributor or dispatcher need a high school diploma with some years of onsite training and experience. They control and monitor the flow of electricity current converters, voltage transformers, and circuit breakers over a network of transmission and distribution lines as well as resolve problems such as transformer or transmission line failures as power is dispatched from generating stations to substations and users.

Average salary $86,410

4. Pilots (Commercial)

To become a commercial pilot you need a high school diploma and commercial pilot’s license which you can get from and licensed or approved training school.These pilots handle unscheduled flight activities, such as aerial application, charter flights and aerial tours. They also schedule flights, arrange for maintenance of the aircraft and loading luggage.

Average salary $82,240

5. Radiation Therapists

A Radiation therapists works in a laboratory in the cancer treatment sector, operating the machines and equipment used in cancer treatment and also monitoring the patient’s reaction to the radiation treatment. Though collage degree is not a must but you must undergo serious training.

Average salary $80,000

6. Elevator Installers and Repair Technicians

A person with this carrier repairs and install new elevators to clients. People might see it as a high task but non professionals are doing it and the pay is ok.

Average salary $80,000

7. Law Enforcement Detectives

You don’t need a college degree to be a Detectives and criminal investigators, but it is a specialized line of work, requiring patience, diligence, keen intuition, and a bulldog mentality.

Average salary $80,000

8. Electronics Repair Professionals

Too be an electronic repairs professional, you must be trained and be on work for few years. This carrier is need by many people because of the digital world we are living now.

Average salary $78,400

9. Postmasters

Good knowledge of communication and logistics skills is very important to be a post office manager. No need of degrees or certificate here.

Average salary $75,000

10. Dental Hygienists

This work involves setting the table for the actual dentist to carry out his job like filling tooth cavities, install crowns, and other high-level dental work.

Average salary $73,000

11. Transportation Vehicle Inspectors

This carrier involves checking and monitoring vehicle performance, ranging from small commercial vans to big trucks.

Average salary $72,000

12. Casino Managers

All you have to do to reach this height is to start as a casino dealer or in lower-level management and work your way up to a managerial position. This is a fun job that pays well since you will be working wirh different categories of persons in the society.

Average salary $69,000

13. Train and Track Switch Repairers

Good knowledge of computers and electronics will be an added advantage and important to be a train and track switch repairer, especially in figuring out why system/track electronics.

Average salary $68,400

14. Pump Operator (Petroleum)

pump operator is a fun job that pays well without a degree but having a diploma will be added advantage. This job is on the increase today.

Average salary $67,000

15. Subway Operator

Few months on job training is all that is needed to be a subway operator. It also a fun job that pays especially in large urban areas.

Average salary $66,420

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16. Website Developers

The work of Creating and designing websites for people either for private or commercial purpose is what you will do. This carrier is om the increase since all businesses is going online.

Average salary $66,000

17. Repair Managers (Mechanics)

A degree or a high school diploma is not a must to manage mechanics and repair professionals.

Average salary $65,000

18. Insurance Claims Adjuster

A high school graduate or having a diploma is an added advantage to you to adjust insurance claims.

Average salary $64,900

19. Auto Insurance Appraisers

All you need for this job is a high school diploma and training in auto repair and an the knowledge and understanding the impact of damage on vehicle performance and appearance is highly recommended for auto insurance damage appraisers.

Average salary $63,000

20. Computer Support Technicians 

Having an associate’s degree in any computer related field is good but not mandatory to be a computer support technician.

Average salary $63,000.

21. Boiler Makers

To be Professional boilermaker, all you meed is to be an apprentice in the boiler maintenance and making workshop.

Average salary $62,000

22. Real Estate Agents

The process of buying and selling houses ithe sole work of real estate agents. This is actually a fun job that pays well too if you stays in areas of high demand for houses.

Average salary $58,000

23. Gas Station Operators

Many homes today have cooking gas so also some heavy trucks uses gas too. So there are still demand for operators.

Average salary $57,000

24. Catering Managers

With a high school diploma you can have a carrier that is fun filled as you cook and dish foods to others with the team you manage.

Average salary $54,000

25. Costume Attendants

Costume attendants manage their client as they plan and carry out their plays on stage. This job too is self revealing.

Average salary $53,000

26. Brick Masons

As the population is growing so also the need for more buildings either private or commercial. Brick layers can work for a construction or landscaping firm.

Average salary $51,000