Can you get a scholarship for being black?

It’s hard enough to find scholarships, but what about the extra perks of being black?

Many people don’t know that you can apply for a scholarship just because you are black. You may not be able to get a full-ride scholarship from your state university, but there are many different types of scholarships available for minorities.

There are scholarships specifically for students who are black. This is because of the historical racism in education and society, there has been a lack of funds provided to people with darker skin tones. If you’re looking into applying for a scholarship that might be right up your alley, make sure to take note!

Check out these scholarships available just for being African American or Black Americans – they may be able to help you achieve your academic goals! Do not forget about the other scholarships available to students who are African American or Black Americans. Many have a specific requirement, such as having been an intern in the previous year!

This article will give you tips on how to go about finding and applying for these minority scholarships so that you can maximize your opportunities.


Can you get a scholarship for being black?

Yes, you can get scholarships even as an African American. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • First, you need to get the information on how many scholarships are available for African Americans in your area/state
  • Second, you will need to fill out the scholarship application
  • Third, you will need to submit it and wait for a response.

You can visit the Black College Tour website. It is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for African Americans to attend historically black colleges and universities. Their goal is “to increase the number of African Americans who graduate from college.”

The Black College Tour website has a lot of information about scholarships. It also lists schools, other scholarship opportunities and how to apply for them. The site

In order to become a scholarship recipient, students must demonstrate academic excellence, leadership and commitment. This can be done through participating in volunteer activities or community outreach that is approved by the institution.

The way you apply for a scholarship will depend on your personal journey as a person. As Deshundra Walker mentions, “You might not win the first time.” If you’re honest about how you are growing as an individual and seek the truth of how others are doing in similar situations, then there is no reason why someone should say that it’s impossible to get one.

In order to get a scholarship, you must be academically gifted and demonstrate leadership in your community. You also need good test scores and show that you are creative by telling your story through essays.

The judges also look for academic excellence so make sure it’s something that is important to you as well as creativity with stories told in a compelling way!

According to the scholarship website, you can get a scholarship for being black if one of your parents or grandparents are African American. At this time, there is no way to determine eligibility without applying and getting approved by the university/college at which you intend on attending.

Types of scholarships available to Black students

Academic merit-based scholarships

Scholarships for Black students are available in the form of academic merit-based scholarships. These types of scholarships require a minimum GPA to be eligible and aim to support high achieving students who have maintained a high GPA throughout their education.

Scholarships are typically merit-based and awarded to students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Financial need is also taken into consideration, but it should not be the main focus of a scholarship application.

Level of education

There are many scholarships available for Black students. Level of education can play a role in which scholarships you may be eligible to apply.

Scholarships are available for undergraduate, high school and graduate students. Students can find scholarships based on the level of education they’re pursuing.

Major-based scholarships

There are many scholarships for African Americans, including major-based scholarships. Black Women and Men also have merit-based scholarships for African American students.

Major-based scholarships are designed to limit the number of applicants. For example, only Black students pursuing computer science or entrepreneurship will be eligible for a scholarship.

How do you stand out from other applicants?

If you want to stand out from the crowd when applying for a scholarship, try doing your research ahead of time. Know who the organization is and what kinds of people they are looking for before submitting any applications.

Scholarships are granted to students who need financial support. The criteria for these scholarships can vary from school to school, but typically they require an application, test scores and grades.

The first step is understanding the type of student that typically receives this scholarship so you know how long it has been offered, who started it and when people received a scholarship last year or in the past few years. 

Next, figure out if your credentials meet their qualifications by asking them about what types of applicants receive awards versus other criteria. Finally, you can appeal based on their criteria if it doesn’t seem like your credentials meet the qualifications.

The best way to stand out from other applicants is to apply early and often. This gives you the opportunity to build a strong application in your college search process. African-American students can find and win scholarships.

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Tips for Winning a Scholarship as an African American

Outline Your Application Priorities – Each scholarship has its own set of qualifying criteria and requirements. Some need an essay on a certain topic, while others request letters of recommendation. It is critical that students follow all criteria; entries that do not follow guidelines will be deleted.

Create a Checklist with Due Dates

For each scholarship, create a checklist of to-do things, including submission dates and detailed instructions. Regardless matter how many scholarships you apply for, dividing the applications down into particular tasks might help you stay on target.

Make Time for the Essay

When a scholarship-giving organization requests an essay, candidates should take their time analyzing the question and developing an answer. Students must complete the appropriate research as well as compose, revise, and proofread the essay before submitting it.

Follow Instructions to the Letter

This one is self-explanatory: applications that do not follow instructions will be dismissed, so make sure to include all of the information and documents requested by the award.

Make Copies of All Submissions 

In the event that the organization loses all or part of your application, students should make copies of all items they submit. It is best to submit applications early in case they are returned or get lost in the mail.

Scholarships for African American and Black Students

  • The Jackie Robinson Foundation
  • EMPOWER Scholarship Award
  • George Washington Carver Scholarship
  • American Bus Association (ABA) Diversity Scholarship
  • ACS Scholars Program
  • African American Network of the Carolinas Scholarship Fund
  • AMS Minority Scholarships
  • Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship Program
  • The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs Scholarship