High Paying Jobs in the UK without Degree 2021

If for any reason you are currently looking for a high paying jobs in the UK, but you don’t have a university degree, then you should find this article on schoolswithscholarships really helpful, because what I’m going to do is run through the highest paying Jobs UK right now that don’t require you to have a university degree to apply for them, and I’m, also going to show you some common routes that you can take to actually apply for and land these jobs.

So a lot of people think that in the UK that you need to have a degree in order to get a good job and some good money, but that’s really not true. There are lots of jobs out there that don’t require having a degree where you can be challenged.

What jobs pay 100$ an hour?

You mean what jobs pay $100 an hour? You can enjoy the work and you can earn some really good money. So what I want to do in this in this article is to run through some of those jobs and tells you a little bit about what each job entails. Be sure that there are high paying jobs in the UK.

I will tell you the starting salaries and also tell you what sort of salary you can expect to be earning only as you progress within the role and tell you what some of the higher salaries you can earn within those roles, but most importantly, what I want to do is show you how you can actually Get these jobs and also show you some common routes that people take.

Whether it’s applying for a job, right now our experts are doing some self study before hands, so you could actually go away from this moment right now and start progressing.

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Your way in to actually landing one of these jobs and the first job on the list is

High paying jobs in the UK
High paying jobs in the UK

1. Air Traffic Controller

An air traffic controllers are those people that you might have seen on movies who sue within the big air traffic control towers at airports and their job is to essentially ensure that all of the flights going in and out of the airport are doing so safely and efficiently.

As one of the high paying jobs in the UK, Air traffic controllers control traffic by mapping out the landing paths for the pilots and communicating from the radio to ensure that all of the takeoffs and landings are running smoothly and safely.

So it’s, a very important job and there is a lot of responsibility with it on average.

Expected Annual Earnings of Air Traffic Controller.

As I said, there are high paying jobs in the UK, An air traffic controller will earn around 40,000 pounds (£40,000) a year, but an experienced senior air traffic controller can earn around a hundred thousand pounds (£100,000) a year or more.

Starting Salary of Air Traffic Controller.

So, the starting salary for an air traffic controller is around seventeen thousand pounds a year plus expenses, but this is while you are running your college training, which lasts for about a year to 18 months, but once you have done that you will then progress to on to the job training where you will actually be learning from somebody in a live environment.

Furthermore, during that period you will be earning around 23,000 pounds (£23,000) a year, and once you have completed your operational training you will then be given your license, and this is when you will start earning around 40,000 (£40,000) pounds annually.

You are slightly more and then after around 3 years you can expect to see a rise to around 50 thousand pounds (£50,000) a year. So you can see that it is a high paying jobs in the UK

Qualification Requirements for this high paying jobs in the UK

So, In order to qualify for the application process for High paying jobs in the UK, all you need is to be 18 years or older and have five GCSEs and the best way to apply for this job is via the NATs website, which is the national air traffic services website.

If you go to their website, you can apply online and from there you will be required to do a number of tests which will test your cognitive skills and your decision making.

But once you’ve passed the online test, you will then be invited to meet one day: Assessment Centre, where you will go through further tests and you will do more group exercises if you pass that stage you will then be invited to join as a trainee air traffic controller.

What I think is really good about this application process is it’s totally based on your skills and abilities, and not on your past experience. So you don’t need to have a CV that is based on past experience and lots of other stuff, they are just looking at what you can do now.

Also their application process for this high paying jobs in the UK is more about tests and seeing how you perform in those than worrying about what you have actually done in the past and they have also on their website, the NA TS have got a series of mini games that you can play to actually train and test those skills to prepare yourself for the actual application process.

One thing that’s worth bearing in mind with this job, is that as an air traffic controller, you will be expected to work anywhere in the UK even without university degree.

So once you have qualified, the NATS will then station you in one of the air traffic control centres in any Airport around the country (UK), so you will need to be fairly flexible on where you can live if you want to take up this career.

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2. Recruitment Consultant – Top high paying jobs in the UK

So, the second job on our list of high paying jobs in the UK without a degree is recruitment consultant. This recruitment consultant’s work for recruitment agencies and what those agencies are there to do is to help other companies to find staff.

So, they find staff for companies they place them within that company and they charge the company offer, and as a recruitment consultant, you will earn Commission from those fees, so it is a sales job and you know the more placements you make within companies the more money you are likely to earn as a recruitment consultants.

Your job is basically a sales job and what it involves is going to the clients and bringing in vacancies, so approaching potential clients and saying: do you need staff and then once you bring those vacancies in and you then go out to the job market you advertise, you Speak to candidates, interview them and you screen candidates, and then you manage the process all the way through to their interview and then the job off the stage.

So when you place a candidate with an employer, a fee will be generated by your company and when that fee is paid by the client company, you as a recruitment consultant will get a commission of that very fee.

Expected Annual Earning of Recruitment Consultant

So a good recruitment consultant can expect to earn around thirty to forty thousand pounds (£30,000 – £40,000) a year by a really good recruitment consultant in the right sort of high paying industries can earn well in excess of a hundred thousand pounds a year.

But it’s worth Pointing out that it is a sales job and you are not guaranteed, this money is only if you are making constant placements and you are generating money for your employer. This is truly one of the best and High paying jobs in the UK.

Starting Salary of Recruitment Consultant

So, generally speaking, crewmen consultants or junior recruitment consultants trainee will start on a basic salary of around fifteen to sixteen thousand pounds (£15,000 – £16,000) a year. But then you are eligible to earn Commission on top of that, from the moment you start working and the more sales you are making or the more placements you are making the more commission you will generate with Commission.

You know in the early days a junior recruitment consultant can easily look to be making sort of twenty thirty forty thousand pounds (£20,000, £30,000, £40,000) a year, but there are absolutely no cap on the earnings.

Requirements For qualification for this high paying jobs in the UK

So you know if you get into recruitment and you take work really serious and you make lots of placements, then you know the sky is really the limit. On a honest note, there are no formal qualifications for a recruitment consultant.
They tend to hire more on personality traits than they do on qualifications.

So, what they look for is someone that is going to be good in a sales role, someone that is confidently persistent, good with people; so what we need to remember is; when you are making your applications for these Jobs that you’re just trying. Try to get that across in your CV and also you should be chasing people up when you are applying.

So, if you wanted to go away today and look for a junior recruitment job, what I would recommend is looking for either a trainee recruitment consultant position or looking for a resource position, so what resources is basically an assistant to a recruiter?

They help the recruitment consultant to find candidates. They don’t deal with the clients they are literally just putting the adverts out speaking to the cab at a screening of the candidates and then passing them on to the recruiter.

So it’s a nice sort of easier steps, and it gets you the experience you need and within a year you could find yourself progressing into a recruitment consultant role.

In summary, it’s a really good job, if you are driven and motivated, and you are good with people you can. You can certainly own lots of money but it’s worth pointing a very tough sales job and you should note it’s, not easy.

You are quite are that there are targets to hit, and you know that the money isn’t guaranteed if you are not hitting those targets, you are not going to be making those huge figures we have been discussing all this while.

3. Mortgage advisor

Here is another high paying jobs in the UK 2021, If you don’t know what mortgage advisor does, essentially when people need to buy a home in the UK, they will need to borrow money from the bank. They will need a loan which is called a mortgage; this is a loan they secured on the house or flat that you’re buying.

So what a mortgage advisor does is; they help house buyers to pick the right mortgage products for their needs because mortgages are very complex financial products and there are lots of deals out there, so they help people to pick the right one.

So as a mortgage advisor, you will even work directly for a bank and advertise only on that bank product or you might work for an independent mortgage brokerage who advertise on a wide range of products from across the market and when a mortgage is arranged a fee will generally be generated, and mortgage advisors make a commission on those fees.

Expected Annual Earning of Mortgage Advisor

It is technically a sales job, on average a good mortgage advisor can expect to earn around four to five thousand pounds (£4,000 – £5,000) a year. But then a good mortgage advisor who is arranging lots of mortgages can earn in excess of eighty thousand pounds (£80,000) a year.

But you do have to be arranging those mortgages and making those sales in order to earn the Commission to earn that kind of money. This is another one in our list of high paying jobs in the UK.

Start Salary for A Mortgage Advisor

The average starting salary for a mortgage advisor will be around £20 to £25 K, but within the first year as you progress and start to bring on more clients and sell more mortgage deals, you can easily start to move that to these sort of thirty to Forty thousand pounds (£30,000 – $40,000) a year.

Qualifications for this high paying jobs in the UK without degrees

The main qualification you need to become a mortgage advisor in the UK is AC map or a certificate of mortgage advice and practice and it costs a few hundred pounds to do this course and you can self study at home, but you have to take an exam at the end and only if you pass the exam, then you qualify to actually give mortgage advice in the UK.

So there are a couple of routes that you can take to become a mortgage advisor in the UK.
The first is that you self study on your own, so you buy the CMAP study materials. Once you pass the exam, you then apply for junior mortgage advisor positions or trainee positions with banks or lenders.

The second, you can actually take a more junior job with a bank, for example such as a customer advisor, someone who deals with savings and loans, and things like that and then you can progress your way into a mortgage role.
So you can start looking to move into mortgages and in many cases a lot of employers actually fund those studies for you.

So once you’ve qualified, who will then be able to move into a mortgage role internally with the employer and, generally speaking, to get one of these junior banking type jobs, you will only need sort of basic GCSEs to get your foot in the door there.

So it’s really a good job, if you are interested in finance and you like dealing with people, but it’s important to remember that it is a sales job.

So again it does come with pressure and targets, and you are not guaranteed to make those Commission’s unless you’re making those mortgage deals.

4. Project Manager

The other high paying jobs in the UK that made our list is project manager, so project managers manages a wide range of projects across all industries and professions. So it could be a big construction project building a big block of flats. It could be an IT upgrade for a business, it could be people transformation program where a company is restructuring its people.

So, there is a wide range of areas you’ve gained and what they do is state the plan. The projects they budget and they schedule them and they make sure that everybody on the project team is delivering the work that they’re supposed to do, and it’s all delivered on time and on budget

Expected Annual Earning of a Project Manager

On average in the UK, a project manager will earn around four to five thousand pounds (£4,000 – £5,000) a year, but a really good experienced project manager working in the right industries can earn in excess of seventy five thousand pounds (£75,000) a year.

Even possibly a hundred thousand pounds (£100,000) a year or more, depending on the experience level and the type of industry they are working in. Actually my best in our list of high paying jobs in the UK

Requirements For Qualification of this high paying jobs in the UK

You, don’t need any formal qualifications to become a project manager, there are some recognized bodies out there that offer project management training. But they are not 100 % necessary.

So, you don’t need to go out there and do them and they’re quite expensive as well, what I would recommend if you look in to break into project management, is to take a junior project role and work your way up into a project management position.

For example, you could apply for project support roles or project admin roles where you will be working alongside project managers, supporting them in various functions and once you’ve got a role like that. You can then obviously, progress and move your way into a project management role internally within that employer, this could take you sort of one to five years, depending on how quickly you progress and what opportunities are available within the employer that are working for over time.

You can also do project management, apprenticeships of some bigger companies out there. So while it is offered some links in the description to some companies who are currently offering those at the moment. Check out this high paying jobs in the UK for your good.

5. Estate Agent

This made the list of our high paying jobs in UK. So, as you may know, estate agents help people to sell their homes. So if somebody is looking to sell their house or their flat and it’s an agent, what they’ll actually do, is they’ll take complete control of the process, so they will market the property by take the photos, put them all on a website for advertisement, they’ll manage all the viewings, and once they actually manage to sell the house to somebody.

They then charge the homeowner a fee, those fees generally tend to be quite high and estate agents working in those roles will take a commission from those fees and that’s, how they earn their money.

Expected Annual Earning of Estate Agents – High paying jobs in the UK

On average, a good estate agent can earn around sixty thousand pounds (£60,000) a year, a really good estate agent who’s selling lots of houses can easily earn in excess of a hundred thousand pounds (£100,000) a year, but again it is a sales job.

You are not guaranteed to make those fees; it’s possible only if you are making the sales, then you will be making those big commissions entry-level estate agent, jobs such as trainee estate agent roles, will generally tend to pay around the twelve to sixteen thousand pounds (£12,000 – £16,000) a year.

But again this is just basic salary and you can start earning commissions straight away. So you know, if you do well, you could easily sort of learn to start earning twenty to thirty thousand pounds (£20,000 – £30,000) a year within the first year. You can see this is actually one of the High paying jobs in the UK.

Requirements For Qualifications for this high paying jobs in the UK

There are no formal qualifications to become an estate agent in the UK, but you will compulsorily need a driving license and possibly your own car to get around and do viewings and show people the properties that you’re trying to sell.

Though estate agents is similar to recruitment consultants, they look for people who are going to be good in sales positions, so people who are good, confident and persistent, all those kinds of traits.

So, you just have to remember that when you are applying for the jobs try and get those qualities across to people when you are making application, when you are interviewing and when you are speaking to people.

So if you want to start applying for an estate agent jobs today, what I would recommend is preparing your CV and start looking for jobs like trainee estate agent, junior estate, agent, trainee, lessons, agent trainees, sales agents.

All those kind of starter jobs will get you an entry level jobs within estate agents to sort of get your foot in the door and start the career, so it’s a really good job if you are interested in property and you like dealing with people and you like to be rewarded for the results you get as opposed to the time you work, but again it’s worth mentioning that it is a very tough sales job.

You are not guaranteed to make tons of money, you need to be making those sales and generating those fees to earn the Commission to earn the higher salaries.

6. Electrician – Top high paying jobs in the UK

The other high paying job in UK is electrician (artisan), it is worth of note that electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining all of the electric systems we see around us in our homes and offices so because of that reason they always have and probably always will be in very high demand.

Expected Annual Earnings of an Electrician

On average, a salaried electrician in the UK will earn around 40,000 pounds a year, but there are lots opportunities to earn more within that industry because you have lots of opportunities for going self employed contracting jobs and often time, there is lots of overtime work available in construction.

This is often paid at very high rates, so it’s not uncommon to see electricians who earn seventy five thousand pounds (£75,000) a year or even more. some electrician in certain areas are earning over a hundred and fifty thousand pounds (£150,000) a year depending on which will you take on becoming an electrician and the starting salary will differ.

Electrician is one of the High paying jobs in the UK that I admire too much when I was a kid. I will tell why I left it later.

Requirements for this high paying jobs in the UK

So you need to get an NVQ in electro technical services in order to be able to carry out the job, but there are two different ways. You can actually go about doing this so you can apply for an apprenticeship with one of the big lecture hall funds, they starts training or parenthesis electricians on around fourteen thousand pounds (£14,000) a year, but they will pay for all of their training.

Put them through college and make sure they get all the qualifications needed, plus they can give them on the job, training of actually working alongside electricians and other tradesmen to qualify for an apprenticeship.

You will need three GCSEs at agency level, and some companies may have age restrictions on who can do apprenticeship.

You can also self study in your own time, so if you are currently in a role now and you couldn’t afford to take the drop down to an apprenticeship, what you could do is you could study the mvq on your own and then you could apply for a junior Electricians role.

What that means, is that you will kind of shadowing and assisting an electrician and either of these choice you make, could see you earning potentially within sort of £30 to £40K within A year or so.

It’s a really good job if you prefer to work your hands and preferably more of an active job, but it’s worth noticing with physical jobs. It is actually a preferred high paying jobs in the UK for many.

Obviously as you get older, you know your abilities to do these jobs can sometimes be hampered, your body starts to slow down a bit but you can of course you know from an electrician role, you can sort of work your way into management positions or engineer positions projects lead type positions as you progress and get a bit older.

7. Business To Business Sales – Top high paying jobs in the UK

And the last on our list of high paying jobs UK is business to business sales, what business to business sales means is that you are in a sales position within a company and you’re selling a product or service to another business.

So, business to business services and products sell for quite a lot of money, it could be a piece of software that sells for thousands of pounds, it could be a fleet of cars.

On a general note, we are talking about very high sales values and as a salesperson, you will get a commission from those sales when you make them, it’s so similar to recruitment and estate agent, when you make the sales you will tend to earn very good commissions.

Expected Annual Earnings of Business to Business Sales Person

The basic salary for a junior b2b sales person could be anything around the sort of Fifteen to twenty thousand pounds (£15,000 – £20,000) .

You know an average b2b sales person who is making consistent sales could quite easily make sort of forty to fifty thousand pounds (£40,000 – £50,000) a year once they have got a bit of experience at a really good b2b sales person who is got lots of clients, making lots of sales of high value products can easily make over one hundred thousand pounds (£100,000) a year.

Furthermore, it’s totally uncapped, because the more sales you make, the more Commission you will make so as sales job it will involve a lot of contact with clients, meetings networking.

Requirements for Qualification for this high paying jobs in the UK

You know, trying to generate leads and generate opportunities in order to make as many sales of a service or product as you possibly can for the employer.

So there are no formal qualifications to become a salesperson in any field, it’s just about trying to get those sales like qualities across when you apply for the jobs, the confidence, and the persistence dealing with people, being able to work under pressure all those kind of things.

So, if you are looking to get into b2b sales, what I would suggest; is simply searching for junior b2b sales roles, so it could be a b2b sales executive or a junior b2b sales person. Another way to potentially get into a b2b sales role could be to get a non sales role within a b2b company.

So perhaps like an admin role or an assistant type role within a b2b firm, you’re, going to be working closely with the salespeople and then once you are in the wrong path, then you have got some experience of the products or the service they offer, then look to start moving into a sales role and progressing that way again it’s a really good job.

If you like dealing with people and you are prepared to put the hard work in and you are going be able to make those sales, but again it’s worth noting it is a sales job and you know you are not guaranteed to make commissions, it’s only if you are making the sales. Well planned high paying jobs in the UK.

Conclusion of the high paying jobs in the UK

Following the article from the start to end, you should have seen the honest listing of our high paying jobs UK, without degree.
They happens to be the highest paying jobs in the UK, you don’t need university degree to be employed.

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